Inner Child Perfume

Reconnecting with the Inner Child Custom Perfume – A Magical Potion That Changes Everything!

For years I tried everything … meditating, many types of healing, but I wasn’t able to receive. My inner child was still disconnected. Finally I found this scent for me. It bypasses the limbic system, it channels from my past lives, it has so many different things, and I was able to start reconnecting with my inner child. I created this Custom Bespoke Perfume for me. The transformation came through smell!

An Inner Child Custom Perfume will connect your inner child with you. This inner child package will attract your twin flame, soul mate or life partner also. We have done all of this work on a mental level but we have to connect our inner child to integrate it. It is usually the last step that is missing. So this is the natural perfume that does that. It is customized to you. I go through the process of connecting with the Divine—God calling in your guides and angels and my guides and angels. I allow the Divine Light to flow through me and I am guided to the essential oils and what processes I need for you to achieve success with your custom perfume. I am channeling this information and we are working from a very high vibration and Spiritual place. I am only a conduit for the energy and information and I allow this guidance to assist me. The process is my choosing the very powerful essential oils for you.  Your inner child talks with me giving me the codes for the perfume so the oils will bypass your conscious mind and reconnect on a powerful level.

What I am now feeling is I am taking my power back.. I am open and ready to receive. I am now seeing and feeling the world as a compassionate place where I can receive love, support and I am able to trust again. These are the benefits I am receiving from integrating my inner child from my inner child custom perfume activation.

This new piece that was missing is going to create a lot of healing for people on a whole new level. It is going deeper in the inner child healing with the essential oils and my alchemy.

Everyone is disconnected from their inner child. I make perfumes that people wear and their inner child is inundated with them. That is the biggest problem on the planet. People will put this perfume on, they will smell it, feel it, and it will reconnect their inner child so they won’t have a split personality. So they come back, like coming back from the dead. Integrating the inner child on a deeper level is a desire for many people.

How do you know if you have Inner Child issues?

Your relationships are not working, your life purpose is not working, you cannot get out of bed – you are depressed, and you are suicidal.

This new magical custom perfume is an energetic, alchemical process that is deeper than anything I have ever done. People will wear it and they will freak out! It will change their entire life. It is instant transformation! This is what is going to allow people to manifest their twin flame, life partner, and all of the success they want. It is the gold key to the treasure chest and the bridge that was missing. In this Custom Perfume creation I am speaking to their inner child, asking them what they need and giving it to them. I perform a ceremony and channel a quest, which is the instructions to achieve the goal. I will record this quest and will be sent in video form along with the perfume. The video will be an activation and will transmit the energy to you and the perfume will be more effective.


Inner Child Custom Perfume with Activation: A custom-made 1/2 oz. (15 ml) perfume in a glass bottle. A 4 inch tall, hand blown glass perfume bottle is included in a gold foil box with a creamy silk bag and pillow. It comes with a dauber to apply it. Rare, precious, and vintage essential oils and absolutes are the raw materials used. JoAnne uses a combination of Sacred Alchemy© and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes.  I scan your name and address to create this perfume and send it to you. This bespoke perfume is available for International Shipping. I need no other information from you.  Activate your potential today!   I will choose the bottle that resonates with your energy.

Inner Child Custom Perfume with Activation and Quest.

The specific results you will receive from this magical custom perfume is your healing, DNA activation and life shift. It is instant transformation.

This is the price for the healing delivered by my magical custom perfume and a life shift.

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