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How did you become a perfumer? Read Sacred Scents!

January 25th, 2015 by

Sacred Scents Book cover

People are always asking me how I became a perfumer. Here is my story. It is available on Amazon on Kindle, as a print book and on audio. If you love my book Sacred Scents please take a few minutes and leave a review. Thank you.

Amazon best seller #1

I was excited to be honored with # 1 Amazon Hot New Releases!


Amazon best seller #2


I was also a #2 best seller in 7 hours!  Some people want me to dive deeper into my stories…stay tuned!

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Women of Spirit Book Now at Amazon

January 20th, 2015 by

Women of Spirit low res cover

Introducing Women of Spirit: Exploring Sacred Paths of Wisdom Keepers!

This anthology is a compilation of women spiritual teachers published by Matrika Press in collaboration with CHB Media. It is Volume One in what will become an ongoing series of Sojourn With Light Workers books.

It is full of useful tools and powerful messages for everyone who is on a spiritual journey to embrace and benefit from. Readers will enjoy the Poetry, Art, Rituals, Prayers and Essays included in this powerful book.

I wrote a chapter in this wonderful women’s anthology. I would love for you all to purchase a copy!

Now Available for Purchase! Visit the publishers website, or direct to Amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_2…

Be sure to “like” our Facebook pages:
If you enjoy this book, please do take two minutes to write a testimonial on the Amazon page!

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Make This Your Greatest Year Ever

January 18th, 2015 by
couple photo

Need help starting 2015 in the right direction, setting goals and accomplishing them?

I have an answer for you!

If it seems like nothing will ever change and things will not get better.
Think again! Get ready to finally throw all of that negative stuff away,
learn to lighten your load, find trust in yourself and connect with your
real purpose.

Bestselling author and Success Teacher, Kenneth D. Foster spent 15 years
creating a program that is so clear and action-focused that you will begin
to see results immediately!

You know “things” will not get better without real change.

Are you going to keep doing nothing (or the same things) and expect
better results this time around?

That’s not going to happen. Now, you can finally stop being a tourist
in your own life and make the future the way you want it to be.

Ken will show you what to do differently and teach you exactly how to
do it. With his “Greatest Year Ever” program, Ken gives you the tools to
remove unconscious blocks that hold you back from the incredible life
you desire. This action-focused success system will be your guiding force
throughout the year!

And because he believes we all need a little help through these tough
times, Ken is making this hot-selling program available to you for
80% off his usual price – that’s $97, instead of the usual $497.

Here’s the whole package (he’s practically giving this away for $97!)

• The “Greatest Years Ever” Home Study Program Guide – this system
was developed over 10 years. You’ll use this all year long to keep you
focused on success!

• Continuous access to streaming audio recordings that review each
of the 3 powerful lessons.

• Ken’s #1 bestselling hardcover book “Ask and You Will Succeed”
(sold retail for $29.95)

• The “Ask and You Will Succeed” journal companion to the book
(regularly $19.95.)

• The “Ask and You Will Succeed” notebook.

Plus, if you ACT FAST, he’ll gift you 3 live mentoring sessions…
normally valued at $300.


You know it’s time to stop spinning around, getting sucked into
late-night infomercials and free seminars. It’s time to get started
changing your life, getting amazing results in all areas of your life,
including relationships and business.

Ken is, making you this sweet deal for only $97…
what are you waiting for?

Click the link below and start seeing amazing results right away!


I have been working with Ken as my business coach and I highly suggest you do also. 


JoAnne Bassett

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Perfume Samples At Special Prices!

January 16th, 2015 by

Today I reduced the prices on all individual perfume samples, sample collections, and discovery kits.  Why did I do that?  I am selling 1 ml glass perfume vials and not the glass or plastic perfume sprayers.  This keeps the sample costs lower and I can pass that savings on to you.

If I were to package everything in a deluxe sprayer or deluxe sprayer sets you would pay much more.  Does it make sense to you to spend more for a sprayer?


If you think you may want a larger sprayer size I have 5 ml travel sprayers available.  They have a glass refillable insert.  These sprayers are housed in a metal shell and can go anywhere and not break.

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Luscious Roses: A cure for the heart.

January 10th, 2015 by

Aldous posted this on Fragrance Daily.

Luscious Roses hi res

Luscious Roses: A cure for the heart.

“JoAnne” I asked, “My hearts broken. I know you blend scents that heal metaphysically. I read it on your website. Can you help me?”

