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A Portal To Reconnect With Your Inner Child

May 25th, 2017 by

One of my greatest gifts I have to share with the world is my ability to create Custom Bespoke Perfumes that change lives. Many positive things have come from people wearing the custom perfume I have made them. It is an energetic miracle and magical natural perfume and one of a kind just for you.  It is created with the essential oils and alchemy that your body needs.  That is why it is so powerful!

My Heal Your Inner Child custom parfum is a way for you to embrace and integrate that part of you without having to process the past endlessly. I am creating a portal for healing with this perfume. This is a gateway for you to walk through and “reconnect with your inner child”. By doing so you will open yourself up to all of the rest of the things you have been wanting.  It is the bridge to your dream life. You wear the custom parfum and cross the bridge with intention. On the other side of the bridge is your twin flame, your life partner, your life partner on life purpose, your mission filled with success and joy. More love awaits you, more financial prosperity awaits you. What are you waiting for? The time is now… Dream it and receive it! Order one today on the New Moon.  The New Moon is about new beginnings.


The Power of Smell – Do You Like The Smell of Your Partner?

May 22nd, 2017 by

For many years I was so self conscious of my long nose.  Not to mention my very “sensitive nose”.  I am sensitive to all smells whether I like them or not.  Growing up on a farm I would find chicken eggs in the forest surrounding the yard. In the summer we allowed the chickens to “run free” for a while.  Being a curious child I would break these eggs and then wretch as they were often rotten.  Have you ever smelled a rotten egg?  It is not very pleasant and reminds me of Yellowstone Park and the sulfur pits.  Yuck!

On a cheerier note being a “nose” – a natural perfumer now, I really am grateful for my ability to smell flowers, plants, and the raw materials I use to make my perfumes.  Also the beautiful essential oils that I use to create magical perfumes are a blessing to smell.  The mystical smell of an unknown herb mixed with a rare flower makes me happy.

Have you ever felt giddy after smelling your partner’s skin?  It may be just after they come out of the shower.. or all sweaty after being in the hot sun.  It may be laying next to them after making love… their special smell that is comforting to you. Or is it? Do you like their smell?  The smell of their skin… is either a turn on or a turn off with you.  It cannot be both. You either relate to them or you don’t.

Human pheromones play a crucial role in our mating process. Our body smells play a major role in attracting and keeping our life partner.  We all know that divorce rates are high. Many couples are getting divorced even after trying to work on their marriage or going to counseling. What do you do?  You want the marriage or partnership to work as you have children and want them to have a father and mother together as a family unit as they grow up.

That is where I come in.  I have been helping couples for years with my magical botanical fragrances.  I have suggested stock perfumes to enhance their body chemistry,  or open their chakras and more.  Everyone is different and sometimes it is a very subtle shift and their heart will be more open and loving.  Sometimes I find that suggesting exquisite Luscious Roses parfum or eau de parfum in a lovely gift box helps most people open their heart to more love; both giving and receiving. This works on both men and women. This small 4 ml bottle of parfum (see photo)  with 6 different roses and the alchemy I work on it creates magic for couples. I may suggest a natural perfume I have to help someone be more forgiving of their partner and themselves.  Email me on my contact form. That is the best way to reach me.

I also create a Custom Perfume Potion for Self Love that is based on your own energy field and can really help with all of your needs.  This special bespoke natural perfume potion is created just for you and works with your energy and can be the best gift you can give yourself or your loved one.

If you want me to create a parfum to help you both get back on track I would suggest my over the top Custom Bespoke Parfum for “Enhancing your Existing Relationship”. This can be for married couples or any couple going through difficulties in their partnership. Choose this custom parfum at checkout: Enhance your Relationship and Deeply Connect with your Partner. The custom perfume will be created with the essential oils your bodies say they want and need.  It is like a life preserver.. you will be amazed how well it will perform its magic on you both.

