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Maria Whalen Interviews JoAnne Bassett

July 3rd, 2017 by

Maria Whalen from the Invincible Wellness System interviews JoAnne Bassett about her natural Custom Perfumes.

I take the powerful essence of you and mix it with the powerful essence of the oils and create your very own magic potion and we call it perfume.   © Copyright


Custom Perfume Potion with Reading

July 2nd, 2017 by

I have just added a  Custom Perfume Potion with Reading  to determine which magical Custom Potion is for you.  It is a question I am asked often.

The Custom Perfume Potion is very powerful with just 1 intention. The tricky part for some people is deciding which one they want to have created.  I often hear “I want all of them”. So I added the additional option of a Reading to determine which option is the one for you at this time. The reading will be done on Facebook messenger or a phone call.  After check out I will contact you by email to schedule your reading. Remember you are creating your Custom Perfume Potion …not me.

If you would want an “unlimited” option perfume than your choice would be a Custom Bespoke Parfum that has unlimited options.  I can decide by our consultation what is best suited for you at this time. You are creating your custom perfume… not me.

Your magical Custom Perfume Potion arrives in a 6 ml glass perfume bottle in a cream satin bag. Order one today and empower yourself and Unlock Your Potential now!

I take the powerful essence of you and mix it with the powerful essence of the oils and create your very own magic potion and we call it perfume.   © Copyright  JoAnne Bassett. All rights reserved.







Attract Your Soul Mate Now!

June 20th, 2017 by
Are you a conscious woman who wants to Summon Your Life Partner or Soulmate?  Do you want to manifest true love!
I have been helping women for many years to attract their Soulmate and create lifelong love. These women now have amazing relationships with the Right Partner.
How did I do that? I support smart, successful women to magnetize their soulmate with my magical Custom Bespoke Perfumes!
My clients are powerful women, who are doing amazing things in the world and succeeding at every level, except one… LOVE.
I am the Love Alchemist!  I create these fabulous energetic perfumes that raise your vibration to love and open your heart and helps you release your stories! You know those limiting beliefs that keep you alone for years and stuck in a cycle.  You know the ones.. all of the good ones are taken…all men cheat .. they just want me for sex and my money.
My amazing Custom Bespoke Parfum is created just for you to shift your energy field, release the old trauma and drama, and activate your Feminine Power.  My bespoke perfumes “Unlock Your Potential”.  Show up in your power by embracing your authentic sovereign self without dimming down your intelligence or strength.

Become the radiant woman you were meant to be. Embrace your “whole” self now and allow the love in. You are so worth it!

 Order a custom bespoke perfume today!   I am offering a special price of $1,000.00 for the custom perfume now.  The regular price is $3,333.00. This special price of $1,000.00 ends June 23! 
You receive this beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottle with elegant dauber to anoint yourself with.  They are natural perfumes created with the finest botanical ingredients. Treat yourself today!  Your life is waiting!






Father’s Day Fragrant Gift Ideas

June 4th, 2017 by


Father’s Day is 2 weeks away on June 18…are you ready?  Here are some natural fragrances from JoAnne Bassett are sure to please you both.

Napoleon eau de parfum – This fragrance is musky, deep, grounding and centering

Aromatic  Notes: Juniper Berry, Helichrysum from Corsica, Bulgarian Tobacco, Rosemary Verbenon, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cistus, Black Spruce, Myrrh, Lime, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, and others.

VersaillesGarden&bottle copy

Versailles eau de parfum – is a gorgeous, sparkling bottle of citrus delight and spices. Men and women love this fantastic fragrance. Happy and uplifting.

Citrus Aromatic  Notes: Neroli, Tangerine, Lime, Pink Pepper Tree, Cinnamon Bark, St Johns Wort, Frankincense, Patchouli, Benzoin, and others

The Sacred Elixir Collection  is an amazing collection of aphrodisiacs and more!

Aromatic raw materials from animals have been used in classic perfumery and as a medicine from antiquity.  The smell of these aromatics activates the endocrine system and produces the hormones we need. The traditional use of civet is for hormonal dysfunction.  These real animal pheromones will act as natural aphrodisiacs.  My clients have reported very positive results with their partners. These fragrances are natural aphrodisiacs. Many clients are reporting increased desire, performance and more. Some couples had stopped having sex are now enjoying it again… more love and romance is always good.  Sample sets are available and there are many sizes to choose from.

peacock gift box – inside the box

All of the 1 oz eau de parfums come in a Peacock Gift Box with a free 5 ml travel sprayer filled with eau de parfum.



