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Timeless Perfume

All perfumes in The Limited Edition Collection are all natural perfumes and are created from the finest materials available. They are in a base of organic golden jojoba oil or organic grape alcohol.

Limited Edition Collection 1 ml eau de parfum samples

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3 ml travel bottle, the 5 ml refill glass bottle, and the box they come in.

Photos of a 3 ml travel bottle, the 5 ml refill glass bottle, and box they come in. All 1/4 oz perfumes come with a precious 4 inch tall, hand blown, glass bottle including a lovely, clear glass dauber to apply the perfume. Turning the dauber to the right locks the bottle and makes the seal airtight. The artist uses no molds, making each perfume bottle a unique handmade creation. Each piece is signed and dated and are collectibles. The parfum is packaged inside a gilt-edged book box lined with a plush creamy white silk pillow and enveloped in a creamy white silk bag. The parfum comes in a glass bottle.

Timeless Perfume

Oriental Woody – Timeless is an anointing oil with healing energy. Its purpose is to help you surrender. Meditative, centering and grounding.

This incense, balsamic, and woody parfum contains vetiver, cassie, balsam fir, spikenard, frankincense, Egyptian damask rose, angelica, and others. Sixteen oils made their way into my bottle.

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Enchant Perfume

An exquisite, hand blown glass perfume bottle with the beautiful teal color of the ocean, houses this enchanting complex perfume. This perfume bottle has a similar color as the Reflections and Esoterica perfume bottles and are beautiful when displayed as a collection.

Oriental Floral – Fabulous Rose de Mai absolute – the May Rose, expensive and rare oud or agarwood, sandalwood, exotic and costly osmanthus, sacred champaca, yuzu, orange essences, butter co2, musky ambrette seed, davana, pink peppercorn, and high altitude lavender, the green note of galbanum, sensual jasmine, vanilla, the dark and rich ruh khus vetiver, and dark patchouli in an organic jojoba oil base. An extravagant perfume. Be enchanted!

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Esoterica Perfume

An exquisite, hand blown glass perfume bottle with the colors of the ocean, houses this enchanting complex perfume. The Esoterica perfume bottle has ribbons of color running down the sides. This perfume bottle has similar colors as the Reflections perfume bottle and are beautiful when displayed as a set.

Oriental Floral – Fabulous Bulgarian damask rose otto, expensive and rare vintage Bulgarian alba (white) rose otto, vintage sensual jasmine sambac, exotic and costly neroli (orange blossoms), vanilla absolute, bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, and many other citrus and floral notes in an organic jojoba oil base.

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Reflections Perfume

An exquisite, hand blown glass perfume bottle with the colors of a sunset over the ocean, houses this enchanting perfume. The Reflections perfume bottle started with a sunset over the Pacific Ocean. The pinks, reds, blues, purples, and yellows merge together to become a reflection on the ocean.

Oriental Floral – Fabulous centifolia rose otto, expensive and rare oud – agar wood, exotic and costly boronia, tuberose, neroli (orange blossoms), vanilla absolute, vintage Mysore sandalwood, ylang ylang, and other citrus and floral notes. A hint of spice tops this exclusive essence. A very extravagant perfume.

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Luscious Roses Perfume

An exquisite, hand blown glass perfume bottle with a beautiful, ruby red color houses the parfum. The deep red color represents Bulgarian damask roses and houses this luscious, feminine, floral perfume.

Floral – There are six different rose oils from four different countries. There are pink – cabbage roses, red – Bulgarian damask, and white – rare, vintage Bulgarian Alba roses. White rose otto is the “flower of light”. Rose otto is a very treasured oil and is one of the most expensive. It is a very sensual parfum with rich vanilla absolute, dark and smooth vintage patchouli, lush tuberose, deep frankincense, powdery balsam, bergamot for lift, and others. This is a classic and full rose parfum. Wear it daily on your heart chakra for self love. It helps you to give and receive love.  The 1 oz atomizer arrives in a Gift Box with a free 5 ml travel sprayer of Luscious Roses eau de parfum.  See the The Gift Box page under Collections.

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Temptress Perfume

Temptress comes on strong, captures you, and leaves you wanting more…

Floral Fruity – Boasting damask rose from Egypt and vintage jasmine sambac and vintage jasmine grandifolium from India..she goes right to your senses. A calliope of scent fills your space and you are drawn in. Citrus notes of red mandarin and pink grapefruit sparkle and evolve into lavender, and spices of sage, celery seed, black pepper, and basil. To balance you, geranium roseum steps in and then you are tempted with sweet vanilla. With a green note and lemon verbena boosting the female rapture we are mesmerized. Frankincense and smooth, vintage patchouli does a sultry dance and you are left breathless. She really is a temptress.

Temptress perfume opens the heart chakra and balances female and male energies.

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