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Please Respect Our Earth Day!

April 21st, 2012 by

In honor of Earth Day I am asking my readers to become more aware of how you reuse, recycle, and conserve our resources.

When I look at the packaging in a perfume business I cringe.? There are double boxes, the outer box which is the mailer and the inner box which is the beautiful one we throw away, the paper liners, the cellophane overwraps, the tissue, the bows, etc.

We hear over and over how packaging sells the perfume. When we buy the perfume the first thing we do is throw away the layers of packaging and usually just put the pretty bottle on our dresser. Some people save the box if it can be repurposed or if they prefer to have their fragrances all in boxes in a cabinet as a collection.

When I was looking to create more boxes for my collections I thought about my choices. I created a beautiful expensive gift box for my Le Voyage eau de toilette.


As I researched other brands I noticed that they are really almost all the same with different colors and logos. To set my line apart I chose boxes that could be reused.

My perfume boxes are gift boxes in the shape of books.? They are deep enough to store trinkets or other items.? They have a magnetic flap so the box will stay closed.? They are three sizes and house my?parfums, eau de parfums, and Limited Edition parfums.? These beautiful boxes have gold foil and beautiful flower patterns with butterflies.? They are unique and also can be stacked or placed on a shelf like a book.? How original!

You can view my collections at this link: ?

I also grow flowers and harvest blossoms, and create tinctures of roses, gardenia, citrus blossoms and others for my Custom Perfumes.? These special tinctures and macerations are only used in my bespoke fragrances.? This is a way to use our bounty and share it with others.


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