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Custom Perfumes Are Back

February 5th, 2019 by

As many of you know, I have been creating customized, exquisite perfumes for leaders and royalty all over the world for years. I have an announcement to make and an opportunity…

I have a special one time offer for the Custom Perfume Potions.  The special price will be $444.00 for the 6 ml Custom Perfume Potion until February 14.  Then it will go back to the regular price of $500.00.

This can be a precious gift for Valentine’s Day.  Go here now to order it today for your loved ones or yourself!

Some of you have purchased my natural perfumes in the past and recognize the high energy and natural shifts that happen with my perfumes with intention.  Imagine having a Custom Perfume just for you.

I am receiving inquiries about my Custom Natural Perfumes for Valentine’s Day gifts.  This is my most energetic offering that can transform the whole body at one time.  Please read the testimonials for more information.  Last year my Custom Perfumes were $4,000.00 and I am offering them at $3,000.00 as the introductory price.

Custom Perfume Testimonials:

Eleni Gray, Australia – I bought a beautiful perfume from JoAnne about 1 month ago… I particularly wanted to build more self esteem, feel sexier within myself, bring in more money and be a more patient person and mother.

Within 1 week of wearing the perfume… every single thing that needed healing surfaced… sexual issues and trust between my husband and I surfaced to be dealt with, some inner child wounding and mother wounding came up to be healed and I upleveled in my business and realized I needed to take the next step and work high end, which means I needed to let old clients go to make room for more aligned ones.

Everything Deep that I needed to deal with surfaced FULLY and it felt like the toughest week of my life! However.. what I went through was a breakdown of the old to have a breakthrough and step into the new.

3 weeks later I have healed one of my deepest mother wounds and found deep forgiveness within myself, I am in a much deeper connection with my husband emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually, my patience with my children is so much better and I am able to see where my blocks are as am more self aware, and I have more money coming into my life and ready to sell high end packages comfortably in my business!

Anytime I feel insecurity creeping in or doubt, I put on my perfume and I instantly feel uplifted and remember who I really am and feel clearer in the mind.

My whole life feels like it has shifted and I am beyond amazed and forever grateful for JoAnne and her gift she is sharing with the world! My husband is also excited to have a custom made cologne from JoAnne also!

I cannot recommend it enough! Forever grateful! Thank you so much!

Jen Rode – Rode Institute – I recently received your magical potions, your amazing alchemy. You truly are so gifted, your work, your labor of love is amazing! I can feel that your perfumes are designed to anchor and realign frequencies to the 6th dimension. Money well spent. It’s a game changer. So grateful for JoAnne Bassett and all of her magic!

Ben Rode – Rode Institute – JoAnne Bassett is Jen Rode‘s perfumer. She is all Jen has worn for 2 years. I didn’t know smells could do so much to my system and to hers. Do yourself a favor and pick up a custom for your birthday or for Independence Day. Splurge. Take care of yourself. Yes, they are expensive. You get what you pay for. Worth every penny and more.

Lisa Pinkerton, San Diego – JoAnne’s intuitive readings, combined with the healing perfume she personally creates, individually formulated based on my intentions, have been the perfect combination to promote healing and clarity with my life. I met JoAnne after relocating to California from Nebraska. I realized I had moved to create a new life for myself, but my “baggage” had not been cleared to move forward. During the session, JoAnne explained how her perfume can transform lives quickly, so I ordered a custom bottle (Custom Bespoke Parfum). Within a week of wearing the perfume, my life started to dramatically move forward! An old romantic relationship, which was needing resolution, finally cleared out of my life overnight! Employees at my business, which were not in alignment with my energy, suddenly, for different reasons, were voluntarily leaving. I also sold a property, which had been on the market for over a year! All of these changes happened in a short period of time after wearing the perfume!  If anyone is searching for clarity or interested in removing blockages from their lives, order a custom perfume from JoAnne. I highly recommend her products and services as they have transformed my life!

Male from California – A male client came to me for a custom bespoke parfum to remove the blocks to his business success.. all aspects of that, financial, relationships, etc.  The next time I talked to him he told me of the miracles happening in his business.  This business was stagnant for years and after this custom parfum it all changed.  The perfume was the only thing that had changed.

Female from California – I have worn the perfume every day. I feel that the day I found Joanne was the day I knew that it was important for me to reach out of my comfort zone regarding the price and take a chance on something wonderful. I cannot explain that feeling other than I knew it was the right decision and I have been amazed that I haven’t had a single migraine since that day just that single thing has changed my life in an unexplainable way.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 1st, 2019 by

This year I have some fabulous offerings available.  I have been having a Rebranding Sale and the 50 to 65% off specials are amazing. Go here to read more.


Also my hand blown glass bottles in the original style and colors are almost gone.  They are available at Limited Edition Collection  and the More Life Collection

Back by popular demand!  I have just added my Custom Perfume Potions and Custom Perfumes on my website. They are created with rare and precious essential oils and absolutes. Some of these are vintage oils.

If you cannot decide on a scent go to Benefits of my Natural Perfumes for help.


