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All Natural Musky Perfumes from JoAnne Bassett

January 18th, 2017 by

Very often people send me an email asking “Which natural perfumes are your musky ones?”

My response is please go to my Choosing A Scent tab on my website where I have broken out the main fragrance categories and sub categories.  This is also where I list the most often searched for fragrances like Musky, Oud, Animalic, etc.

My musky natural eau de parfums and parfums in organic jojoba oil are made from only natural sources and never synthetic chemicals from a laboratory.  The natural musks are from plants, and the animalic musks are from deer musk from deer, castoreum from beaver, and civet from civet cats. I am told these items are collected in a humane way.

My Sacred Elixir Collection of animalics contain the most musky fragrances.  That is deer musk is pretty strong and there is no doubt that the fragrance contains real deer musk.  Deer musk and civet has been used in fine fragrances for centuries. This century however most of the large fragrance houses are only using synthetic animalic notes.  An artisan house like myself can make a choice if I want to offer the real thing.  The answer is yes!

Please go to my Choosing a Scent tab and see what perfume in my JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfume Collections you will be amazed with.  I have over 60 natural, botanical fragrances and they are all organic fragrances.  Lucky for you!

New Natural Perfume India Pilgrimage

December 26th, 2016 by

India Pilgrimage was created as a remembrance of my month long trip to India in 2001. I had an Aromatic Tour with Ramakant Harlalka. He posted photos to his facebook wall with the group and myself. I was there during the Ganesha festival. We went to the flower fields, saw plants, herbs, trees, and tea plantations. We went to distillers and watched the distillation of essential oils. I was told I support a village in India with my purchase of $24,000 of pink lotus hydro distilled essential oil. It was great watching them cut the lotus and more. My favorite was picking jasmine and rolling in the pile on the floor before distillation. I swooned!

This rich, exotic and spicy fragrance contains the essential oils and absolutes of India.
Notes: saffron, henna leaf, chai spices, white lotus, tuberose, Mysore sandalwood, gingergrass, ginger lily co2, and musk ambrette.

Notice the gorgeous red orange color of the natural perfume juice before diluting in organic alcohol or organic jojoba.

I sell both eau de parfum with organic grape alcohol and organic jojoba oil for the parfum. Purchase them here.

A natural perfume sprayer that works well as a travel sprayer. Carry it in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. This is for a 5 ml eau de parfum royal blue with silver dots travel sprayer in an organza bag.

It is available in parfum and in a 1 oz eau de perfume spray bottle with free Peacock gift box and blue with silver dots travel spray $170.00

3 ml parfum in organic jojoba oil in glass bottle in box coffret. Please see other photos.

Other fragrances, essential oils and supplies are offered on my ETSY store.








Its Not Too Late For Christmas – Holiday Gifts!

December 10th, 2016 by

There are beautiful natural perfume gifts for everyone. Natural Perfume in organic jojoba oil in coffrets.


Travel sprayers with eau de parfums for women and men in Royal Blue and Black sprayers with organza bags.

Assorted Gift Boxes choices…


There are a lot of options with Discovery sets and more!




An Interview with JoAnne Bassett – Natural Perfumer and Royal Alchemist

December 3rd, 2016 by

I was looking through some of my old posts and I discovered this gem from December 30, 2014.

Interview With a Sage: JoAnne Bassett Couture Perfumer


I recently had the great fortune of interviewing a wonderful friend of mine, Miss JoAnne Bassett. As an empathic person seeking the innefable in life I highly enjoy learning about people more in touch with those parts of the universe that cannot be touched by any regular means. Miss Bassett is one of these. Her interview below is beyond interesting and enlightening. I believe we all have these gifts if we only tap into them. I am most grateful for having such a unique and wonderful person on my facebook feed. She always has something enlightening to say and I cannot speak more highly of a person and their heart. JoAnne is a sweet, kind, intelligent and sage woman. I was grateful to be able interview her about her story, knowledge, passion and perfume.   -Aldous

Aldous: JoAnne, could you please tell me a little bit about yourself. What did you do before perfuming?

JoAnne: It seems like lifetimes ago now, but I was a Corporate Tax Accountant for a large corporation in Minnesota.

Then I was downsized when the corporation began to spin off the 50 divisions.

I became a stockbroker and did that for 5 years. After the crash of 1987 it changed so much so I helped someone open a health food store. In 1989 I moved to Seattle and
didn’t work for years. I traveled to 43 countries and became a Certified Aromatherapist which led me to natural perfumery.


Aldous: What inspired you to become a perfumer in the first place? Did you have a dream and follow it?

JoAnne: My book Sacred Scents was written to answer the question of how I became a perfumer. It is a fun read. It is available as an ebook, in print and
audible on Amazon.




