The Magical Perfumes

The Magical Perfumes

April custom eau de parfum

This powerful custom eau de parfum will be created with intention in my JoAnne Bassett Royal Perfume Facebook Group. Please join this group to be able to order it now. I will be on Facebook Live on Thursday, April 12 at noon choosing the essential oils for this natural perfume and performing an energetic activaton. You must join this group to receive the activation. This is a sacred space with intention. Please respect this energy exchange. 

This magical creation will be created on the New Moon on April 16.

This powerful magical eau de parfum will do what the intention we set for the April perfume. Experience this magic now. Apply with intention and say it out loud I AM… You can apply this as many times a day as you need.

5 ml eau de parfum in a silver with silver dots travel sprayer in a silver organdy bag. It will be available until they are sold out.  The custom for April  will all be pre – ordered.  Order them now for yourself and for gifts.  Mother’s Day is coming.

Price: $50.00

Review from Klara F –  I am just blown away!!! I was finally able to create my programs – still just as a concept but I have been getting clients left and right without having even posted them LOL!!! Love it!!! I am booked months ahead and things are just coming to me as I think of them.

To give you an idea: a perfect retreat just came to me with the exact elements and location I wanted but didn’t even know yet I wanted it exactly like that, just that I wanted a retreat, until it showed itself and I love it and several people want to come along already didn’t even have to say much!!!

We have puppies for sale and I never had to really advertise them, buyers showed up on their own. I got offered help with organizing my house and designing and fixing my yard which I wouldn’t have time to do myself again this year…

It is all in flow! Can’t wait what will be created next month! I am curious how it’s going for others. I think I have my intention for the next month perfume!

Dreams Come True Rocket Fuel

Secure your place on the rocket ship going to the best part of your life! To the only place you want to go and that is yours, and only your destiny!

Only a few seats left! Guarantee the ride of your life today for this small investment. An encoded perfume in organic jojoba oil.

This amazing perfume helps you to manifest and opens the portal to 2018!

Dreams Come True Parfum is packaged in a glass perfume bottle in an ivory satin bag.

6 ml Dreams come True Parfum – Price: $150.00

4 ml Exalted Magical Parfum that is encoded to produce Miracles!

The definition of exalted is a state of extreme happiness. “I felt exalted and newly alive”. Other words to describe this experience are elated, jubilant, joyful, rapturous, ecstatic, blissful, transported, happy, exuberant, exhilarated; and informal high. Exalted is a lovely floral exotic, energetic parfum. It is encoded so when you wear this all natural fragrance you will be activated with miracles for your highest good. They will begin after one wearing. Know that it is your birth right to receive them.

Notes: vintage Bulgarian white rose otto-”the flower of light” and is the highest vibration, this special rose oil sends in the angels and archangels for your benefit, vintage Jasmine sambac absolute from India, clary sage oil, sweet orange oil, gingergrass oil from India in organic jojoba oil. Clary sage is clear eye for clear seeing.

Exalted Parfum is packaged in a glass perfume bottle in an ivory satin bag.

4 ml Exalted Parfum – Price: $100.00

I also have a collection of Sacred Alchemy perfumes you may be interested in at my Etsy store. I also have some essential oils for sale, supplies  and others not listed on this website. Sign up for my newsletter on the homepage to learn about new offerings and sales.