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Interview with JoAnne Bassett

November 3rd, 2017 by

Today I am sharing a beautiful email from Eram Saeed. She is the owner of From Heartache To Joy tele summit and she shared this with her community.







We are delighted to welcome JoAnne Bassett back on FHTJ to introduce her Brand New “I AM” Natural Perfumes collection just in time for the holidays!Choose from I AM Beautiful, I AM Abundant & I AM My Perfect Weight! Just wearing these perfumes will align you with the energy of the intention and you will achieve the results effortlessly! These perfumes will make the BEST gifts ever to yourself or a loved one!

JoAnne goes into great detail in this call explaining everything that goes into her Magical Potions! It’s like taking a calming journey around the world! Loved this!!!! As you may already know… her perfumes sell out almost immediately… so I am getting all three NOW just to be sure I get them before they are ALL gone! And if you are even thinking about getting these for yourself or as a gift for a loved one… Don’t Wait!!! Do it NOW!!! Once they are gone, they’re GONE!!!!

You won’t find anything like this anywhere else… it’s a MUST HAVE for anybody who wants to “feel” the power of these scents on a daily basis!Plus, you will want to hear the Beautiful Group Process that JoAnne does!
These are energetic natural perfumes that are created with 100% essential oils and Royal Alchemy and are extremely powerful!!
They will shift you very rapidly when worn daily!!!

Don’t Miss Out On JoAnne’s Special Offer


Image result for book with magical picturesJoAnne has taken her custom perfumes to a whole new level and YOU are going to LOVE what these new “I AM” Natural Perfumes can do for you!!!! 

She has been working very hard on creating some very special blends that can do wonders for your well being…

JoAnne is offering three different packages, choose from these 3 Powerful Options…

I AM Beautiful, I AM Abundant & I AM My Perfect Weight

These all natural perfumes are created with multi dimensional energies to activate and support you moving to the 5th dimension and beyond!

Including a multi generational transformation of your DNA at the cellular level positively effecting your ancestry…

… and connecting YOU to the Divine and getting in that sweet Divine flow!

Image result for woman happy to finally be freeIt’s finally time to break free from everything that has been holding you back in your life, whether it be…

~ Financial Problems that are never ending!

~ Weight Issues that aren’t changing regardless of what you have tried!

~ Lack in Abundance in one or more areas of your life!

When you use the combination of I AM affirmations and the right perfume… it can have a dramatic impact on your life!

So now YOU can start to dream BIG using these natural perfumes to create an amazing life for yourself.

Are you ready to kick off the New Year being the BEST version of you?

And are you ready to STOP making those same resolutions year after year???

Image result for beautiful gift opening upThen now is the time to treat you and or your loved ones to the BEST GIFT EVER!!!

Nothing says “I Love You” more than a unique gift that keeps giving back day after day as it is worn with the greatest intentions of living a life full of abundance! 

You or whoever you choose to give these beautiful perfumes to will receive the benefit of an energetic boost with whatever intention you want to achieve! You can begin manifesting miracles in your life immediately!

As an added Bonus… JoAnne is offering her Custom Perfume’s for people who want something custom made for their unique mind, body & soul! These are truly Miracles in a Bottle!!!!

Image result for VIP OffersJust click here for the Custom Perfume’s…

Click here if you’re ready to feel the powerful influence these natural perfumes promise to give you…

Love & Blessings,

P.S. Here’s what some of JoAnne’s clients have been saying about her…

“I can’t thank you enough for these miracles!

“My experience with JoAnne and her perfumes was nothing short of miraculous.
She was able to tune into very deep emotional and physical needs and indicate precisely where these florals were needed. In addition, her laser coaching session was profound and revealed things it would have been impossible to unearth in any ordinary way. Although she gave specific instructions as to where these perfumes should be applied, just by picking them up they began to work their magic and actually “called out to me” in very personal ways.

To my amazement, the luscious Napoleon “asked” to be placed around my hip and sacral area and chronic sciatic pain I experience each morning subsided! Anyone seeking a truly luxurious physical, emotional and spiritual experience must try JoAnne’s perfumes! I can’t thank you enough for these miracles.”  ~ Victoria M., MD 

“This is world class alchemy in a bottle!”

“I heard about JoAnne’s magical perfumes from my mentors, whom I admire, before I decided to try them out. The first time I applied my custom made potion, I sat in a daze for 4 hours, experiencing the clearly noticeable energetic shifts in my body. Then, after few days of using it, my reality started shifting according to my intention for this order. At times, I would skip it for a day or two, trying to slow things down.

JoAnne explained that to bring out the full transformation, I should use it every
day and embrace the shift. It’s not only about a luxury smell, purity and quality.
These potions are about activating a shift in reality. I have been amazed how
many influential people I have been attracting into my life since and how
energized and inspired to serve other’s on a bigger scale I have been lately.
These are perfumes to aid global transformation leaders.”  ~ Klara F.

“We have received 2 contracts worth more money than any contract
we have had in YEARS!”

“JoAnne, I have to tell you how incredibly happy I am with the perfume
package I bought from you through FHTJ. It is TRULY MIRACULOUS! It has
only been a little over a week since I began wearing your Josephine perfume and
we have received 2 contracts worth more money than any contract we have
had in YEARS! We have also had 3-4 smaller contracts come in, too!

My husband said to me just yesterday, “It feels so good to have this much work going on…we haven’t had this much work in 8 years!” Thank you thank you
thank you!” ~ Karen B

“Her Magic Potion Is a Game Changer!!!”

“I recently received your magical potions, your amazing alchemy. You truly are so gifted, your work, your labor of love is amazing! I can feel that your perfumes are designed to anchor and realign frequencies to the 6th dimension. Money well spent. It’s a game changer. So grateful for JoAnne Bassett and all of her magic!”  
~ Jen Rode – Rode Institute

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Don’t miss out…

Replay On Now
Eram Saeed in Conversation with JoAnne Bassett

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