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Do You Have Sexual Trauma?

October 15th, 2017 by

With all of the talk about Harvey Weinstein and his sexual assault of women and men.  The topic of sexual trauma is rising to the surface.  Women are coming forward claiming he raped or abused them.  Harvey Weinstein as the producer faces numerous allegations of sexual assault.

JoAnne is a French Royal with a lineage that goes back to Charlemagne. She is related to the oldest nobility of Europe. She marries the regal and royal part of her with her own sensuality.  Being her own Sovereign queen hood, her own medicine woman she holds the energy of mastery and uses it in creating change for people. Sexual Dis Empowerment needs to end now and she is empowering people with her Sexual Empowering perfumes.

She is a modern day Sacred Sexual Healer creating Sexual Healing Perfumes for sexual empowerment. She was a Sacred Sexual Healer and High Priestess in the Isis Temple in Egypt lifetimes ago and created anointing oils for Sexual Healing.


Here are some of the amazing transformations JoAnne Bassett’s clients have experienced:

  • Men have been able to have a healthy sex life with body functions fully restored
  • Women have been able to have sexual relations again after being sexually abused and raped
  • Women have been able to communicate what they want with their partners taking back their power
  • Women have been able to have children after trying for years

Change your life forever when you release the blocks and negative energies due to sexual trauma!

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