Aldous: What is it about perfume that calls to you?

JoAnne: There are many facets of natural perfumes I enjoy. The essential oils
themselves, the energy of the oils and working with the nature spirits and
plant devas. The combinations and synergies that are created for
aromatherapy and healing purposes. The unique formulas that can be created
that smell out of this world. It is a daily discovery of new things.
Working with the vibrations of the oils combined with intention to create
change in the world through people wearing the perfume.

Aldous: How did you learn to perfume?

JoAnne: I am self taught. I took a blending class years ago that was a part of an
aromatherapy class. After I created aromatherapy potions for people using
essential oils I expanded my collection to include absolutes and more
precious oils. I had become chemically sensitive to synthetic perfumes in
the 1980’s so I created my own fragrances to wear.

I contributed a chapter in a book Amazing Woman What Is Your Story by
Marsh Engle. My chapter was entitled The Power of Innate Wisdom. It all
makes sense after you read my book. It was inside of me waiting to come

Adous: What is your life philosophy?

JoAnne: I believe we need to leave the world a better place than how we found it.
I could wax poetic for hours but I will give you a brief answer here;

I believe we need to leave the world a better place than how we found it.
My mission with my natural perfumes is revealed in these lines.

JoAnne uses fragrance as a tool to reach people and tap into nature’s power.
My perfumes awaken the beauty within.
My purpose is to Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Botanical
My Soul Purpose is to raise the vibration with my Natural Perfumes.

I have a Noble Goal and I will be leaving a legacy supporting various
causes to be revealed at a later time. It is a well thought out and worthy

Aldous: On your website you talk about tapping into people’s energy fields and being able to read them. I completely believe in that. Were you born with
that gift, did you develop it? How does it work for you and how do you apply it to perfuming?

JoAnne: I was born clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant, etc. When I do an intuitive reading I get full on movies with sound, color, etc. I am a medium and can channel the Divine energies and your angels, guides, your loved ones and more. Being empathic and intuitive makes me very sensitive and I am able to read a person’s energy just from the
spelling of their name. It is no different for me if they are standing beside me or if they are on the other side of the world. It is an
automatic process for me. It is very useful when I go to create a custom perfume. I already know if you like roses or not or gardenias or
whatever. The information about you is in your energy field. I can use that information to give you an intuitive reading or create a bespoke
perfume that can support you. Also I am a medical intuitive so I get information regarding which essential oils to use for aromatherapy
purposes. I do not know anyone creating custom perfumes like this. My bespoke perfumes are beautiful and complex not your usual 5 note
aromatherapy blends. They may have 30 or more different oils and absolutes in them with some of them being rare and precious.

Aldous: Your custom perfumes, they sound healing. You say that they can help your energy flow. How so?

JoAnne: When I tap into your energy field your aura gives me information. I can determine the blockages and use the essential oils that will help you to
free up this energy so you are in flow. The chi is moving and your chakras are open.


Aldous: Miss Bassett in your opinion is it possible to read energy at a distance and design a perfume accordingly?

JoAnne: Yes I can scan your name, address, phone number and get a fix on you. I can read your energy field and determine your needs and create a perfume
to support and empower you. This is a very special gift I am able to do as an intuitive healer.

Aldous: What is your favorite perfume? Do you wear your own, or do you wear others?

JoAnne: I have been wearing fragrances since I was 5 years old. A favorite for years was Chanel no 5. I wore many different fragrances up until the late
1980’s when I developed chemical sensitivities. I would have allergy like reactions to wearing synthetic department store perfume. My eyes would
water, my nose would run or get stuffed up and I would get a headache or migraine. That is how it goes today and I cannot attend many trade shows
with mixed media perfumes. I get a migraine within 30 minutes. So since I have created my own natural perfumes I only wear my own. That way I am
assured of the quality of the ingredients and it can be exactly what I want to wear. I find just because the label says natural does not make it so and I do not want to have a headache wearing it.

Aldous: Have you designed a custom perfume for yourself?

JoAnne: Custom couture perfumes are something I create for myself often. On new moons, solstice, equinox, and other special holidays I enjoy making a new one for me. Any time I have a new intention or want to create something new in my life I create one. Recently I created a rose, neroli, jasmine, vanilla absolute, vintage Mysore sandalwood and more bespoke perfume. It is very feminine and makes me happy.


Aldous: Miss Bassett, can you tell us about your different lines?