A travel sprayer is a perfect gift for your man on the go! It holds 5 mls or 1/6 oz of his favorite fragrance and is refillable. There are many choices available for $30.00 or $40.00. May I suggest Venus Amber, Russian Leather from the Leather Collection, Sacred Frankincense 3 from the Royal Alchemy Collection, or Italian Smoke from the More Life Collection. There are many others to suggest.

If you want a Discovery Kit of the Royal Alchemy Collection of Oman Frankincense fragrances, or Leather Collection or others go to the sample page or individual collection pages for individual sample choices. He can come back later and purchase a larger size.

Email if you have questions and we can find the solution for your perfect gift today!




Custom Bespoke Parfum Effects

May 30th, 2017 by

People ask me what effects can I expect from my Custom Bespoke Parfum.  I have had many people emailing me and calling me with the positive results they have received since wearing their parfum. So many magical and miracle events started happening for them after wearing their Divinely Inspired Custom Parfum. Using royal alchemy and working in the higher dimensions I create masterpieces that will give you the positive effect you seek.  I have listed a few testimonials for you to read to understand the customs I create.  These are not like the other custom perfumes on the market. Those perfumes are purely for smell and you smell the oils and they put them in the bottle.  A totally different experience.

Some people call me the sage, the wise woman. I create 100% natural perfumes that can transform the whole body, emotional and Spiritual issues fall away to reveal this new empowered woman or man. Testimonial – One man called me to say his whole life had changed after he began wearing the perfume.  He left his job, left his wife of many years, filed for a divorce,  and moved away. He now has a new happy life. Amazing all of that happened suddenly and there was no explanation other than he started wearing this potion.

Testimonials:  Jen Rode – Rode Institute – I recently received your magical potions, your amazing alchemy. You truly are so gifted, your work, your labor of love is amazing! I can feel that your perfumes are designed to anchor and realign frequencies to the 6th dimension.Some people call me the sage, the wise woman. I create 100% natural perfumes that can transform the whole body, emotional and Spiritual issues fall away to reveal this new empowered woman or man. One man called me to say his whole life had changed after he began wearing the perfume.  He left his job, left his wife of many years, filed for a divorce,  and moved away. He now has a new happy life. Amazing all of that happened suddenly and there was no explanation other than he started wearing this potion.

Lisa Pinkerton, San Diego – JoAnne’s intuitive readings, combined with the healing perfume she personally creates, individually formulated based on my intentions, have been the perfect combination to promote healing and clarity with my life. I met JoAnne after relocating to California from Nebraska. I realized I had moved to create a new life for myself, but my “baggage” had not been cleared to move forward. During the session, JoAnne explained how her perfume can transform lives quickly, so I ordered a custom bottle (Custom Bespoke Parfum). Within a week of wearing the perfume, my life started to dramatically move forward! An old romantic relationship, which was needing resolution, finally cleared out of my life overnight! Employees at my business, which were not in alignment with my energy, suddenly, for different reasons, were voluntarily leaving. I also sold a property, which had been on the market for over a year! All of these changes happened in a short period of time after wearing the perfume!  If anyone is searching for clarity or interested in removing blockages from their lives, order a custom perfume from JoAnne. I highly recommend her products and services as they have transformed my life!

Male from California – A male client came to me for a custom bespoke parfum to remove the blocks to his business success.. all aspects of that, financial, relationships, etc.  The next time I talked to him he told me of the miracles happening in his business.  This business was stagnant for years and after this custom parfum it all changed.  The perfume was the only thing that had changed.

Female from California – I have worn the perfume every day. I feel that the day I found Joanne was the day I knew that it was important for me to reach out of my comfort zone regarding the price and take a chance on something wonderful. I cannot explain that feeling other than I knew it was the right decision and I have been amazed that I haven’t had a single migraine since that day just that single thing has changed my life in an unexplainable way.

I am offering a special price on my Custom Bespoke Parfums now for a limited time.  Get your one of a kind Custom Perfume today!  I only have a few at this price before I raise the price again.  I want to share my special gifts with the world and this price is the lowest I have offered in many years!  So if it is calling to you.. don’t put it off any longer!

Here is the link to order!





The Power of Smell – Do You Like The Smell of Your Partner?

May 22nd, 2017 by

For many years I was so self conscious of my long nose.  Not to mention my very “sensitive nose”.  I am sensitive to all smells whether I like them or not.  Growing up on a farm I would find chicken eggs in the forest surrounding the yard. In the summer we allowed the chickens to “run free” for a while.  Being a curious child I would break these eggs and then wretch as they were often rotten.  Have you ever smelled a rotten egg?  It is not very pleasant and reminds me of Yellowstone Park and the sulfur pits.  Yuck!

