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Monthly Specials – Bliss and Passion Eau de Perfume

January 21st, 2014 by

?Closeout Special Sale of Natural Perfumes!

Bliss and Passion eau de parfum are wonderful fragrances. ?It is time to bid them farewell. Here are the descriptions:

Bliss Eau de Parfum

The word bliss is defined as a state of profound spiritual?satisfaction, happiness or joy.

This is a favorite perfume to achieve that special frame of mind. With Bulgarian white rose oil ? the ?flower of light?, frangipani ? a beautiful flower of the islands, angelica?archangelica ? the spiritual oil of archangels, lavender for that balanced state, and special citrus.? It will transform you. You can also spray it in your favorite space. ?Surrender to joy.

Passion Eau de Parfum

The word passion is defined as feelings of intense desire and attraction. Passion is an emotion that is like none other. With sexy jasmine sambac absolute, passionate ylang ylang, happy citrus essences, and wonderful soft woods this perfume is sure to be a winner! Add some passion to your life today with a spray of this exotic perfume.



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