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Custom Bespoke Parfum Sale

May 27th, 2017 by

For a limited time only I am offering my Custom Bespoke Parfums for $1,000.00! I have been receiving information in my meditations that people are really needing help. This is financial, emotional, physcial and more.  For a part of my tithe or sharing I am seriously reducing the price of my custom bespoke perfumes from $3,333 to $1,000.

If you are looking to: Summon Your Life Partner Now, Connect with your Twin Flame, Enhance your Relationship/Deeply Connect with your Partner, Inner Child Re Connection and Energy Clearing, Whole Body Transformation now is the time to order one.

I am offering a 30 minute free consultation and we can discuss what is the focus for your Custom Perfume.  Please email to set this call up.

To read about:   Inner Child Custom Bespoke Parfum with Activation and My Custom Bespoke Parfums

Custom Perfume with Video Activation, a Channeled Document and Quest.

The specific results you will receive from this magical custom perfume is your intention which depends on which option you choose below, your DNA activation and life shift. It is instant transformation.

This is the price for the healing delivered by my magical custom perfume and a life shift. 

Price $3,333.00  Now $1,000.00    A limited time special offering.

My Custom Bespoke Parfum offerings:

Summon Your Life Partner Now, Enhance your Relationship/Deeply Connect with your Partner, Inner Child Re Connection and Energy Clearing, Whole Body Transformation, Your custom per our phone conversation.

Go here to read more and to order! 

I also have introduced a brand new Activation Spray called To Receive! This Activation spray will shift your aura and put a receiving energy into your vibration.  I channeled this formula and have coded it. Using my Royal Alchemy it is very energetic and will bring to you what your intention is. More abundance is on its way now!  Order To Receive Activation Spray here.


Smell is Transformational – Summon Your Life Partner

May 16th, 2017 by

“We’ve all had the experience of falling in love with someone so strongly, that even their perfume or cologne makes us swoon. The sense of smell carries such a strong, unconscious, body level memory, that it can absolutely take over your entire reality as long as you’re in its grasp. Years after that relationship has ended, you can catch a draft on the street corner, as a man walks by wearing that same cologne, and there you are… right back in the late 90’s, as a deep love sweeps over your entire body, and you’re thrust back into the richness of that time. A time that has long since been forgotten by your conscious mind. A time you never thought you would experience again.

What does your future partner smell like? Will he know you from your scent as you pass by on a crowded street? When your beautiful inner essence is carried outward by a perfume that holds the frequency of your highest self, he will know it’s you before he even lays eyes on you. He feels a full body transmission coming through him, letting him know, ‘It’s her.’ You’re bringing the future into the present using one of the least utilized senses. Yes, you can remember a relationship after it’s gone using smell, but you can remember it before it has begun as well…”

One of my specialties is creating Custom Bespoke Perfumes to “Summon Your Life Partner”.  I create a one of a kind natural perfume that holds your special Divine Higher Self frequency. When you wear this energetic perfume it is like wearing a beacon of gold light.  He will be drawn to you. These bespoke perfumes are made with rare and precious essential oils and absolutes and come with a beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottle.

Be the Queen of your life and attract your King, the love of your life now! Your new life is waiting!  Order your custom bespoke perfume today.

Start making memories now…there is no more waiting!  You are so worth it!




Reawakening the Forgotten Sense

May 3rd, 2017 by

Do you remember the smells of your childhood?  The lily of the valley flowers with their fragile white bells that had an intensely beautiful, green floral smell.  How about the smell of the purple iris growing right outside your front door? These smells can bring you right back into the innocence of that time, bypassing all traumas and recovering lost memories. It can provide you with the experience of remembering what it felt like to be free from limiting thoughts. To be an empty vessel, waiting to be filled up with new adventures and life experiences, where anything is possible. For those who have lost the sense of childhood lightness and freedom, this will remind you how to access it. When an explanation to the conscious mind wouldn’t do any good, smell can teleport you back there instantaneously.

Some people use their sense of smell daily without giving it much thought. Do you smell the coffee beans before you put them in the coffee grinder?  Smell the freshness of the cream before you pour it into your cup?

Wine connoisseurs rely on the power of their sense of smell to accurately detect what type of wood the barrel was made out of, or the exact city in the exact country a particular wine originated.