On a cheerier note being a “nose” – a natural perfumer now, I really am grateful for my ability to smell flowers, plants, and the raw materials I use to make my perfumes.  Also the beautiful essential oils that I use to create magical perfumes are a blessing to smell.  The mystical smell of an unknown herb mixed with a rare flower makes me happy.

Have you ever felt giddy after smelling your partner’s skin?  It may be just after they come out of the shower.. or all sweaty after being in the hot sun.  It may be laying next to them after making love… their special smell that is comforting to you. Or is it? Do you like their smell?  The smell of their skin… is either a turn on or a turn off with you.  It cannot be both. You either relate to them or you don’t.

Human pheromones play a crucial role in our mating process. Our body smells play a major role in attracting and keeping our life partner.  We all know that divorce rates are high. Many couples are getting divorced even after trying to work on their marriage or going to counseling. What do you do?  You want the marriage or partnership to work as you have children and want them to have a father and mother together as a family unit as they grow up.

That is where I come in.  I have been helping couples for years with my magical botanical fragrances.  I have suggested stock perfumes to enhance their body chemistry,  or open their chakras and more.  Everyone is different and sometimes it is a very subtle shift and their heart will be more open and loving.  Sometimes I find that suggesting exquisite Luscious Roses parfum or eau de parfum in a lovely gift box helps most people open their heart to more love; both giving and receiving. This works on both men and women. This small 4 ml bottle of parfum (see photo)  with 6 different roses and the alchemy I work on it creates magic for couples. I may suggest a natural perfume I have to help someone be more forgiving of their partner and themselves.  Email me on my contact form. That is the best way to reach me.

I also create a Custom Perfume Potion for Self Love that is based on your own energy field and can really help with all of your needs.  This special bespoke natural perfume potion is created just for you and works with your energy and can be the best gift you can give yourself or your loved one.

If you want me to create a parfum to help you both get back on track I would suggest my over the top Custom Bespoke Parfum for “Enhancing your Existing Relationship”. This can be for married couples or any couple going through difficulties in their partnership. Choose this custom parfum at checkout: Enhance your Relationship and Deeply Connect with your Partner. The custom perfume will be created with the essential oils your bodies say they want and need.  It is like a life preserver.. you will be amazed how well it will perform its magic on you both.

Why wait until you are about ready to pull out your hair from worry or from constant battles. Why go through all of the stress!  Let me help you today and order a natural perfume.  Your new life is waiting for you.  The New Moon is Wednesday, May 25.  This is the perfect time for new beginnings.  Are you ready?  Please order one today.






A Scented Mother’s Day

May 4th, 2017 by

Mother’s Day is fast approaching!  Have you found the perfect scented gift for your Mother? Wife? Mother-in-law?   Sunday, May 14 is Mother’s Day in the USA. Are you ready?  Here are some easy suggestions for you!

1.  The beautiful gold gild Coffrets contain a 4 ml bottle of all natural parfum.  They look like a book and have a magnetic lid so it stays closed. The parfum is 36% fragrance strength in organic jojoba oil. It is very special and stronger than eau de parfum in organic grape alcohol that is 16% fragrance strength.


2. The Sample Sprayer Gift Box make a beautiful scented gift.  The special gift boxes are re usable. This beautiful Paris scene with the Eiffel Tower hold the Royal Collection botanical fragrances with French famous people and places. These small boxes have a magnetic flap with a brooch.










3. The Gift Box. An Eau de Parfum Gift Set with free travel sprayer filled with your favorite natural fragrance is sure to please.  You have your choice of natural botanical eau de parfum.






4.  Travel Sprayers  For those Mothers who love to travel.  A portable metal travel sprayer filled with her favorite natural eau perfumes is a must.  Purchase several for morning, afternoon and evening events.  She will thank you when she discovers how easy it makes her fragrance choices.

Make sure you do something special for the woman that makes your life easier every day of the year.

Happy Mother’s Day!


JoAnne Bassett Etsy Store Sale

March 27th, 2017 by

Today is a New Moon in Aries.  Soon I will be celebrating my birthday.  On my birthday I like to offer a special sale as a gift to my clients and followers.  Passover and Easter holidays are coming soon so now is a perfect time to hold a big sale to celebrate all of these!

I am offering a 25% off my whole Etsy store.  I sell some things that are not sold on my regular website JoAnne Bassett.  Please go to my etsy site and see what amazing perfumes you can find. Now is a good time to get your special gifts for Passover and Easter.  Also Mother’s Day is coming soon in May so this is an opportunity for purchasing a gift for her.

Hurry sale ends April 16. Happy shopping!