Why wait until you are about ready to pull out your hair from worry or from constant battles. Why go through all of the stress!  Let me help you today and order a natural perfume.  Your new life is waiting for you.  The New Moon is Wednesday, May 25.  This is the perfect time for new beginnings.  Are you ready?  Please order one today.






Smell is Transformational – Summon Your Life Partner

May 16th, 2017 by

“We’ve all had the experience of falling in love with someone so strongly, that even their perfume or cologne makes us swoon. The sense of smell carries such a strong, unconscious, body level memory, that it can absolutely take over your entire reality as long as you’re in its grasp. Years after that relationship has ended, you can catch a draft on the street corner, as a man walks by wearing that same cologne, and there you are… right back in the late 90’s, as a deep love sweeps over your entire body, and you’re thrust back into the richness of that time. A time that has long since been forgotten by your conscious mind. A time you never thought you would experience again.

What does your future partner smell like? Will he know you from your scent as you pass by on a crowded street? When your beautiful inner essence is carried outward by a perfume that holds the frequency of your highest self, he will know it’s you before he even lays eyes on you. He feels a full body transmission coming through him, letting him know, ‘It’s her.’ You’re bringing the future into the present using one of the least utilized senses. Yes, you can remember a relationship after it’s gone using smell, but you can remember it before it has begun as well…”

One of my specialties is creating Custom Bespoke Perfumes to “Summon Your Life Partner”.  I create a one of a kind natural perfume that holds your special Divine Higher Self frequency. When you wear this energetic perfume it is like wearing a beacon of gold light.  He will be drawn to you. These bespoke perfumes are made with rare and precious essential oils and absolutes and come with a beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottle.

Be the Queen of your life and attract your King, the love of your life now! Your new life is waiting!  Order your custom bespoke perfume today.

Start making memories now…there is no more waiting!  You are so worth it!




A Scented Mother’s Day

May 4th, 2017 by

Mother’s Day is fast approaching!  Have you found the perfect scented gift for your Mother? Wife? Mother-in-law?   Sunday, May 14 is Mother’s Day in the USA. Are you ready?  Here are some easy suggestions for you!

1.  The beautiful gold gild Coffrets contain a 4 ml bottle of all natural parfum.  They look like a book and have a magnetic lid so it stays closed. The parfum is 36% fragrance strength in organic jojoba oil. It is very special and stronger than eau de parfum in organic grape alcohol that is 16% fragrance strength.


2. The Sample Sprayer Gift Box make a beautiful scented gift.  The special gift boxes are re usable. This beautiful Paris scene with the Eiffel Tower hold the Royal Collection botanical fragrances with French famous people and places. These small boxes have a magnetic flap with a brooch.










3. The Gift Box. An Eau de Parfum Gift Set with free travel sprayer filled with your favorite natural fragrance is sure to please.  You have your choice of natural botanical eau de parfum.






4.  Travel Sprayers  For those Mothers who love to travel.  A portable metal travel sprayer filled with her favorite natural eau perfumes is a must.  Purchase several for morning, afternoon and evening events.  She will thank you when she discovers how easy it makes her fragrance choices.

Make sure you do something special for the woman that makes your life easier every day of the year.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Magic Potion or Custom Bespoke Parfum

April 21st, 2017 by

I am JoAnne Bassett the wise woman, the sage who just knows.  I am the mystery woman who creates powerful magical potions disguised as Custom Bespoke Parfum.  Really you say?  Yes these custom perfumes are one of a kind and just for you.. and so much more.  They do not just sit and smell pretty.. they are powerful.. and can transform the wearer.

When you order a custom perfume from me, know that you will be receiving a special, magical potion that will turn chaos into order.  Be aware of the possibilities of your evolution.

What is your wish? Would you like a magic carpet ride?  Would you like to go on a journey of discovery?  Do not hesitate to order a life changing solution today.  You will free yourself from the old cycles and stop going round and round. Go from fear to confidence, and stagnant to abundant flow. What is stopping you?  Your life is waiting.