Without our sense of smell, food tastes bland and dull. With our sense of smell heightened and fully activated, our entire life experience can be more bright and vivid than we ever thought possible.

People spend money on fine art to please the visual senses, and fine food to please their sense of taste. They listen to good music to please their sense of hearing, and wear fine clothes to please their sense of touch.

Some people might spend $100 on a nice perfume, but how much time do they think about why? How much time do they spend thinking about the role each ingredient plays in their overall life experience? Do they know the difference it can make in their life carrying the frequency of a $3,000 perfume over a $100 perfume?
I am reawakening the forgotten sense.

My Custom Bespoke Parfums raise your vibrations and consciousness with the high frequency essential oils and absolutes I create with. The divine energy that literally pours into my bottles is life changing and can instantly transform you.  These life altering perfumes have amazing oils that smell like nothing you have ever worn before. The energy that you will receive from the perfume is an activation and are coded just for you.  These magical potions are created from rare, precious, vintage and organic essential oils.

Are you ready for your new life? Are you ready to summon your life partner?  Are you ready to heal and reconnect with your inner child and shift your relationships?

I invite you to order a Custom Bespoke Parfum today!




Benefits of JoAnne Bassett Custom Bespoke Parfum

April 29th, 2017 by

How does a Custom Bespoke Parfum give me the results I ordered? All natural perfumes to Summon Your Life Partner, Twin Flame, Reconnect with your Inner Child and Heal Your Inner Child Wounding, Enhance Your Relationship, and Create a New Life of Flow of Abundance, Love, and Success.

Order one today!  Your life is waiting for you!


It came through smell!

April 15th, 2017 by

When I was 3 years old I was sexually abused by a neighbor man who was babysitting me with his wife. My parents would go out of town and this couple would watch my sisters and I. I am told he also sexually abused my sisters. My Mother also sexually abused me, and she was verbally and physically abusive. She hated me and called me names. This photo is me at 4 years old.

For years I tried everything … meditating, many types of healing, but I wasn’t able to receive. My inner child was still disconnected. Finally I found this scent for me. It bypasses the limbic system, it channels from my past lives, it has so many different things, and I was able to start reconnecting with my inner child. I created this Custom Bespoke Perfume for me yesterday! The transformation came through smell!

People from all over the world from the wealthy royals, and all kinds of men and women have experienced my Custom Bespoke Parfums. Now I am creating a new product to connect your inner child with you. This inner child package will attract your twin flame or life partner with you. We have done all of this work on a mental level but we have to connect our inner child to integrate it. It is usually the last step that is missing. So this is the natural perfume that does that. It is customized to you. I go through the process of connecting with the Divine—God, calling in your guides and angels and my guides and angels. I allow the Divine Light to flow through me and I am guided to the essential oils and what processes I need for you to achieve success with your custom perfume. I am channeling this information and we are working from a very high vibration and Spiritual place. I am only a conduit for the energy and information and I allow this guidance to assist me. The process of choosing the very powerful essential oils for you, your inner child talking with me giving me the codes for the perfume so the oils that will bypass your conscious mind and reconnect on a powerful level.

What I am now feeling is I am taking my power back.. I am open and ready to receive. I am now seeing and feeling the world as a compassionate place where I can receive love, support and I am able to trust again. These are the benefits I am receiving from integrating my inner child from my inner child custom perfume activation.




Call In the One With A Custom Bespoke Parfum

April 6th, 2017 by

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Have you been dating for many years… looking for the partner that makes your heart sing… The one that will be your life partner and perhaps be your life partner on purpose?  Your partner in good times and bad?  Your partner in crime as they say… He is always there for you..and you are always there for them.  You connect.. you talk for hours.

There is an instant resonance when you meet them…time stands still.  This is what my Custom Bespoke Parfum clients experience.  They have met “the one”.  Women and men come to me frustrated that so much time has passed and they have tried everything including dating sites, matchmakers, and more. Then they come to me and I create a magical natural perfume for them and they meet the one shortly after. It happens all the time!

These beautiful, hand blown glass perfume bottles are like Genie lamps.  You make a wish.  I fill them with your precious bespoke custom perfume and you are all set.

