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Delightful Mandarin Oil – Yellow, Green or Red

June 9th, 2017 by

Essential Oil : Mandarin – citrus reticulata, C. nobilis

I have loved creating natural perfumes with all of the mandarin oils.  I am particularly fond of the green mandarin. This sweet, light, floral, and  fruity citrus is one of my favorite top notes.

The gentleness and sweetness of spirit is gathered in the arms of this fragrance. But however gentle it may be, there is a vigor in how it stirs the spirit. When we feel fully connected to the source of all creation, and still enough to hear the celestial music, we touch the spirit held within mandarin. The elders gather where ancient fragrances play, and although mandarin is young, it still attracts the attention of the elders.

Spiritual Benefits: Mandarin can be inhaled whenever we feel the urge to make the connection with other realms and hear the music of the spheres.

Emotional Benefits:to encourage calm, uplifting, inspiration, soothing, integrity, and tranquility

Physical Benefits: tonic, calming, antispasmodic, antiseptic, anti depressant

Natural Perfumes from JoAnne Bassett: Josephine and Madame Pompadour are created with green mandarin. They are located under the Perfumes Past tab as this collection was created in 2006 and are in the Royal Collection

Experience the delightful properties of this amazing oil! Royal Collection eau de perfume sample pack of all 8 for $48.00 is available here.  Order yours today!









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