JoAnne: The collections I currently have on my website were all created since 2000. All lines and collections before that are no longer on my website Le Voyage and Reveiller eau de toilette and parfum were the first 2 fragrances I had on my Bassett Aromatherapy and
AromaWorld website in 2000. In 2005 I opened Le Bijou a perfume boutique in La Jolla, California and I created The Divine Collection A sense of
the Divine, the French collection and the Royal Collection. Since then I have created natural perfumes for the Natural Perfumers Guild projects, or
other projects. I have created the Limited Edition, the More Life Collection, Royal Alchemy and the Luxury Perfume Collection to sell hand
blown glass perfume bottles with parfums created from vintage and rare essential oils and absolutes. Some of these precious oils are 20 years
old and no longer available. These are some of my most favorites of all.


Aldous: Can you tell me about the ingredients you use in your perfumes? What makes them special? What are your favorite notes to use?

JoAnne: I am really a French classical style of perfumer. My roots are French on my Father’s side and I love to create with rose, jasmine, and sandalwood.
I love over the top florals. I have traveled to over 40 countries sourcing the most exquisite oils and raw materials. I use the old methods of
tinctures, and macerations and I use fresh gardenias, roses, jasmines, and other botanicals for my special perfumes. I have a good supply of vintage
essential oils and absolutes because I imported and exported oils for years in my aromatherapy company. You can no longer purchase many of the
oils in my collection and I offer them in my high end parfums.

Aldous: What is the chief difference in your perfumes that set you apart from everyone else?

JoAnne: As a Royal Alchemist I use energy and intention in my perfumes. I create all of my own perfumes, the formulas, and I create them all by hand in my
perfume studio. The maturation process and all is done there. The magical processes I use to create high vibration, energetic fragrances that will
shift people is something I do for all of my artisan natural fragrances. I use only 100% natural essential oils and create amazing complex perfumes
that people compare to the French perfume houses. I sell to the Royals and wealthy around the world.


Aldous: What perfume are you most proud of creating?

JoAnne: There is not one perfume I am most proud of. Luscious Roses parfum with six roses from four countries is one of my favorites I wear to open my heart
chakra. It makes me feel wonderful and joyful. I reach for it often and I love to apply it from the red hand blown bottle with glass dauber. It feels so elegant.


Aldous: Can you tell me about your next release? What are you really working on?

JoAnne: I do not have any new release to speak of at the moment. I get an intuitive hit that I need to create a perfume. It may come to me because
of a new ingredient a feeling I have an experience. A thought comes to me and it wants to be expressed as a couture perfume. That is how it
works for me. I cannot explain it. Unless I am a part of a project the creative mind or my muses dictate the timing. You can follow my blog where
I announce my new offerings. Natural Perfumes Blog

Aldous: You have famous clientele, all over the world. How does that feel to help and create for that many people?

JoAnne: It feels wonderful I so appreciate all of them and I am grateful for my ability to create masterpieces that help people, that smell exquisite and
they enjoy wearing them and come back for more. All a person has to do is apply my perfume to receive a benefit it can be uplifting, joyful and a
feeling of connection. This is my dharma and I am blessed to serve.

Aldous: And finally, do you have a piece of wisdom that you would like to share with my readers?

JoAnne: Experiment and do not be afraid of trying new things and going to new places. Stretch, get out of your comfort zone. You never know when your
left brain will be tweaked and you will become a perfumer artist.

I invite your readers to come to my website and try some perfume samples
and feel the energy for yourself. They are so much more than perfume!

JoAnne Bassett, Couture Natural Perfumer, Author, Speaker











Custom Bespoke Parfum – 6th Dimension Attunement

November 21st, 2016 by


I created this new offering as it is much needed at this time in our “new” world.  It is a fabulous gift to yourself or your loved ones at this time of great energy shifts.

The 6th dimension is the mastery of the universal laws. You can potentially be empowered to become a Bodhisatva.  This custom perfume attunes your energy field to the sixth dimension and anchors the frequencies of the 6th Dimension. It is the holding of the higher dimensions in the physical. You become the master of your life!

All I need is a name and address to create this Custom Parfum using my sacred and precious oils. When the Bespoke Parfum is ready it will be mailed to you or your gift recipient.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for me to prepare and ship the custom perfume. This bespoke perfume is available for International Shipping.  Please email with any questions.

My client Jen Rode said about my custom perfume:  I can feel that your perfumes are designed to anchor and realign frequencies to the 6th dimension.

This all natural perfume is available in a 6 ml perfume bottle in a box.

There are also my regular Custom Bespoke Parfums and Perfume Potions that are one of a kind natural perfumes using the most expensive and rare and precious oils.

