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Luxury Meets Charity… Custom, Rare and Limited Edition Perfumes for A CAUSE

December 2nd, 2013 by

JoAnne teaching Ketel One Society workshop1

It’s that time of the year for holiday sales and as a Luxury Custom Intuitive Perfumer, I NEVER offer my perfumes on sale because if you’re a luxury shopper, you know that luxury items never go on sale. When my book “Sacred Scents” hit #1 Amazon best-seller a couple of months ago, the demand for my perfumes and my private workshops were at an all time high!

However, for this holiday season I have decided to make a special offer for my Custom Intuitive Perfumes. This is the FIRST TIME I am doing this because now I have a very good reason to do so.

My good friend Susan Ordona’s home town of Abuyog was devastated with the typhoon in the Philippines. Because of Susan’s cause I want my perfume to reach the hands of as many people as possible because my perfumes – and my loving, positive, intuitive and energetic intentions and artistry infused in them – have been known to transform the lives of so many people. There is a reason why royalty from all over the world as well as Hollywood celebrities and global thought leaders, come to me to create their very own perfumes. They feel absolutely supported, guided and empowered when they wear it. Though my high profile clients have requested me to keep their names in strict confidence, there are some who just become my raving advocates.

Typhoon Haiyan

Emma Tiebens, a powerful lady – Best-selling Author, Speaker and Success Mentor, Inspirational Leader, wife and mother, is one of my favorite success stories. A year ago, I created a Custom Perfume for her as in her own words she “needed more confidence, clarity and empowerment”. Within months of wearing her perfume, she was able to increase what she’s asking for- her programs and services and she started attracting luxury clients who were literally begging to invest in her. She was also able to write her best-selling book in record time and she keeps in touch with me to share her quantum leap milestones with me. She absolutely feels unstoppable! You can Click Here? to watch her video and see other testimonials from people like her.

business card -front

The potential for my perfume is so astounding! You’ll meet clients who come to me from all walks of life, women and men who are ready for a change. I create perfumes for housewives who want to be more empowered and find more purpose in their lives. Divorced men who are ready for embracing the next chapter in their lives. Entrepreneurs needing a financial breakthrough in their business and even C-Level Executives, Presidents and CEOs looking for more success with significance in their lives. Great opportunities often come to my clients after wearing their Custom Intuitive Perfume. I just recently received this quick Facebook Private Mail from a highly successful high-profile male client:

“Perfume is working – making great gains.”

Testimonial-?JoAnne is without parallel as a designer of couture fragrances. She has the ability to define the most personal attributes of her client and somehow place them in a bottle. She does this with a genuineness, warmth, integrity and style that makes the entire experience a dream. If ever one desired to do something amazing and unique, having JoAnne create a custom fragrance would be it.? ?Michael K. B

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So, back to the big reason for my decision to do this. I am donating?20% of ALL sales from now until Christmas, Dec. 25, 2013 to my friend Susan’s cause. If you’ve been wanting to donate to this huge devastation in the Philippines, this is your chance to do so and by doing so, you could literally be transforming your life as well.

Again, I NEVER discount my luxury goods and probably never will. This is truly one of the rare opportunities that you will get to have your very own Luxury Custom Perfume – made just for you with your highest and best intentions in mind. I just started a new relationship with some powerful royal families in the Middle East, Europe and Hollywood celebrities and I know the demand will lead me to raising my prices again. With the price of rare and royal oils and the increasing demand for them, chances are I will not offer these prices again so I encourage you to act now.

Below are the perfumes that I have on sale as well as specific “Buy Now Buttons” you won’t find if you order in other pages of my website. If you need more clarification and have specific questions, please feel free to send me an email at and I will do my best to get back with you. I expect this to be a frenzy as I know many people have been asking me for discounts in the past and now they have the opportunity to own their own Luxury Custom Perfume by JoAnne Bassett.

Gold Custom Couture Parfum:?A custom-made ? oz. (15 ml) parfum? and a hand-blown glass bottle in a gold foil box with creamy white silk pillow. Rare, precious,? and vintage essential oils and absolutes are the raw materials used. JoAnne uses a combination of alchemy, clairvoyance and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes with magical significance and life-changing properties. Adorn yourself with your custom parfum and potentially be transformed?.? Many perfumes have been created only with your name and address using my clairvoyance. Available for International Shipping.

Gold Custom Couture Parfum – 15 ml parfum / hand – blown glass bottle

Regular Price $3,000.00 ??


The Limited Edition Collection Bottles

The Limited Edition Collection Bottles

All Limited Edition Collection ?or More Life Collection ?1/4 oz perfumes come with a precious 4 inch tall, hand blown, glass bottle including a lovely, clear glass dauber to apply the perfume. Turning the dauber to the right locks the bottle and makes the seal airtight. The artist uses no molds, making each perfume bottle a unique handmade creation.?Each piece is signed and dated and are collectibles. A?gold foil, luxury patterned box?holds this precious bottle.

