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Barbara Carter  5 star – Magnificent mastery of the olfactory art in its natural and classical state. Fragrances are balanced, energizing, centering and just plain beautiful. A harmony of notes and there are many which have captured my heart.
Aldous Thoreau  5 star – Very, very special art. Art with heart and soul behind it.
Kathleen Fergus  5 star – Love these scents. Beautiful, natural, ingredients.
Georgette Villareal – Posted on Facebook Fragrance Friends
SOTD : Dark Mistress by JoAnne Bassett. JoAnne has a unique talent to create fragrances that capture the nostalgic beauty, sophistication and elegance of classic scents. This fragrance was inspired by the mystical beauty of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the intrigue of the night. It is a gorgeous floral, rich with exquisite jasmine, tuberose, and rosewood. It has a spicy depth of frankincense and cloves, and a lush greenness with violet leaf. It feels timeless, beautiful and mysterious. I feel elegant and beautiful wearing this scent. I love this sample!!
Georgette Villareal – Posted on Facebook Fragrance Friends
SOTD: Amazing (sample) by JoAnne Bassett. I am in love! This aptly named perfume is one of the most beautiful scents that I have ever experienced!! On my skin, this fragrance opens with a beautiful citrusy oakmoss accord. It is reminiscent of everything that I love about the classic perfumes of my childhood memories. A beautiful benzoin sweetness mixes in, along with a rich spiciness of ginger and cinnamon. This part of the fragrance feels like a warm, comforting embrace. Then a beautiful floral accord blooms forth, with fragrant jasmine. This part of the fragrance feels light and joyous. I am particularly fond of rich spicy fall/winter scents and I usually spend most of my triple digit summers longing for the cool days that I can wear them with abandon once again. I believe that this is my perfect year-round spicy fragrance. The best part of this fragrance is that the perfumer is based only about an hour away from me. Obviously, I need to make a trip to her studio soon.


It is a pleasure to open a vial and smell gorgeous oakmoss or rose or frankincense . . . oh, it is just amazing how each of the beautiful notes is so real. And the notes in each fragrance are combined in amazing and delightful ways.

Your fragrances have an impact and loveliness I have not experienced in perfume for many, many years. I now know that natural perfumery is right for me and my nose. Thank you!

Michelyn Camen

CaFleureBon NYC
“With everyone touting that “Green” is the new black, its an honor to recommend the organic perfumery of JoAnne. Before anyone knew they were leaving carbon footprints, JoAnne was perfecting her artisanal artistry for decades. JoAnne doesn’t create aromas, she creates fine fragrances.”