Oud oil

Oud oil – Oudh – Agarwood oil. We are talking pure oud…the real thing…

Call To PrayerCall To Prayer Perfume

My Call To Prayer Perfume was birthed this Ramadan on July 8, 2015.  This precious perfume is a high vibration perfume with rose, frankincense and oud – agarwood in a base of organic jojoba oil.
Vintage Bulgarian white rose (alba) otto the “flower of light”,  Vintage Rare Frankincense Oman, hydro distilled, Indian sandalwood and a combination of Cambodia and Thai wild oud – agarwood.
The general feeling is peace, meditation and reverence when applied.
3 ml Call To Prayer parfum in glass bottle in an ivory satin bag for $111.00.

1/2 ml Call To Prayer sample vial for $20.00.

The amphora shaped hand blown glass bottle holds 1 oz  about 7 inches tall including stopper, about 3.5 inches wide on the front, 2 inches wide on the side. The amphora is light grey with swirls of black to represent smoke.

1/4 oz Call To Prayer parfum with hand blown glass bottle in a special box $500.00


Some of my parfums from my collections contain oud (oudh) or agarwood oil.

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