Custom Perfume

I take the powerful essence of you and mix it with the powerful essence of the oils and create your very own magic potion and we call it perfume.   © Copyright 2017

For over 20 years I have helped people get what they want. Yes that is right.. achieve those dreams, call in the one they have been searching for, release what is not working and what is not serving them. My “magic potions” are the energetic miracle that keeps them coming back for more.

Some people call me the sage, the wise woman. I create 100% natural perfumes that can transform the whole body, emotional and Spiritual issues fall away to reveal this new empowered woman or man. Testimonial – One man called me to say his whole life had changed after he began wearing the perfume. He left his job, he left his wife of many years, filed for a divorce, and moved away. He now has a new happy life. Amazing all of that happened suddenly and there was no explanation other than he started wearing this potion.

What would you pay if you could wear this magical potion and shortly after your whole life changes? My custom perfume solves your problems. The intention I set for your perfume is what you say you need.  You are creating this Custom Bespoke Perfume not me!

What you are paying $4,000.00 is to transmute the old energy! A life changing, alchemical perfume to transform and empower you!

What is it worth to you to summon your life partner, end your depression, reconnect with your inner child and create the life of your dreams?

No one else is doing this work! I work at a very deep level, and have seen some amazing results from clients. This is so much more than a custom perfume that smells good. This is a very energetic perfume that I set intention for you with your Higher Self. I use my intuition, clairvoyance, and my innate wisdom from lifetimes of being a healer and perfumer to channel the perfume you need. This very high vibration process allows the Divine energy to flow through me and can take many hours to complete the process.

Don’t let your dreams wait one more day. The love of your life is waiting for you. I am able to help you now! All I need is your name and address and I can receive the information from your energy field.

My Custom Perfume offer a 6th Dimension Attunement!

Custom Perfume: A custom-made 1/2 oz. (15 ml) perfume in a glass bottle. A 4 inch tall, hand blown glass perfume bottle is included in a gold foil box with a creamy silk bag and pillow. It comes with a dauber to apply it. Rare, precious, and vintage essential oils and absolutes are the raw materials used. JoAnne uses a combination of Sacred Alchemy© and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes with life-changing properties. I scan your name and address to create this perfume and send it to you. This bespoke perfume is available for International Shipping. I need no other information from you. I perform a ceremony and channel a quest, which is the instructions to achieve the goal. I record this quest and it will be sent as a video. I will also send a written message with the perfume. The video will be an activation and will transmit the energy to you and the parfum will be more effective. Activate your potential today! I will choose the hand blown glass perfume bottle that resonates with you.

I am offering a 30 minute free consultation and we can discuss what is the focus for your Custom Perfume. The customized intake is for you to get clear on all of your gifts, skills and challenges.  Please email to set this call up.

To read about: Inner Child Custom Perfume with Activation

Custom Perfume with Unlimited Intentions, Video Activation, a Channeled Document – Quest.

The specific results you will receive from this magical custom perfume is your intention which depends on which option you choose below, your DNA activation and life shift. It is instant transformation.

The price for the healing delivered by my magical custom perfume and a life shift.  My mentor says the price is based on the results you receive.  Priceless is my answer but for you only  – Price $4,000.00

My Custom Perfume offerings:

Summon Your Life Partner, Enhance your Relationship, Inner Child Re Connection and Energy Clearing, Unlock Your Potential
List the custom perfume you want in the message to seller at checkout. If we have had a conversation I will have that information.

Price $4,000.00 

© Copyright  JoAnne Bassett. All rights reserved.

Custom Perfume Testimonials:

Klara Fischerova – See her Facebook group Breakthrough through Ancestral and Shamanic Alignment

Eleni Gray, Australia – I bought a beautiful perfume from JoAnne about 1 month ago… I particularly wanted to build more self esteem, feel sexier within myself, bring in more money and be a more patient person and mother.

Within 1 week of wearing the perfume… every single thing that needed healing surfaced… sexual issues and trust between my husband and I surfaced to be dealt with, some inner child wounding and mother wounding came up to be healed and I upleveled in my business and realized I needed to take the next step and work high end, which means I needed to let old clients go to make room for more aligned ones.

Everything Deep that I needed to deal with surfaced FULLY and it felt like the toughest week of my life! However.. what I went through was a breakdown of the old to have a breakthrough and step into the new.

3 weeks later I have healed one of my deepest mother wounds and found deep forgiveness within myself, I am in a much deeper connection with my husband emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually, my patience with my children is so much better and I am able to see where my blocks are as am more self aware, and I have more money coming into my life and ready to sell high end packages comfortably in my business!

Anytime I feel insecurity creeping in or doubt, I put on my perfume and I instantly feel uplifted and remember who I really am and feel clearer in the mind.

My whole life feels like it has shifted and I am beyond amazed and forever grateful for JoAnne and her gift she is sharing with the world! My husband is also excited to have a custom made cologne from JoAnne also!

I cannot recommend it enough! Forever grateful! Thank you so much!

Jen Rode – Rode Institute – I recently received your magical potions, your amazing alchemy. You truly are so gifted, your work, your labor of love is amazing! I can feel that your perfumes are designed to anchor and realign frequencies to the 6th dimension. Money well spent. It’s a game changer. So grateful for JoAnne Bassett and all of her magic!

Ben Rode – Rode Institute – JoAnne Bassett is Jen Rode‘s perfumer. She is all Jen has worn for 2 years. I didn’t know smells could do so much to my system and to hers. Do yourself a favor and pick up a custom for your birthday or for Independence Day. Splurge. Take care of yourself. Yes, they are expensive. You get what you pay for. Worth every penny and more.

Lisa Pinkerton, San Diego – JoAnne’s intuitive readings, combined with the healing perfume she personally creates, individually formulated based on my intentions, have been the perfect combination to promote healing and clarity with my life. I met JoAnne after relocating to California from Nebraska. I realized I had moved to create a new life for myself, but my “baggage” had not been cleared to move forward. During the session, JoAnne explained how her perfume can transform lives quickly, so I ordered a custom bottle (Custom Bespoke Parfum). Within a week of wearing the perfume, my life started to dramatically move forward! An old romantic relationship, which was needing resolution, finally cleared out of my life overnight! Employees at my business, which were not in alignment with my energy, suddenly, for different reasons, were voluntarily leaving. I also sold a property, which had been on the market for over a year! All of these changes happened in a short period of time after wearing the perfume!  If anyone is searching for clarity or interested in removing blockages from their lives, order a custom perfume from JoAnne. I highly recommend her products and services as they have transformed my life!

Male from California – A male client came to me for a custom bespoke parfum to remove the blocks to his business success.. all aspects of that, financial, relationships, etc.  The next time I talked to him he told me of the miracles happening in his business.  This business was stagnant for years and after this custom parfum it all changed.  The perfume was the only thing that had changed.

Female from California – I have worn the perfume every day. I feel that the day I found Joanne was the day I knew that it was important for me to reach out of my comfort zone regarding the price and take a chance on something wonderful. I cannot explain that feeling other than I knew it was the right decision and I have been amazed that I haven’t had a single migraine since that day just that single thing has changed my life in an unexplainable way.