Choosing A Scent

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There are Fragrance Classifications that can help you choose what fragrance may be right for you. There are six distinct families for fragrance and then there are subcategories within the fragrant families. I added a few categories at the end. I have composed a listing of JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes within the categories. Please use the color of the words to guide you through this list.

Citrus Family light, refreshing, uplifting

Citrus AromaticCollette, Reveiller, Versailles

Floral Family – romantic, and typically not too heavy

Ecstasy, I Love You,  Opulence, Camille, Chantelle, Luscious RosesSensual Embrace, Magie D Or, Malmaison,  Sacred 333 Elixir,  Sacred 888 Elixir

Floral FruityTemptress

Floral GreenJosephine, Petit Trianon

Floral Woody MuskSybarite

Oriental Family – exotic, sensual earthy, sometimes heavy

Sacred Frankincense 1, Sacred Frankincense 4, Sacred Frankincense 6

Oriental FloralAmazing, Serendipity, Contessa, Enchant, Esoterica, Reflections, Indulgence, Tetu, Sacred Frankincense 2, Marie Antoinette,  Sacred 7 Elixir,  Sacred 777 Elixir, Sacred 786 Elixir

Oriental SpicyMadame Pompadour  Also see Spicy Family.

Oriental WoodyVenus Amber, Timeless, Dark Mistress, Sacred Frankincense 3, Sacred Frankincense 5

Chypre Family – forest, mossy notes with citrus outdoorsy smell

Chypre FloralIntimacy

Fougere (Green) Family green, grassy, herbal

Vert (Also Aromatic)

Leather Family – sexy, dirty, woodsy, animalic – made with real civet, castoreum, deer musk

The Leather Collection – Arabian, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Sacred Elixir Collection (Animalic) – Sacred 7 Elixir, Sacred 333 Elixir, Sacred 777 Elixir, Sacred 786 Elixir, Sacred 888 Elixir

Aromatic Family – herbal and spicy

Vert, Napoleon


Spicy Family – spicy scents with cardamom, cinnamon, clove bud, ginger, and other spices



India Pilgrimage


Magie D’ Or

Marie Antoinette

Venus Amber

Woody Family – warm, dry, elegant and masculine scent

Woody AromaticItalian Smoke


ANIMALIC – Sacred Elixir Collection

MUSKY – Natural Fragrances with deer musk, civet, castoreum – beaver, and natural musks derived from plants

Perfumes With A Purpose – Aphrodisiac


Indian Pilgrimage


Madame Pompadour

Marie Antoinette


Petit Trianon

Sacred Elixir Collection – Sacred Elixir 7, Sacred Elixir 777, Sacred Elixir 786, Sacred Elixir 888

Sacred Frankincense 6

Sensual Embrace

Spanish Leather





Venus Amber


OUD – Some of my parfums from my collections contain oud (oudh) or agarwood oil.

Leather Collection See Arabian Leather
Limited Editions Collection  See Enchant and Reflections
Luxury Natural Perfumes  See Sybarite
More Life Collection  See Serendipity
Royal Alchemy Collection  See Sacred Frankincense 3

Call To Prayer Perfume

Masculine Scents

Leather Collection

Royal Alchemy Collection of Sacred Frankincense 1-6

Sacred Elixir Collection (Animalic) – Sacred 7 Elixir, Sacred 333 Elixir, Sacred 777 Elixir, Sacred 786 Elixir, Sacred 888 Elixir



Venus Amber


Dark Mistress





Petit Trianon



Italian Smoke


Call To Prayer

Sacred Alchemy Collection at ETSY

Benefits of a Natural Perfume

When you wear these natural perfumes you will receive these benefits. You will be attracting abundance or love for example. Wearing these botanical fragrances with intention you are drawing these aspects to you and becoming the intention you have set. The magical perfumes have been encoded using Royal Alchemy. Using my Aromatherapy education I am able to create perfumes for various conditions of the physical body, and the emotional body.

AbundanceAbundance,  Josephine, Petit Trianon, Vert, Intimacy, Activation Spray

AphrodisiacAphrodisiac,  Sacred Elixir Collection, Temptress

Beautiful –  To feel more beautiful. Luscious Roses, I Love You


ChakrasSacred Alchemy Collection on Etsy,   Chakra 7 on Etsy

Clarity of Life PurposeNapoleon

ConfidenceContessa, Indulgence,  Napoleon,

Esoteric benefits Sacred Alchemy Collection on Etsy

GroundingItalian Smoke, Napoleon

Heart Chakra OpeningLuscious RosesIndulgence, I Love You

Hormones Sacred Elixir Collection

Infinite PossibilitiesDreams Come True Rocket Fuel

MeditationTimeless, Call To Prayer, Royal Alchemy Collection

MiraclesExalted, Dreams Come True Rocket Fuel


Protection Royal Alchemy Collection

Self Esteem Opulence, Indulgence

Self Love Luscious Roses, Indulgence, I Love You

SensualitySensual Embrace, Contessa, Dark Mistress

Sexual Problems or Sex related Sacred Elixir Collection,  Clearing Sexual/Emotional Blocks   
Sexual Empowerment, Sacred Sex

Sovereignty – Your Queen-dom  Marie Antoinette, Your King-dom – Arabian Leather

SuccessDreams Come True Rocket Fuel

Tantra – Twin Flame – Sacred Sex