Then the magic happens.  You wear the perfume. In as little as 7 days I have heard from my clients that they met someone. It was magical and they talked for hours.  They saw each other daily and they could not believe they had found each other.  And so it goes.

Do you want this to be your story?  Are you done looking.. waiting.. worrying?  Is it your time for your happiness?

I have created natural perfumes for both men and women.  Energy is energy and I tap into your energy and with intention and alchemy I make the perfect perfume for you.

Go to my Custom Bespoke Parfum page and order one today!  All I need is your name and address to create this special, magical perfume for you.










Summon Your Life Partner Custom Bespoke Parfum At Special Launch Price

February 25th, 2017 by

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Summon Your Life Partner Now!

I help high powered entrepreneurs summon their life partner with magical custom perfumes channeled specifically for your personal vibration!

Are you ready for your twin flame, soul mate or life partner? This person who loves ALL of you, wants to share your life, and assist you with your life purpose, the love of your life is waiting for you. Are you ready?

How can this happen now? I create a Custom Bespoke Parfum by tapping into your energy and aligning you with them. Scanning your name I am able to connect with you and discern what needs to be aligned, remove blockages, personal sabotage and all conditions keeping you apart. This is all done with the energetic essential oils and my Royal Alchemy I perform on them.

I have many success stories of miracles happening very quickly. The time is now! Many people are “looking” for their life partner to connect and complete their life purpose with them. I can help you connect now. This is for both women and men.

Feel more alive, sensuous, open and connected to your essence. Open your heart and receive them today!

Many successful women and men who had it all BUT a loving life partner have come to me to create an alchemical, love potion that amplified their essence. My olfactory magic works with your specific frequency so you will feel more alive, awake, better, sensual and connected to your essence.

Align with your core essence today!  My activated perfumes are encoded and very powerful. The time is now. They are a special gift you give yourself.

Bespoke Custom parfums hold the key to your future! It can potentially remove all blocks to your success! Restore Passion, Prosperity, and Power in Your Life!

 My custom parfums shift energy for individuals who want to be on the “fast track”. They can live full out, fully expressing and living their life purpose. We can set the intention that the changes happen gently with ease and grace. It does not need to be difficult.
I don’t know anyone making natural perfumes with life changing properties! Order yours today!  Your new life is waiting for you!
For more than 23 years I have been assisting women and men with their process. The results have been phenomenal! I have many testimonials and have watched people evolve and rapidly shift their lives. Bespoke Perfumes are one of a kind perfumes that work with a person’s energy to help them to be the best they can be! If you would like help opening up to all you can be give me a call today! This is my service to the world.

My phone number is 760.309.2571. You do not have to be in Texas. These custom natural perfumes are just that. 100% natural perfumes that have rare and precious rose otto, vintage jasmine, vintage sandalwood, and many precious oils that resonate with your energy.

enchant 1


Custom Bespoke Parfum: The creme de la creme! A custom-made 1/2 oz. (15 ml) parfum in a blue bottle. A 4 inch tall, hand blown glass perfume bottle is included in a gold foil box with a creamy silk bag and pillow. It comes with a dauber to apply it. Rare, precious, and vintage essential oils and absolutes are the raw materials used. JoAnne uses a combination of Sacred Alchemy© and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes with magical significance and life-changing properties.  I scan your name and address to create this perfume and send it to you. This bespoke perfume is available for International Shipping. I need no other information from you.

Price $3,333.00   Special Launch Price of $3,000.00

This is 10% off!    Available until March 2.




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Want More Passion In Your Marriage or Love Relationship?

February 13th, 2017 by

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What happened to the passion in your relationship?  How many of you would like to get back to the way things were?  How many of you would like to have a more fulfilling love relationship than you have ever experienced? Is your relationship a little stale or a lot stale?

Still looking for that perfect gift?  I have the perfect solution! It is a miracle in a bottle. It is a Custom Bespoke Perfume that will shift your partner and your energy as a couple.  Add the passion back into your relationship today!

Order today… your happy relationship is waiting for you. I can create this love potion using only a name with an address.  Go here to order!

Another winner is my Luscious Roses Parfum that will open the heart chakra when worn.  Created from 6 natural roses this rose parfum is very powerful and is much better than giving the live