“Why yes,” she said. “Of course. I have something called Luscious Roses. Put a little on your chest above your heart daily. I’ll send you a sample. I hope it helps.”

I have never believed in any of the nonsense people say about healing via metaphysical means. (Metaphysical: outside the realm of physical)

Until my heart shattered into a million pieces and all the medicine, and all the learning, philosophy, psychology, self help, ect in the world couldn’t help.

Looking outside the box for anything to heal me is how I came upon JoAnne Bassett and her perfumery.

Four days after my consultation I received my sample of Luscious Roses in the mail.

I put it on.

Just a tiny, tiny dab right above my heart.

It was so thick, oily, and there were flecks of . She doesn’t use perfumers alcohol, but instead Jojoba Oil. And I waited.

At first I was wondering where the rose was. Where was the scent? But it was cold, freezing in the winter and I figures that maybe the cold with the oil base was not allowing it to bloom so I decided to give it 30 minutes before I judged anything.

Fifteen minutes later with the heat of my heartbeat Luscious Roses started to bloom.  I could smell the deepness of several shades of rose. The white of rare Bulgarian Alba Rose, the Pink of Cabbage Roses and the deep red of Bulgarian Damask Rose. Not the clean, simple, synthetic rose I’m used to. Actual rose. Deep, sensual, multi faceted and evocative.

When I was very young I used to go out and play amongst the roses of my grandmother’s rose garden. My tiny fingers digging in the dirt underneath the petals. Marveling at the blooms, the thorns, the leaves. Such happy peaceful memories this scent evokes.

The next note you notice is the vintage patchouli JoAnne uses.

My mother is one of those crazy flower children from the sixties. Her forever scent has always been a patchouli oil.

When I was younger I remember her wearing this deep and complex scent of earth. It’s unique spiciness always in a hug, a kiss on forehead. Now a days it seems as though patchouli just isn’t the same.

Except in Luscious Roses. The first time, in a long time I’ve smelled yet another rare scent of my childhood.

I also get the clear water of frankincense. Spicy, silver ephemeral on the deep rose petals that bloom above my heart now.

And the vanilla, Oh, the vanilla below it all. So creamy smooth, holding the composition together.

JoAnne’ website, list tuberose as a note, but my nose fails to register it. It might just be the mastery and smoothness of the blending. I’m not sure.

Longevity is great. It lasted all day on me. Eight hours with a drop placed underneath my shirt. Sillage is very good, as long as you give it time for bloom, and some heat to help it along. This an oil base after all.

Altogether I rank it very high on my favorite roses. It’s actually masculine on me due to the earthiness of the patchouli and spiciness of the frankincense. Which is not what I was expecting. I was expecting something completely feminine.

And as for my heart, how does it feel now…

Happy. Peaceful and warm from the loving memories Luscious Roses has evoked.

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Warm for Winter Discovery Set by JoAnne Bassett

