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Smell is Transformational – Summon Your Life Partner

May 16th, 2017 by

“We’ve all had the experience of falling in love with someone so strongly, that even their perfume or cologne makes us swoon. The sense of smell carries such a strong, unconscious, body level memory, that it can absolutely take over your entire reality as long as you’re in its grasp. Years after that relationship has ended, you can catch a draft on the street corner, as a man walks by wearing that same cologne, and there you are… right back in the late 90’s, as a deep love sweeps over your entire body, and you’re thrust back into the richness of that time. A time that has long since been forgotten by your conscious mind. A time you never thought you would experience again.

What does your future partner smell like? Will he know you from your scent as you pass by on a crowded street? When your beautiful inner essence is carried outward by a perfume that holds the frequency of your highest self, he will know it’s you before he even lays eyes on you. He feels a full body transmission coming through him, letting him know, ‘It’s her.’ You’re bringing the future into the present using one of the least utilized senses. Yes, you can remember a relationship after it’s gone using smell, but you can remember it before it has begun as well…”

One of my specialties is creating Custom Bespoke Perfumes to “Summon Your Life Partner”.  I create a one of a kind natural perfume that holds your special Divine Higher Self frequency. When you wear this energetic perfume it is like wearing a beacon of gold light.  He will be drawn to you. These bespoke perfumes are made with rare and precious essential oils and absolutes and come with a beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottle.

Be the Queen of your life and attract your King, the love of your life now! Your new life is waiting!  Order your custom bespoke perfume today.

Start making memories now…there is no more waiting!  You are so worth it!




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