Go here now to learn more and discover a new you!




It came through smell!

April 15th, 2017 by

When I was 3 years old I was sexually abused by a neighbor man who was babysitting me with his wife. My parents would go out of town and this couple would watch my sisters and I. I am told he also sexually abused my sisters. My Mother also sexually abused me, and she was verbally and physically abusive. She hated me and called me names. This photo is me at 4 years old.

For years I tried everything … meditating, many types of healing, but I wasn’t able to receive. My inner child was still disconnected. Finally I found this scent for me. It bypasses the limbic system, it channels from my past lives, it has so many different things, and I was able to start reconnecting with my inner child. I created this Custom Bespoke Perfume for me yesterday! The transformation came through smell!

People from all over the world from the wealthy royals, and all kinds of men and women have experienced my Custom Bespoke Parfums. Now I am creating a new product to connect your inner child with you. This inner child package will attract your twin flame or life partner with you. We have done all of this work on a mental level but we have to connect our inner child to integrate it. It is usually the last step that is missing. So this is the natural perfume that does that. It is customized to you. I go through the process of connecting with the Divine—God, calling in your guides and angels and my guides and angels. I allow the Divine Light to flow through me and I am guided to the essential oils and what processes I need for you to achieve success with your custom perfume. I am channeling this information and we are working from a very high vibration and Spiritual place. I am only a conduit for the energy and information and I allow this guidance to assist me. The process of choosing the very powerful essential oils for you, your inner child talking with me giving me the codes for the perfume so the oils that will bypass your conscious mind and reconnect on a powerful level.

What I am now feeling is I am taking my power back.. I am open and ready to receive. I am now seeing and feeling the world as a compassionate place where I can receive love, support and I am able to trust again. These are the benefits I am receiving from integrating my inner child from my inner child custom perfume activation.




My Inner Child Speaks! She is Ready to be Healed!

April 14th, 2017 by

Today I unwrapped some of my old guilt and shame I have been holding. I had an awakening session with Daniel Raphael and it was utterly amazing. He is truly a wizard! During his 1 hour process on the phone we uncovered some deep dirt I have been holding and keeping buried for most of my life. My root chakra was not functioning properly with all of the hate, anger, sexual abuse and more I held there. I felt I was only wanted for sex and not loved. I thought I could receive love through sex. I was disillusioned.

Some sexual abuse as a small child came up, abuse that I buried in my vagina and held it there as anger, a miscarriage at 18 years old, and years of sexual abuse, rape, and general feelings of unworthiness. My guilt and shame around my sexual abuse, and my Mother’s hate and not wanting me because I was another girl when she wanted a boy. She had 5 girls and I was supposed to be a boy. All of these contributed to my not being able to receive the love, support, and the feelings of “I deserve better”. This old energy was playing with my mind and the stories I was holding on to would not allow me to receive any new beliefs or have my physical needs met at any great level. I was always giving and giving and my energy was scattered out to all of these people and there was not any for me. I was wired to give so much more than receive and I cared so much about other people I did not allow myself to have the love and everything I needed.

I strongly suggest you contact Daniel Raphael at his email address and please tell him I sent you. I have been to healers before and have done a number of things to heal my root chakra and this guilt and shame. Today I feel I released and let go of a lifetime of garbage that was ready to go. It was quick and easy and I feel lighter.

A new product offering was revealed today as a result of this session. My new offering is my Inner Child Custom Bespoke Parfum that will heal your inner child. This is a one of a kind custom just for you.  It is not a stock perfume created for everyone! This channeled, custom parfum will also assist you in calling in your twin flame or life partner. I will be sharing more about this later.

I am interested in seeing what your inner wound is. Send me a message on my contact form or private message me if you are called to learn more.


Spring Discovery Set at JoAnne Bassett!

March 31st, 2017 by

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With the Spring Equinox already past, here at JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes we have decided to launch our Spring Discovery Set of Natural, Botanical Fragrances.