International Shipping Increase

February 1st, 2019 by
The United States Post Office raised their postage rates again on January 27.  It is time for me to raise my shipping prices.

Head’s up! I finally raised my International shipping rates on shipping my natural perfumes and on my Etsy store.

I have been paying your postage for years when the actual cost is $22 to ship and I charge only $15. Now those same packages are $24 with the postage increase and I am charging you $20. This price begins at the smallest size package and the least weight. Also I pay for the shipping box or bubble envelope, tape, printer ink for the label, peanuts, bubble wrap all packaging supplies and drive it to the post office using my time and gas. It is a bargain for you! Also US prices are at $5. still. I order online often and get charged $8 to $10 or more for the same exact size of pkg.


Attract Abundance and Miracles

January 23rd, 2019 by

The first time I was on a telesummit was August 2017.  I was invited on Eram Saeed’s telesummit From Heartache to Joy.   It was a great experience for me and I was invited back many times.  I was the highest seller or the number two highest seller on the telesummit.

My telesummit topic was Attract Abundance and Miracles like a Magnet.  Encoded Natural Perfumes Magically Attract All You Want. This first experience was in August 2017.  I offered the package – Attract Abundance and Miracles for $107.00 and sold over 300 packages.

A short time later I started receiving emails and private mails on Facebook of the miracles and the prosperity and other forms of abundance these clients were receiving.  They were all excited to share these amazing results that were effortless for them.  All they did was wear the perfume as I had said on the show.

The reason the results arrived so easily for them was these perfumes are encoded with the intentions I said they had. The Royal and Sacred Alchemy I performed on them is of such a high caliber of energy. These are bottles of light being sent all over the planet raising vibration and the consciousness of the people wearing them.

I am so excited to offer this exact package again for $108.00.  The number 108 is considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga. I am so grateful I have the beautiful peacock box to offer this set in again.

This Package Includes:

    • 1 oz Josephine eau de parfum
    • 4 ml Exalted Parfum in glass perfume bottle.
    • 5 ml Travel Sprayer of Indulgence eau de parfum.

Josephine is one of my all time fragrances that is cheerful and makes me feel good.

A fresh, floral, green and light fragrance that is joyful and uplifting. When you wear this all natural fragrance you will be activated with financial abundance and an abundance of blessings for your highest good.

Notes: Verbena, Lavender vera, Litsea, Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Cardamom, Star Aniseed, Ylang Ylang, vintage rare Bulgarian Alba Rose Otto, Galbanum and others



The definition of exalted is a state of extreme happiness. “I felt exalted and newly alive”. Other words to describe this experience are elated, jubilant, joyful, rapturous, ecstatic, blissful, transported, happy, exuberant, exhilarated; and informal high. Exalted is a lovely floral exotic, energetic parfum. When you wear this all natural fragrance you will be activated with miracles for your highest good. They will begin after one wearing. Know that it is your birth right to receive them.


Notes: vintage Bulgarian white rose otto-”the flower of light” and is the highest vibration, this special rose oil sends in the angels and archangels for your benefit, vintage Jasmine sambac absolute from India, clary sage oil, sweet orange oil, gingergrass oil from India in organic jojoba oil. Clary sage is clear eye for clear seeing. This special parfum is only available through this offer and is not sold anywhere else.


Indulgence is a one of a kind experience you give yourself. It opens your heart chakra and restores confidence. Indulgence eau de perfume is a beautiful, feminine oriental floral with subtle spicy overtones. A complex fragrance that has character and sophistication. Empower yourself with Indulgence and step fully into your power now. It raises self esteem, and offers a veil of protection.



Top Notes: citrus notes of lime, blood orange, clementine, and high altitude French lavender Middle Notes: floral notes of cabbage rose otto, tuberose, neroli – orange blossoms, ylang ylang, palmarosa and spicy notes of nutmeg and cardamom. Base Notes: frankincense, vintage Mysore sandalwood, and vanilla absolute.

Limited quantities available!  There are no substitutions!

Total Package Value $290.00

Special Offer $108.00  That is over 65% off the regular price. A $182.00 discount.  OFFER ENDED



Biggest Sale of the Year

December 29th, 2018 by

Final Close Out sale on remaining hand blown glass perfume bottles with 1/2 ounce parfum!  50% off.  Only a handful left.  It is the end of an era!

Go to Limited Edition Collection and More Life Collection to order remaining stock only!  It is now or never.

Some of my clients discovered me 2017 on Eram Saeed’s From Heartache to Joy telesummit.  I was on that year 4 times offering my empowering perfumes at give away prices…  Only 1 time in 2018.  I was in the top 2 for highest sales on FHTJ for 2017.  I will no longer be on FHTJ so if you want my magic this is the only way now.

If you want the high quality with encoded intentions and my royal alchemy performed on all of these..get them now at the lowest prices of the year.  From $150.00 to $190.00 regular prices.  Now on sale for $100.00 with the gold gild book box.  Limited stock of book boxes and when they are all gone the prices will go back to the regular price.  Go here for the list available in eau de parfums. Only those listed are on sale.