Scent Subscription Is Now Available at JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes

November 20th, 2016 by

How would you like to receive a yearly subscription to JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes? Every quarter you will receive a Special Edition all natural eau de parfum that is not available on my website. This is the only way you can purchase these scent is with the Scent Subscription.
They will be made specifically to arrive for the Spring Equinox – March 20, Summer Solstice – June 20, Fall Equinox – September 22, and Winter Solstice – December 21. You will have them a week or more in advance. They will be for both feminine and masculine energies. They will be a channel of what energies are needed at this time. My most special essential oils and absolutes will be used and I will perform alchemy and ritual
The Scent Subscription is presented in a 5 ml Travel Sprayer in an organza bag. It may be a blue, black or silver sprayer with or without silver dots and organza bag to go with it. This subscription is available for women and men and makes a great gift for yourself or your loved ones.
2017 Scent Subscription includes Four 5 ml travel sprayers in organza bags mailed quarterly.

Go here to order your Scent Subscription for 2017 for you or a loved one! They make great gifts.




Natural Perfumes For Holiday Gifts At Special Prices!

November 19th, 2016 by

I am having a 25% off Holiday Sale on now until December 3 at 11 pm Central time. The whole Etsy shop is included in this.

Beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottles that hold various parfums in organic jojoba oil…they make a very special gift…several sizes to choose from

Exceptional parfums in French flacons are sure to please…a few of these are left on my Etsy shop on sale

they are packaged in a black or blue organdy bag  or a possibly a organdy bag with the beads and heart beads shown above

some 100% natural eau de parfums..with the beautiful natural colors of the essential oils and absolutes shining cheap synthetic scent or dyes..



The eau de perfumes from the French and Royal Collections are very popular and well priced..they come with a free travel sprayer full of your favorite eau de parfum



There are also special coffret gift boxes available Etsy store that are all specially priced.


travel sprayer-blue bag


Don’t forget the stocking stuffers!!    Eau de parfum and parfum sampler vials and collections and travel sprayers are great gifts from $4.50 to $50.00.

I am having a 25% off Holiday Sale on now until December 3 at 11 pm Central time. The whole JoAnne Bassett Etsy shop is included in this.  There are items in the Etsy shop not sold in the

Go there now and finish your Holiday Shopping before Mercury Retrogrades December 19 and starts causing havoc with shipping and communications.

If you would like custom parfums created for you or a loved one please email me or call me at 760.309.2571.  Please leave a phone message if I do not answer.  I will be busy playing Ms. Santa.

sacred elixir with labels

If you are traveling this season be safe, stress free, and joyful when you have your uplifting fragrance with you..Check out my travel sprays in black and blue organdy bags…they are refillable so you can change up your fragrance..

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Raise Your Vibrations With Natural Perfume

November 12th, 2016 by


In these times of chaos and despair.. anger and emotion.. fear and flight I realize we are the creator of our reality.  Our vibration is drawing to us the events we are experiencing in our lives.  Have you heard “Like attracts like.” Where you are vibrating is what you will attract into your life.

On the emotional chart… Love or above is a state of Love, Peace, Joy and Gratitude. If you stay in the high vibrations you will not have all of the drama, fear, anger and feelings of your life or the world is falling apart.  Depression cannot be a part of your life.  If you resonate at a high vibration you rise above these lower vibrations.  It is that simple.  There are several charts for Emotional Vibrations.  This is an easy description.  The top three tiers are in the higher and healthier vibratory state.


JoAnne Bassett all natural perfumes have the highest vibrations.  I use the highest vibration oils including rose otto which is the highest vibration.  I have a very rare and precious vintage Bulgarian white rose otto that is “the flower of light”.  It really draws in the angels and the highest Spiritual energy.  That particular essential oil is used in a number of my perfumes.

Luscious Roses hi res

My Luscious Roses parfum created with 6 powerful roses from 4 countries will raise your vibration to love and above… wear it on your heart and you will definitely feel the difference.  It will lift you up… feel more self love and being able to receive and give love.  You will raise your consciousness and will be above the name calling and anger spewing on the internet and on the street.  The lovely hand blown glass red perfume bottle houses the Luscious Roses parfum and makes a lovely gift.


Take your power back!  Wearing my all natural fragrances you will feel the power of the natural perfumes.  The organic plant materials that went into them add to the positive energy.  The ceremony and alchemy that has been performed on them and over them.  The frequency imbued in the process of using the purest oils.  Get yourself some perfume sample sets and feel the beautiful, healthy energy.

If you want a deeper experience you can order a Custom Perfume Potion or Custom Bespoke Perfume.  The Custom Perfume Potions act on one intention and the Custom Bespoke Perfume works on the whole body. Order one today!  Send an email and inquire about having one made for you and/or a loved one.

Don’t get caught up in the media and the fear mongers who are trying to influence you.  Keep centered and grounded using some of my special natural fragrances. Some good choices are Timeless eau de parfum and the Royal Alchemy Collection of Sacred Frankincense perfumes.  Frankincense is good for protection and for meditation.

If you need any help choosing what is right for you please go to the tab Choosing A Scent and email me.