It is a pleasure to open a vial and smell gorgeous oakmoss or rose or frankincense . . . oh, it is just amazing how each of the beautiful notes is so real. And the notes in each fragrance are combined in amazing and delightful ways.

Your fragrances have an impact and loveliness I have not experienced in perfume for many, many years. I now know that natural perfumery is right for me and my nose. Thank you!    

Michelyn Camen

CaFleureBon  NYC
“With everyone touting that “Green” is the new black, its an honor to recommend the organic perfumery of JoAnne. Before anyone knew they were leaving carbon footprints, JoAnne was perfecting her artisanal artistry for decades. JoAnne doesn’t create aromas, she creates fine fragrances.”

Emma Tiebens

“Investing in JoAnne Bassett’s Custom Bespoke Perfume has been one of the best indulgences I’ve ever had!  I can’t leave home without it! Not only is my perfume, created JUST FOR ME, it was artisanally crafted with 29 rare, royal and ancient oils which empower me to attract positivity, opportunities, and great people in my life!”

Michael Brown

“JoAnne is without parallel as a designer of couture fragrances. She has the ability to define the most personal attributes of her client and somehow place them in a bottle. She does this with a genuineness, warmth, integrity and style that makes the entire experience a dream. If ever one desired to do something amazing and unique, having JoAnne create a custom fragrance would be it.”

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