Sweet Orange tree in bloom1

Nothing says Spring more than a burst of citrus. During Spring in Southern California there are citrus blooms exploding on the trees. There are sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, lime, and more.


If you want to try out new fragrances but cannot decide what you want, I have put together a Spring Collection to make it easy for you.

Spring Discovery Set

Put away your heavy scents with oud, amber, woods, resins and floral orientals. After the Spring Equinox we have longer days and we lighten up our fragrances. A citrus, light floral or floral oriental for evening is what we want to reach for.

Try these Spring scents in a 8 piece sample pack. It includes 1 ml glass vials of eau de parfums of Reveiller, Josephine, Sacred Elixir 333, Versailles, Petit Trianon, Sacred Frankincense 1, Temptress, and Ecstasy. Price $35.00.

With every $25.00 purchase at we give you 2 free samples! So for $35.00 you get 10 samples. That is $3.50 each!

1. Reveiller means to awaken. Spray on this herbal renewal and feel your body come alive.  Citrus Aromatic – an herbal, fresh, and woodsy natural fragrance with the feel good St John’s Wort essential oil. Lovely floral essences and woods combine to dance together. Try this joyful fragrance that helps with depression.
2. Josephine A fresh, green light fragrance. Very joyful and uplifting. Floral Green Notes: Verbena, Lavender vera, Litsea, Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Cardamon, Star Aniseed, Ylang Ylang, rare Bulgarian Alba Rose Otto, Galbanum and others
3. Sacred 333 Elixir: A beautiful  floral fragrance.  Notes – orange blossom, petitgrain bigarade, rose Maroc centifolia, ylang ylang, sandalwood, copaiba balsam, and beeswax absolute
4. Versailles A gorgeous, sparkling bottle of citrus delight and spices. Men and women love this fantastic fragrance. Happy and uplifting.
Citrus Aromatic Notes: Neroli, Tangerine, Lime,Pink Pepper Tree, Cinnamon Bark, St John’s Wort, Frankincense, Patchouli, Benzoin, and others
5. Petit Trianon Floral Green.  Notes: Orange Blossom absolute, Neroli, Ginger, Frankincense, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, Ambrette seed, Lavender Vera, Black Spruce and others
6. Sacred Frankincense 1 A mysterious, floral with notes of apricot and soft rose and linden blossom weaves her magic spell. Incense can be tender.
Oriental Notes: Frankincense boswellia sacra hydrodistilled in Oman, Morocco rose absolute centifolia cabbage rose, elemi, Peru balsam, lavender hi altitude France, davana, yuzu, Roman chamomile, linden blossom absolute
7. Temptress Temptress comes on strong, captures you, and leaves you wanting more Temptress perfume opens the heart chakra and balances female and male energies.
Floral Fruity boasting damask rose from Egypt and vintage jasmine sambac and vintage jasmine grandifolium from India..she goes right to your senses. A calliope of scent fills your space and you are drawn in. Citrus notes of red mandarin and pink grapefruit sparkle and evolve into lavender, and spices of sage, celery seed, black pepper, and basil. To balance you, geranium roseum steps in and then you are tempted with sweet vanilla. With a green note and lemon verbena boosting the female rapture we are mesmerized. Frankincense and smooth, vintage patchouli does a sultry dance and you are left breathless.
8. Ecstasy The feeling is overwhelmingly pastoral, a delight.  Floral Rare and exclusive vintage Bulgarian white rose otto the flower of light, vintage jasmine sambac, sweet orange, clary sage, red mandarin, wild lavender, vanilla absolute, balsam, and amber. This essence is a floral with a warm vanilla and balsam finish.
Spring Discovery Set $35.00
To purchase.
25 % off Etsy sale on now through April 16, 2017.  Go to my Etsy store to purchase for $26.25.

When you purchase fragrances on JoAnne Bassett:

Purchase $10.00 you get 1 free sample, spend $25.00 you get 2 free samples, spend $50.00 you get 3 free samples.