Benefits Of Natural Perfume

Benefits of My Natural Perfumes

When you wear these natural perfumes you will receive these benefits. You will be attracting abundance or love for example. Wearing these botanical fragrances with intention you are drawing these aspects to you and becoming the intention you have set. The magical perfumes have been encoded using Royal Alchemy and Divine Alchemy. Using my Aromatherapy education I am able to create perfumes for various conditions of the physical body, and the emotional body. Every natural perfume I offer has the intentions of raising awareness of consciousness and raising consciousness itself, higher vibrations, and empowerment when worn. Many people tell me they feel so good when they wear my natural perfumes.  

Abundance –  Josephine, Petit Trianon,Vert, Intimacy, Activation Spray

Anxiety – Sacred Frankincense 4

Aphrodisiac –  Sacred Elixir Collection, Temptress

Beautiful –  To feel more beautiful. Luscious Roses

CalmingRoyal Alchemy Collection

CenteredNapoleon  Royal Alchemy Collection

Clarity of Life PurposeNapoleon

ConfidenceContessa, Indulgence,  Napoleon

Consciousness – or awareness of consciousness – all perfumes are encoded with higher consciousness

Depression – Reveiller eau de toilette

EmpoweringRadianceWomen’s Empowerment Collection

GroundingItalian Smoke, Napoleon


Heart Chakra OpeningLuscious RosesIndulgence

High Vibrations – All perfumes are encoded with higher vibrations of love and above on the Hawkins scale.

Hormones Sacred Elixir Collection

Infinite Possibilities –  The Sovereign Collection

Intimacy – Take your intimacy to the next level.   Sacred Elixir Collection, Italian Leather

Joy – All perfumes are encoded with Joy energy!

Love – All perfumes are encoded with love and above on the Hawkins scale.

MeditationTimeless, Call To Prayer, Royal Alchemy Collection


Peace Timeless


Protection Royal Alchemy Collection,  Luscious Roses 

RelaxationRoyal Alchemy Collection

Self Esteem Opulence,  Indulgence

Self Love Luscious Roses, Indulgence

SensualitySensual Embrace, Contessa, Dark Mistress

Sexual Problems or Sex related Sacred Elixir Collection, Italian  Leather

Shielding Your Energy from Harm – Luscious Roses

SovereigntyThe Sovereign Collection, Your Queen-dom  Marie Antoinette, Your King-dom –  Petit Trianon

Stress – Sacred Frankincense 4

Success – Exalted

Uplifting – All perfumes are encoded with uplifting energy!