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JoAnne Bassett Etsy Store Sale

March 27th, 2017 by

Today is a New Moon in Aries.  Soon I will be celebrating my birthday.  On my birthday I like to offer a special sale as a gift to my clients and followers.  Passover and Easter holidays are coming soon so now is a perfect time to hold a big sale to celebrate all of these!

I am offering a 25% off my whole Etsy store.  I sell some things that are not sold on my regular website JoAnne Bassett.  Please go to my etsy site and see what amazing perfumes you can find. Now is a good time to get your special gifts for Passover and Easter.  Also Mother’s Day is coming soon in May so this is an opportunity for purchasing a gift for her.

Hurry sale ends April 16. Happy shopping!


Natural Perfume To Empower You

March 24th, 2017 by

Activate Your Potential Now!

I have many 100% all natural perfumes created from energetic essential oils and absolutes that will raise your vibration and shift your consciousness upon applying them.

Perfumes With Purpose – I have one collection that have natural perfumes that were designed for one sole purpose.

Abundance – This perfume works with your body to assist you in opening to receive your good. Abundance is your birth right!

Aphrodisiac – This perfume works with your body to help you “get in the mood” and be open to fully enjoy yourself and your partner.

Clearing Sexual/Emotional Blocks – This perfume works with your body to assist you in removing any sexual / emotional blocks so you can “participate fully” in a relationship.

Apply with intention to your pulse points and heart chakra. These are proprietary formulas of highly energetic essential oils, absolutes, and resins.

I have performed Sacred Alchemy© on these magical perfumes and have set the intention for you to receive this specific energy.

Other Natural Perfumes from my collections have special properties for transformation for women and men.

Opulence  for higher self esteem.  Many people have feelings of unworthiness that they have had since childhood.  The neroli essential oil – orange blossom – is a beautiful smell that will help you dissipate the feelings of unworthiness and raise your self esteem.

Luscious Roses for a broken heart, and to open the heart/heart chakra to receive love; self love and romantic love. Rose otto is a magical essential oil that works on many levels.  This gorgeous perfume contains 6 different roses from 4 countries.  White roses (alba),  Rose de Mai (May Rose), Cabbage roses, and Damask roses. It is exquisite and you deserve it!

Royal Alchemy Collection of Sacred Frankincense 1 – 6  perfumes – for fear, grounding and centering.   Sacred Frankincense – boswellia sacra – sacred frankincense hydrodistilled in Oman.  is calming, centering, grounding, it helps us to focus and is used for meditation.

Sensual Embrace or Dark Mistressto feel sexy. That really needs no explanation!  These are for women and men. 

Sacred Elixir 786ED – Erectal Dysfunction  – impotence

Sacred Elixir 7hormonal problems and hormonal dysfunction

The whole Sacred Elixir Collection will help with enhancing your sex life.  Spice up your love life today!

Aromatic raw materials from animals have been used in classic perfumery and as a medicine from antiquity.  The smell of these aromatics activates the endocrine system and produces the hormones we need.  The traditional use of civet is for hormonal dysfunction.  These real animal pheromones will act as natural aphrodisiacs.  My clients have reported very positive results with their partners. These fragrances are natural aphrodisiacs.. many clients are reporting increased desire, performance and more. Some couples had stopped having sex are now enjoying it again.. more love and romance is always good.

Every JoAnne Bassett botanical fragrance has essential oils that produce a benefit. Being a certified aromatherapist JoAnne formulates her 100% all natural perfume to take into account all aspects of the essential oils being used.

You can choose the eau de parfum in organic grape alcohol strength at 16% or the parfum in organic jojoba oil strength at 32 to 36%.  These natural fragrances come in 1 ml vial samples, 2 ml sample sprayers, small parfum bottles,  5 ml travel sprayers, 1 oz atomizers and 1/2 oz  parfum. See each collection link for details and options.

Empower yourself with natural fragrance with aromatherapy benefits. Your synthetic department store fragrance does not have those benefits as they are created with oils created in a laboratory and not a garden.


Natural Perfumes For Holiday Gifts At Special Prices!

November 19th, 2016 by

I am having a 25% off Holiday Sale on now until December 3 at 11 pm Central time. The whole Etsy shop is included in this.

Beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottles that hold various parfums in organic jojoba oil…they make a very special gift…several sizes to choose from

Exceptional parfums in French flacons are sure to please…a few of these are left on my Etsy shop on sale

they are packaged in a black or blue organdy bag  or a possibly a organdy bag with the beads and heart beads shown above

some 100% natural eau de parfums..with the beautiful natural colors of the essential oils and absolutes shining cheap synthetic scent or dyes..