Limited Edition Perfume – 15 ml parfum / hand – blown glass bottle

Please leave your choice of Timeless, Temptress, Enchant, Esoterica, Reflections in the comments section

More Life Perfume – 15 ml parfum / hand – blown glass bottle

Please leave your choice of ?Ecstasy, Vert, Opulence, Intimacy, Serendipity, Italian Smoke ?in the comments section

Regular Price $650.00 ??


Eau de Perfume – 1 oz spray bottle

Please leave your choice of ?Amazing, Indulgence, Sensual Embrace, Venus Amber, Camille, Chantelle, Colette, Contessa, Josephine, Madame Pompadour, Magie D’ Or, Malmaison, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Petit Trianon,Versailles in the comments section

Regular Price $170.00 ?

These special prices are not discounted with any other % off holiday offerings.

Order your perfume now or send me an email… The new moon is tonight and tomorrow – that’s the best time for me to make my custom perfumes so if you’ve been thinking of having yours artisanally and meticulously created, order yours now.

I look forward to creating your own “Sacred Scent”…

In Love and Gratitude,



JoAnne Bassett Rave Review by Emma Tiebens

September 10th, 2013 by

JoAnne Bassett Rave Review by Emma Tiebens

Emma Rave Review

JoAnne Bassett Rave Review by Emma Tiebens. Emma has received two Custom Intuitive Perfumes created by JoAnne Bassett and her life has changed immensely. She feels empowered, supported and she has transformed.


Natural Perfumes with Essential Oils for Emotional Well-Being

April 10th, 2012 by

?To Combat?Anger

We have recently entered April and the astrological sign of Aries.? The Aries energy from the planet?Mars is often warrior energy.? Anger can arise during this time.

These essential oils?and absolutes are indicated for helping with anger issues: Bergamot, Jasmine, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang

I?love using Rose otto and absolute in my perfumes as it opens the heart chakra and promotes self love.? It is hard to feel anger when you are feeling loved.

Some of the other oils are my favorites in natural perfumery.? I often create perfumes with jasmine, neroli, and bergamot.? This is a classic perfume accord.

If you look at the ingredient lists for my perfumes you will discover a lot of rose and this list of emotional supportive natural oils.

That is just one of the benefits of natural perfumery.

To view my collections and the botanical oils they contain please click here.?

To purchase the oils: ?




Uncorked – a natural perfumers guild joint blogging event

June 1st, 2011 by

Happy Fifth Anniversary Natural Perfumers Guild!

I joined the Guild as a Professional Perfumer in the early days of the Guild.? I felt it was important to be a part of an organization promoting Natural Perfumery. I love creating 100% natural perfumes and I am happy to see the Guild grow and thrive.

I became a certified aromatherapist in 1993 and started my company Bassett Aromatherapy. I created a line of products and did individual blending for clients. My clients who were sensitized to the synthetic department store fragrances wanted me to make them natural fragrances. That is how it began. I took a blending class and was self taught.? The rest is history. 18 years later I am still making Custom Bespoke Perfumes and Natural Perfume Collections.

In 2000 I created Le Voyage – the journey in an eau de toilette and parfum. It became my scent I wore everyday. I bought French perfume bottles for it and made a beautiful box for it in 2001.? I created Reveiller – awaken? in an eau de toilette and parfum and sold them both on the Bassett Aromatherapy website called That was 11 years ago.? I had other collections but sold them only to my clients and mostly in person.

In 2005 I opened Le Bijou- the jewel, my perfume boutique in La Jolla, California. I created the Royal Collection and the French Collections in 2006 which I still sell online at my website Limited Edition collections in hand blown glass are a favorite item of mine.? My perfumes are a work of art and I love using the most expensive raw materials I can source.

I use almost all of the blossoms from my yard…roses, grapefruit, lemon, sweet orange, and gardenias. I use them for Custom Bespoke Perfumes and limited edtions mostly. I do use the gardenias in Madame Pompadour. I have created 1,000’s of fragrances for private label, bespoke customs, for special occasions, and limited editions.? I get to play with the oils everyday.

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Spring Cleaning Sale – 50% off Divine Essence Eau De Parfum

April 29th, 2011 by

The Divine Collection

These modern classics are based on themes from traditional French perfumery, such as bright citrus, sacred incense, spicy orientals, and rich leather.

Divine Essence 1 – Sparkling Citrus
Main notes: Neroli, Clove Bud, Petitgrain and others

Divine Essence 2 – Warm Herbal Citrus
Main notes: Coriander, Lime, Bay and others

Divine Essence 3 – Sacred Incense
Main notes: Champa, Elemi, Frankincense and others

Divine Essence 4 – Spicy Oriental
Main Notes: Cardamon, Blood Orange, Fennel and others

Divine Essence 6 – Rich Leather
Main Notes: Oakmoss, Bergamot, Basil and others

This listing is for one 1 oz spray bottle. This eau de parfum has a 16% fragrance strength.

Please put your choice of 1 – 6 in the “comments” section.

These are normally $125.00 an they are $62.50!

Buy them today…the supplies are limited!

There are no synthetic fragrance oils, nature identical oils, or manmade fragrances of any type in these natural eau de toilettes. They contain genuine essential oils and absolutes that have been extracted from the plants or cold pressed from the fruits in an organic grape alcohol base.