Sale ended!

JoAnne Bassett with her Sacred Scents book and her 100% Natural Perfume

Sale ended on coffrets!


End of Year Sale

December 25th, 2018 by

Happy Holidays everyone. To reduce inventory I am not going to bring some of my gift items and regular perfumes into the New Year.  I am having a 50% sale to finish off the gold gild book boxes. When they are gone the prices for these natural perfumes and natural eau de parfums will go back to their regular prices.  Limited Supplies of all.

Natural Perfume Organic Oils will make you feel joyful and more beautiful. These energetic all natural perfumes with rare vintage oils are created with JoAnne’s sacred alchemy and the intention that it will raise your vibration to love, peace, joy and gratitude. These high vibrations will positively shift your energy field and you will feel happy, balanced and free. Go to the Benefits Page to read more.

This listing is for a 4 ml glass perfume bottle with one parfum (32% fragrance strength) of your choice. It is packaged in a gold gild coffret with butterflies and white roses, Spring bulbs, or a blue butterfly box. There are only 3 butterfly boxes. Please note to seller if you want one. The gold gild box is magnetic and will stay closed. Lovely hand made organic 100% natural perfume oil. There are no more silk pillows but they will be packaged with ivory shred.

CHOOSE 1 of the following and list it in the “notes to seller” section during checkout:

Amazing – floral and citrus chypre
Camille – osmanthus and amber, chypre
Chantelle – white floral, jasmine, rose, tuberose
Colette – gourmand, cepes, cognac, citrus
Contessa – floral oriental, rose, neroli, jasmine, cinnamon
Josephine- fresh, crisp green, bergamot, green mandarin
Madame Pompadour – 39 floral and spicy essences
Magie d’ Or – sparkling citrus and woods
Malmaison – Neroli, tuberose, Rose de Mai, amber, jasmine
Marie Antoinette – rose, neroli, champa, angelica
Napoleon – smoky sultry, leathery tobacco
Petit Trianon – oriental, neroli, ginger, spruce, ambrette
Reveiller eau de toilette – herbal and great for depression or SAD (lack of light winter disease)
Sensual Embrace – musky, Rose de Mai, jasmine, tuberose, vintage Mysore Sandalwood, patchouli, ambrette, tobacco
Venus Amber – Oriental Woody – A masculine, amber fragrance
Versailles – patchouli, frankincense, floral citrus


50% off – Regular price $100.00 Sale price $50.00   Order Here

1 oz eau de parfum in a gold gift box.  Regular price $150.00 to $190.00   Sale price $100.00 

CHOOSE 1 from the list above and write it in the “notes to seller” section during checkout.

Harmony At Home Collection  50% off – I will no longer create these.

Sexual Empowerment Perfume / Sacred Sex Perfume   50% off – I will no longer create these.

Hand Blown Glass Perfume Bottles Very Limited Supply  50% off I will no longer create parfum in these special perfume bottles.

Limited Edition Collection      More Life Collection

6 ” tall, 4 inches wide hand blown purple perfume bottle.  Glass dauber turns to lock the bottle so no air can get inside.

Glass dauber turns to lock the bottle so no air can get inside.

Close out prices.



Close Out Sale

December 18th, 2018 by

I am looking at what I want to let go of and release before the New Year 2019. So I decided the book boxes are almost gone and I would like to complete the cycle with them.  I am offering them at 25% off with the beautiful parfums.  After they are gone the bottles will be sold with an ivory satin bag.

There are many choices of  perfumes. These boxes are offered with all travel perfumes until they are gone.  They are available at my sale tab on Etsy.

There are 4 styles of boxes.

Blue Butterfly boxes – only 3 left. If you want them please let me know in your order comments.

I have 10 hand blown glass bottles left in book boxes. Go to my Collections Limited Editions Collection and More Life Collection to see what is available.

Only a handful of these available on my website. If you are buying these hand blown perfume bottles and want to get 1 ml eau de parfum samples, please buy them on my website.  I only sell that size on my website and not on Etsy.



Secrets of My Perfume

December 15th, 2018 by

Filling perfume sample vials

Did you know there are magical benefits hidden inside of every bottle of JoAnne Bassett natural perfumes?

Did you know these perfumes are encoded with intentions that will benefit you every time you wear them?

Did you know JoAnne adds Divine Light to every bottle of natural perfume she creates so you receive a blessing every time you wear them?

Did you know JoAnne performs Royal Alchemy on all of her perfumes? JoAnne adds high vibrations of love and above on the Hawkin’s scale? You will receive love joy and peace.  See the chart and information below.

Did you know there are magical perfumes for sale with extra power and intentions?

Did you know there are Women Empowerment Perfumes and Sexual Empowerment perfumes for sale?


Go to the Benefits of Natural Perfume  page to choose which energetic, natural perfumes are right for you!

You can also go to the Choosing A Scent page to see Fragrance Classifications and natural perfumes for Masculine tastes.