The eau de perfumes from the French and Royal Collections are very popular and well priced..they come with a free travel sprayer full of your favorite eau de parfum



There are also special coffret gift boxes available Etsy store that are all specially priced.


travel sprayer-blue bag


Don’t forget the stocking stuffers!!    Eau de parfum and parfum sampler vials and collections and travel sprayers are great gifts from $4.50 to $50.00.

I am having a 25% off Holiday Sale on now until December 3 at 11 pm Central time. The whole JoAnne Bassett Etsy shop is included in this.  There are items in the Etsy shop not sold in the

Go there now and finish your Holiday Shopping before Mercury Retrogrades December 19 and starts causing havoc with shipping and communications.

If you would like custom parfums created for you or a loved one please email me or call me at 760.309.2571.  Please leave a phone message if I do not answer.  I will be busy playing Ms. Santa.

sacred elixir with labels

If you are traveling this season be safe, stress free, and joyful when you have your uplifting fragrance with you..Check out my travel sprays in black and blue organdy bags…they are refillable so you can change up your fragrance..

Hurry sale ends December 3 at 11 pm Central time..don’t be late!








A Memorial Day Special Sale

May 26th, 2016 by


With all of the June weddings coming up, I wanted to offer a special sale so you can gift the bride and groom a special fragrant memory. It is tradition to offer special holiday sales. This one can be for both Memorial Day and Ramadan in early June.

More Life Perfumes

More Life Perfumes

My special handblown glass perfume bottles are an exceptional fragrant gift. They are collectibles. Each bottle is created one at a time and is signed and dated.

Limited Edition

Limited Edition Collection

Some of my perfume collections offer these gorgeous bottles to house the extrait; the parfum in organic jojoba oil. Parfum samples are available to help you choose. I offer complementary, short phone or Skype consultations that will assist you in making the right choice for your needs.

Call To Prayer

My Call To Prayer perfume in oil is a popular choice as a gift for Ramadan or Eid. This 100% natural perfume can be worn for meditation or prayer. An Arabian style perfume with rose otto, frankincense and two ouds. It is a favorite of many. This sacred perfume has been prayed over and has a very high vibration and purity.

I am offering 20% off everything on my website excluding Custom Bespoke Perfume, Perfume Potions and classes. This special sale expires June 1. You will receive a 20% off refund on your purchase after we receive your order. This excludes the shipping and tax charges.

Have a great Memorial Day and don’t forget to order something fragrant for you to celebrate with!



Respect Mother Earth on Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2016 by

In honor of Earth Day I am asking my readers to become more aware of how you reuse, recycle, and conserve our resources.

When I look at the packaging in a perfume business I cringe. There are double boxes, the outer box which is the mailer and the inner box which is the beautiful one we throw away, the paper liners, the cellophane over wraps, the tissue, the bows, etc.

We hear over and over how packaging sells the perfume. When we buy the perfume the first thing we do is throw away the layers of packaging and usually just put the pretty bottle on our dresser. Some people save the box if it can be re purposed or if they prefer to have their fragrances all in boxes in a cabinet as a collection.

When I was looking to create more boxes for my collections I thought about my choices. I created a beautiful expensive gift box for my Le Voyage eau de toilette.

As I researched other brands I noticed that they are really almost all the same with different colors and logos. To set my line apart I chose boxes that could be reused.

My perfume boxes are gift boxes in the shape of books. They are deep enough to store trinkets or other items. They have a magnetic flap so the box will stay closed. They are three sizes and house my parfums, eau de parfums, and Limited Edition parfums, and all of the Collections with hand blown glass perfume bottles. These beautiful boxes have gold foil and beautiful flower patterns with butterflies. They are unique and also can be stacked or placed on a shelf like a book. How original!

You can view my collections at this link:






My Gift Boxes contain 1 oz of eau de parfum and come with a free 5 ml travel sprayer filled with your favorite scent.  They can be refilled. If you remove the paper filling you will see the beautiful designs in the bottom of the box. The box can be reused and re purposed. These are ways to reduce our paper waste and not contribute more garbage to the landfills.

gardenia tincture

gardenia tincture

I also grow flowers and harvest blossoms, and create tinctures of roses, gardenia, citrus blossoms and others for my Custom Perfumes. These special tinctures and macerations are only used in my bespoke fragrances. This is a way to use our bounty and share it with others.


Spring Has Sprung – Are You Ready?

March 16th, 2016 by

blue bonnets

Quick announcement and a favor.

I have been busy exploring my new area in North Dallas, Texas. Trees are leafing out, bulbs have bloomed, flowers are everywhere, vines are blooming, everything is green and exploding in color. In some areas the famous Texas blue bonnets are taking over and it is a sight to behold. Lots of ideas are perking under the surface but that is another story for another blog. Stay tuned for any new developments. There may be a few Limited Editions in the works.

