Custom Perfume Potions

One of my passions in life is helping people to be all they can be and that includes being open to receive love, support, and joy. I help people looking for a natural perfume to help them with self esteem, abundance, love, confidence, and more.

As John Lennon said “We need to learn to love ourselves first”. People ask me for Love Potions to attract a boyfriend, twin flame, husband or life partner. I suggest my self love – my love potion. This will build up love for yourself and open your heart. The intention of this custom potion is self love and with my royal alchemy I perform, it will work for you when you wear it on your heart. These Custom Perfume Potions have one intention and are based on your energy field. A one of a kind perfume magical potion I create just for you.

I create one of a kind Perfume Potions for people to strengthen and empower them. The Custom Perfume Potions will be created with 100% natural essential oils and absolutes in organic jojoba oil. It comes in a 6 ml glass perfume bottle in a Peacock gold gild box. This beautiful box has gold foil in the pattern and a lovely jewel embellished brooch on the magnetized flap. Ivory Crinkle Paper Gift Basket Shred lines the box.

Do you want to attract more love, abundance, and joy into your life? Do you want to feel more at peace?  Are you ready to experience increased abundance, passion, creativity, love, peace, confidence and more? Do you want to feel at home in your own skin? Do you want to heal your sexual abuse and sexual trauma?

You do not need to give me “your story”.  I will tap into your energy field and discover what you will need to provide the solution.

This potion is an introduction to the magical work I do with a Custom Bespoke Parfum. The full custom is a much more lengthy process and hence the higher cost.

The choices are: Abundance, Inner Peace, Joy, Self Love, Protection, For Sexual Abuse. This is for one intention only. Choose one option and list at checkout.

Custom Perfume Potion – 6 ml perfume  – Price $1,000.00   



This is so rare to find… powerful magic in a bottle!!  EVERYONE should have this!

“There are a few things that surprise me in the field of energy work anymore. But I have to say the power of JoAnne’s perfumes really took me by surprise!

It literally starts working the moment you put it on. I felt so much energy pulsing through me the first time I couldn’t believe it. I got a custom potion with the intention to get off my behind and start working on my book (I have been procrastinating for over 2 years!!)

Within a day of wearing the perfume I got the photo shoot done for the book cover and then few days later came across the best book editor/coach who intuitively guides you to connect with your inner vision and birth your message. We have already made progress and I am super excited that my book will be done in 3 months! And its only been 2 weeks since I got my perfume….I mean 2 years of nothing and after the perfume 2 weeks of warp speed progress! Wow, wow, wow.

If you have any desire for manifestation, you owe it to yourself to try these magical essences. And if all this super cool magical isn’t enough, they really, really smell good too. She will tune into your field and what you want to manifest and custom design a perfume thats just right for you.  Do it now….every day you don’t do it is a day away from your desire?”  ~ Eram Saeed

Klara Fischerova

I just got the package with my JoAnne Bassett custom perfume potion.

I have practiced homeopathy for over 15 years and have felt what frequency medicine feels like in body and mind many times. However, this is a whole new level of alchemy I honestly didn’t believe was possible when I first heard about it. I am still stunned – already 60 minutes after the first sniff, had to stop doing what I was doing…

I never felt such a profound energetic reaction before!

First, I had chills run down my spine and goose bumps all over my arms. Second, I wept. Not from my heart as usually but from throat chakra up, like a baby.

Then I got little nauseous, not because of the scent which is just so lovely and tantalizing but rather felt an urge to feel lighter, release something, feel higher frequency in my body ( I really regretted that last meal I ate had meat in it.)

I also had to wiggle and move my spine, the essences which I never even heard of before were somehow lubricating my painful joints.

The reason I sniffed this in the first place was because I had to work on an important project and thought I would enjoy my new perfume while working. My project is about helping accomplished women who love their work, often overwork, attract a life partner without having to sacrifice who they are or what they do. I had to sit down and could not stay in my head nor focus on work at all. I guess that’s a good message as the intention in my perfume has been “ATTRACTION”.  Which has nothing to do with hard work!

My focus went inward as my breathing slowed down. I had to be fully present with my body and the shifts it was going through. Even my heart beat slowed down like a whale.  Such a deep surrender. When I stood up I felt different. Grounded and lighter and sooo calm.

Wow! I can’t wait to see how this now alchemizes my reality. This is some powerful magic. Now I get why JoAnne calls it alchemy in a bottle. Wow. Amazing!  Thank you so much and also for letting me share!