About JoAnne

JoAnne Bassett is a Natural Perfumer and Royal Alchemist©. Her service to humanity is being a divine messenger as a powerful light leader and intuitive healer. Her light coded natural perfumes raise vibrations and consciousness to love, peace, joy and gratitude when worn.

As a Royal Alchemist© and divine alchemist she creates natural perfumes with infusions of love and intentions with healing energy. The word alchemy simply means transformation and Divine Alchemy is the spiritual transformation of the human into a higher state of being.

JoAnne is a French Royal with a lineage that goes back to Charlemagne. She is related to the oldest nobility of Europe. She marries the regal and royal part of her with her own sensuality. Being her own Sovereign queen hood, her own medicine woman she holds the energy of mastery and uses it in creating change for people. Sexual Dis Empowerment needs to end now and she is empowering people with her Sexual Empowering perfumes.

She is a modern day Sacred Sexual Healer creating Sexual Healing Perfumes for sexual empowerment. She was a Sacred Sexual Healer and High Priestess in the Isis Temple in Egypt lifetimes ago and created anointing oils for Sexual Healing.

She buys her premium essential oils from boutique distillers who honor and capture the sacred energy of the plants and flowers.

JoAnne Bassett is also a green company. When possible, she supports local farmers and distillers and uses sustainable materials such as wild and organic essences. She uses refillable bottles and reusable boxes. No phthalates, synthetic aroma chemicals, toxic chemicals, nature identicals, isolates, artificial dyes, parabens, or petroleum is ever used. JoAnne Bassett ECLIP. She uses organic jojoba oil in her perfumes and organic grape alcohol from wine grapes for the eau de toilettes and eau de parfums.

JoAnne believes her greatest gift is creating life-changing Custom Bespoke Parfums for women and men. What would it be worth if your whole life could potentially undergo a miraculous shift in a week, a month or a year? What price would you pay? Are you on life purpose and ready for your life partner? Summon your life partner now with a Custom Bespoke Parfum. Unlock your Potential today!

In my 20+ years of creating one-of-a kind bespoke perfumes, I have seen miraculous transformations in my clients lives, says JoAnne. She says her gift of working with Divine energies enables her to combine precious oils to support clients and miraculous changes come quickly and effortlessly. Both my male and female clients have experienced powerful transformation in their relationships, finances, jobs and where and how they live.

JoAnne Bassett offers these custom perfumes in an exquisite package.

My Custom Bespoke Parfums offer a 6th Dimension Attunement! Galactic Shaman is an archetype for ‘Consciousness’ made manifest, or ‘Consciousness’ transforming from “form” back to energy. Their purpose is to provide an alchemical anchor – assisting and enabling humanity and the Universe in the evolutionary process of constant transformation of Soul Consciousness in the physical/non-physical realms. I am a Galactic Shaman and that is what I bring forth in my custom perfumes.

JoAnne uses fragrance as a tool to reach people and tap into nature’s power.  My perfumes awaken the beauty within.

My purpose is to Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Botanical Fragrances. My Soul Purpose is to raise your vibration with my Natural Perfumes.

JoAnne Bassett Press Release 5.31.13

Sacred Scents Book coverPurchase my book Sacred Scents here

One of my gifts in creating perfumes is my ability to create Private Label for celebrities, authors, politicians, and companies to name a few. I have created Private Label for high profile individuals and groups whose names I am not at liberty to share. Please inquire for more information to create your private label natural perfume.

“>closure label
Closure is a magical potion I created for Joel Bauer the International Renowned Speaker, Speaker Trainer, Infotainer, and so much more. Closure is a natural perfume potion that I created with intention and alchemy for Joel Bauer’s students. There are 18 rare and highly energetic oils and elements that are included in this formula. This magical perfume potion helps the user to deliver their message in a way that it is received clearly, concisely, and with deep connection from the heart. Some of the amazing properties of Closure eau de parfum are to attract prosperity, for more confidence, and to be grounded and centered.  Email to order.