January 8th, 2015 by

Put away your hot weather citrus and floral scents.  Bring out your heavy scents with oud, amber, woods, resins and floral orientals for those crisp days and nights. We must  reach deeper into the rich amber (Venus Amber comes to mind) woods, incense  (Timeless) and greens (Vert),  Chypre (Intimacy) and all of the really intense fragrances become appropriate now! After the Winter Solstice we have short days and cold nights…revel in the woods and deep parfums.
Try these winter scents in a 8 piece sample pack. It includes 1 ml glass vials of eau de parfums of Camille, Colette,  Italian Smoke, Vert, Intimacy, Timeless, Venus Amber, and Sensual Embrace.
1. Camille – An earthy, iris aroma which turns quickly into a fruity, leathery osmanthus. The jasmine and tuberose are sheer and not too exotic with an amber base. It is a great floral and friendly for work environments. A Chypre style.Notes: Osmanthus, Iris Root from Italy, Mimosa, Tuberose, vintage Jasmine sambac, Lavender Seville, Galbanum, Ginger, Bergamot, and others
2. Colette – A gourmand with mushrooms and cognac. Great combo!
Notes: Cepes and White Cognac from France, various citrus essences, and others
3. Intimacy – Intimacy is a very old vintage type chypre (like the original Coty Chypre of 1917) with oakmoss, Italian bergamot, vintage grandifolium jasmine, vintage Mysore sandalwood, vintage iris root, vanilla absolute, vintage patchouli, natural musk, labdanum, Bulgarian damask rose otto, Rose de Mai, balsam, othersThe true oakmoss lover’s consummate bliss. Vintage is rich and voluptuous.  This is dark, deep, complex and alluring. Intimacy eau de parfum is a 2013 Indie FiFi nominee!
4. Italian Smoke – Italian Smoke eau de parfum is created from tobacco, neroli – orange blossoms, orange, vintage jasmine grandifolium, vanilla absolute, and vintage Mysore sandalwood. This is my impression of an Italian Gentleman. A golden tobacco note full of the Italian sun
5. Sensual Embrace – We all long for a sensual embrace. We yearn for a lover to hold us, to love us, and to accept us. This musky, sexy juice will fire up the lover within you. Your life will be forever changed and you will be held in an angelic breath of love. Sensual Embrace eau de perfume is a sultry, sexy musk 100% natural fragrance that sizzles with intrique. This stunning, mysterious, seductive blend captures the essence of a sensuous embrace. A unisex parfum.Notes: citrus notes clementine, floral notes of Rose de Mai oil – the May rose of France, vintage jasmine, tuberose, orange blossoms, musky notes of ambrette seed, amber accord, smoky notes of tobacco, sensuous woody notes of smooth vintage Mysore sandalwood, dark patchouli, and others.
6. Timeless – It is an anointing oil with healing energy. Its purpose is to help you surrender.This incense, balsamic, and woody parfum contains vetiver, cassie, balsam fir, spikenard, frankincense, Egyptian damask rose, angelica, and others. Sixteen oils made their way into my bottle.
7. Venus Amber – There are 25 distinctly different essential oils and absolutes that comprise this natural perfume.
It has a musky, spicy, amber accord. The soft powdery, drydown of the vanilla and benzoin gives way to the musky, ambrette seed and frankincense, cedarwood, cistus, and labdanum classic goodness. Bay rum plays with rosewood, sage, cinnamon, and cardamon…to create a spicy melange.The citrus notes of bergamot, blood orange, lemon,and yuzu add that extra lift, zing, and sparkle. The wonderfully sensuous jasmine and rose de mai accord play with your heart. The other special oils form a bond that holds it all together.  Be touched by the love of Venus.  A unisex fragrance.
8. Vert – Vert is an herbal scent created from herbs from Provence. Marjoram, lavender, cypress, Bulgarian damask rose otto, vanilla, green mandarin, cistus, angelica, black currant, verbena, grapefruit, cocoa, balsam, others. Provençal paradise, plus cocoa.
8 Warm for Winter sample pack $35.00,  Regular Price $48.00
When you purchase $25.00 at JoAnne Bassett you qualify for 2 free samples.  You will receive 10 eau de parfum samples for $35.00 and shipping to the US is $5.00 with a total of $40.00!

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New Clarity and Direction for 2015

January 7th, 2015 by

photo 4

Have you had a “Psychic Reading” – many people think all psychic readings are the same but they’re really not. Most of you probably don’t know that I offer “Intuitive Clairvoyant Coaching” – it’s like a very high level “psychic reading” where at the end of each session, clients achieve utmost clarity in what questions that are keeping them up at night as far as a clear direction or what their next action or decision should be regarding a particular issue ranging from: 1) Dishonest and Unfaithful Relationships 2) Letting go or staying in a relationship 3) Success blocks – what’s stopping them from moving forward. 4) The next step in their business to uplevel 5) Self-esteem and more empowerment and confidence 6) How to let more money flow into their lives.

I just did a Clairvoyant reading for a client. My client wanted clarity on her business direction and the choices she is making. After the reading she just emailed: You are BRILLIANT, AWARE, CONNECTED, CARING and have the ability to truly EMPOWER virtually anyone! You are a trusted confidant. TRUSTED CONFIDANT – the one your students, royals and celebrities trust for guidance… the one someone as powerful and as connected as me, is able to open up and bare her soul with because I trust and love you!

To help you jumpstart 2015 send me an email I look forward to helping you gain absolute clarity on how you can make 2015 your best year ever!

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New Year, New Natural Perfume

January 3rd, 2015 by

With a  new year comes a new attitude…and a new season.  What do you choose to smell like in the new year?

What are you fond of?  Fragrances with floral notes?  Fragrances that smell of wood, incense, or amber notes?

How about forest and fir needles, juniper, pine or more? Oakmoss and deep green notes are popular in the winter and cooler weather.  What do you want to revel in?

The best way to find a new fragrance is with a Discovery Kit or individual samples.

JoAnne Bassett offers  samples in eau de toilettes,  eau de parfums and parfums.

Find your new love today…and receive a discount on a full bottle!

Happy New Year!


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