But first I need to ask you a favor…I have to ask you a couple of questions. Can you help me out?

I am considering offering a Spring Tonic Eau de Perfume …There are Spring Tonics you take internally to clean you out. These are herbal tonics. It will be like a “Spring Cleanse” but for the skin.

A list of benefits is already started. It will cover all the ways the tonic will support our spring renewal. HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize everything, I need to make sure I have covered everything. That is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey there is really only one thing we want to ask you – What are your two top questions about the Spring Tonic Eau de Perfume? I am wondering if any of you are interested in a Spring Tune Up Eau de Perfume?? I absolutely NEED you to answer on my JoAnne Bassett Perfumes Facebook page.


Perfumes With A Purpose Now Available!

February 15th, 2016 by

I was recently connecting with a client – Ben from The Rode Institute. Please click the link and discover a new way to “be” in relationships. Ben and Jen Rode are masters and their work is inspiring. In the email we uncovered a need he had that could help his clients. So I created this Collection of natural perfumes. The benefit of the natural perfumes is they are made with essential oils which provide aromatherapy benefits. My perfumes take it a step further where I have an intention for the perfume and use the energetic oils that would work for this. Some of my essential oils are vintage and some have very high transformational properties. Then I perform alchemy on the perfumes.

I present this collection with love, so everyone can be all that they can be.

Perfumes With A Purpose

Abundance  This perfume works with your body to assist you in opening to receive your good. Abundance is your birthright!


Aphrodisiac This perfume works with your body to help you get in the mood and be open to fully enjoy yourself and your partner.

Clearing Sexual/Emotional Blocks This perfume works with your body to assist you in removing any sexual / emotional blocks so you can participate fully in a relationship.

Perfumes With A Purpose were created to support you on your journey. These magnificent energetic potions will help you move forward. These 4 ml perfume oils are in a base of organic jojoba oil. The eau de perfumes are in organic grape alcohol from wine grapes. The 4 ml glass bottle comes in an ivory satin bag. The 5 ml travel sprayer comes in a organza bag. Apply with intention to your pulse points and heart chakra. These are proprietary formulas of highly energetic essential oils, absolutes, and resins.

I have performed alchemy on these magical perfumes and have set the intention for you to receive this specific energy.

To purchase them now

Copyright 2016






Custom Bespoke Perfumes and Signature Scents

February 9th, 2016 by

Custom Bespoke Perfume

A question I often get is How do you create your Custom Bespoke Perfumes and are they Signature Scents?

First of all I would say a signature scent is something you are “known” for wearing as you wear it often. In the 80’s I wore Coco Chanel a lot… so that could have been a sig scent but I also wore Opium and a bunch of others. A custom perfume does not have to be a sig scent but it can be…the choice is yours. I often create a custom perfume for myself on a new moon with the new energy for new beginnings. It really is your choice.

The way I create Custom Bespoke Perfumes is quite different than most bespoke perfumers. When I had my perfume boutique, Le Bijou in La Jolla, California.. my clients would come and smell essential oils and absolutes and then I would make a perfume for them after they left. Some people told me I like x, y , and z and then I created a perfume. Some people said they did not want to smell oils…no way so I had them print their name and then sign it. I read energy so it became an easy way for me to decipher what they wanted.

Ok to take it a step further… I am a trained Certified Aromatherapist and took a few blending classes. So I know what healing aspects the oils mixed together will create. I love to add the benefit of healing and raising people’s vibrations with perfumes. Did you know that every fragrance I make I perform alchemy on it? You will receive a benefit whether you are aware of it or not. Ok so the energy of a perfume is important to me. That is why I work only with alive oils that are natural and not created in a laboratory.

enchant 1

My bespoke perfumes can be just for you to feel good.. like I want mine with gardenia.. from my garden… with jasmine, rose, amber, etc. Or you may want to “attract” your mate.. a new partner.. or something into your life. So your perfume changes your energy field for that to happen. Everything is energy… this is not witchcraft.. just working to make you all you can be. It is the same difference as a new haircut, color and a new red dress, heels and nail polish… ok then spray on a fab new custom perfume.. you are ready.. Understand?

JoAnne Bassett Crest

Your bespoke can be your “dream” perfume or one that works on removing your blocks to success, prosperity, or happiness. I hope this helps you to understand my work. Since 1993 I have helped people with all kinds of problems.. referrals from alternative healers, clinics, and hospitals. How can I help you? Please go to my page that explains it. I believe I am the only perfumer working with custom perfumes in this manner. This is not only aroma therapy but complex perfumes containing 30 or 40 ingredients. Go to my Custom Bespoke Perfume page to read more.