I AM your reset button!  I connect with your internal compass and channel your Higher Self and speak to your soul.

30 minutes Laser Coaching – for answers to your most pressing questions.  All questions are welcome.

I have been giving accurate Intuitive Readings for over 20 years. My gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairalience, and Claircognizance allow me to “experience full color movies with sound and more”. This is what it “feels” like when I give you an Intuitive Reading. This information comes from the Divine or from Source. These are Conscious Clairvoyant Readings. Your Caring and Clairvoyant Connection To Source!

I am a Clairvoyant Coach. I enable people who are in the midst of making major decisions in their lives, careers, to make the best decisions. I do it with clarity and confidence because I am a strong connection to pure Source energy.  A very accurate, channeled oracle reading.

No Past Life – Akashic reading  or Medium ship – talking to the deceased with this reading.

After receiving your payment you will receive a link to my calendar to make your appointment.

30 minutes Laser Coaching for $500.00    

30 minute Session – Activate, clear and balance your 7 Sacred Chakras

Connect with your Divine Higher Self!  Feel the magnificent energy and receive what you need today!

I am offering a session for Chakra clearings, activations and balance, DNA and cell activations, etc.

Release your heart wounds,  throat chakra blocks that prevent you from speaking up for yourself, solar plexus blocks that prevent you from standing in your power, and past life energies that are held in your body. Your chakras will be cleared of any energies that are no longer for your highest good.

After receiving your payment you will receive a link to my calendar to make your appointment.

30 minute Session for $500.00

1 Hour Laser Coaching – Reading

During this time you can ask me questions or I will tap into your energy field and see what you need. I can do a past life reading also.

PAST LIFE READING will include opening your Akashic Records and revealing the information about your past lives that may be affecting you today.
LASER COACHING – this is for entrepreneurs and others who need concise answers to their pressing questions to have ongoing, successful businesses and fulfilling lives. Your decisions affect your life!

I also can give you a 1 hour regular intuitive reading. Intuitive readings also make great holiday gifts.


1 hour – 60 minutes Reading for $1,111.00.


150% accurate!

JoAnne’s intuitive abilities are off the charts and her magical perfume potions are probably some of the highest frequencies you can get your hands on.

A very accurate channel.

The session was amazing!  I feel like a new person.