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Fear And Love – Love Natural Perfume Potion

April 26th, 2016 by


One of my passions in life is helping people to be all they can be and that includes being open to receive. Receiving love, support, joy, and living their lives’s purpose. I consult with people looking for a natural perfume to help them with self esteem, abundance, love, confidence, healing and more.

As John Lennon said “We need to learn to love ourselves first”.  People ask me for Love Potions to attract a boyfriend, husband or life partner. I suggest my self love – my love potion in my Custom Perfume Potions. This will build up love for yourself and open your heart.  The intention of this custom potion is self love and with my royal alchemy I perform, it will work for you when you wear it on your heart.  These Custom Perfume Potions have one intention and based on your energy field.  A one of a kind perfume potion I create just for you.

If you want more than one intention and want a full body shift and a complete transformation than you will want my Custom Bespoke Parfum. 


My custom parfums shift energy for individuals who want to be on the “fast track”. They can live full out, fully expressing and living their life purpose. I don’t know anyone making natural perfumes with life changing properties!  

My transformational custom perfumes contain magical alchemical oils and energy that you can feel.

All of my natural botanical fragrances raise your vibration and raise your consciousness just by wearing them. Luscious Roses parfum is another heart opener and contains 5 different roses from 4 countries.  It is a beautiful rare and all natural rose parfum. Try some today!  It is also available as an eau de parfum.

Luscious Roses hi res

How do you want to feel today?


Perfect Natural Perfume Choices For Brides

April 23rd, 2016 by


Are you busy making plans for your beautiful wedding day?  Are you a bride to be and really want your fragrance to be perfect?  You have found the wonderful venue, picked out your special day, fabulous wedding dress, have your bridal party scheduled. Your bridesmaids are ready…the flowers have been ordered.

My question to you is …how do you want to “feel” on your big day? Do you want to feel confident, open, full of love, joyful, beautiful, your heart is open, passionate?  My natural perfumes are created to raise your vibration, raise your consciousness…love or above.. all things are working. To feel uplifted you just need to wear my all natural fragrance! You are the creator! What you wear will affect your whole day;  your dress, jewelry, and fragrance.

flowers-roses-peonies, hydrangeas

Celebrate your special day with artisan hand blended natural perfume. Created with the finest botanicals this exceptional fragrance are the perfect touch for your intimate times.

With natural botanical perfumes you do not have the strong chemical soup that screams a sillage after you have passed.

One of my favorite all white floral perfumes is Chantelle. White is the color of purity. This all white floral fragrance will entice you with its light. White flowers are used for special celebrations. Let Chantelle do her dance and raise you up in joy and grace.

She is created with vintage jasmine grandifolium, vintage jasmine juhi, vintage jasmine sambac, vintage Bulgarian white rose otto, champa, tuberose, ylang ylang, vanilla, citrus, woods, in a organic wine grape alcohol base.

Custom Bespoke Perfume

Some of the other natural botanical fragrances I suggest from my Collections are: I have many other lovely perfume choices for your special day. I also suggest Luscious Roses, I Love You, Indulgence, Opulence, and Enchant.

Try some of the eau de parfum  and parfum samples of these natural perfumes.

I create Custom Bespoke Parfums for your special day.  These are couture one of a kind perfumes that will support you and transform you. Magical!

Respect Mother Earth on Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2016 by

In honor of Earth Day I am asking my readers to become more aware of how you reuse, recycle, and conserve our resources.

When I look at the packaging in a perfume business I cringe.  There are double boxes, the outer box which is the mailer and the inner box which is the beautiful one we throw away, the paper liners, the cellophane overwraps, the tissue, the bows, etc.

We hear over and over how packaging sells the perfume. When we buy the perfume the first thing we do is throw away the layers of packaging and usually just put the pretty bottle on our dresser. Some people save the box if it can be repurposed or if they prefer to have their fragrances all in boxes in a cabinet as a collection.

When I was looking to create more boxes for my collections I thought about my choices. I created a beautiful expensive gift box for my Le Voyage eau de toilette.

As I researched other brands I noticed that they are really almost all the same with different colors and logos. To set my line apart I chose boxes that could be reused.

My perfume boxes are gift boxes in the shape of books.  They are deep enough to store trinkets or other items.  They have a magnetic flap so the box will stay closed.  They are three sizes and house my parfums, eau de parfums, and Limited Edition parfums.  These beautiful boxes have gold foil and beautiful flower patterns with butterflies.  They are unique and also can be stacked or placed on a shelf like a book.  How original!

You can view my collections at this link:






My Gift Boxes contain 1 oz of eau de parfum and come with a free 5 ml travel sprayer that can be refilled.  If you remove the paper filling you will see the beautiful designs in the bottom of the box. The box can be reused and repurposed. These are ways to reduce our paper waste and not contribute more garbage to the landfills.

gardenia tincture

gardenia tincture

I also grow flowers and harvest blossoms, and create tinctures of roses, gardenia, citrus blossoms and others for my Custom Perfumes.  These special tinctures and macerations are only used in my bespoke fragrances.  This is a way to use our bounty and share it with others.

Raising Consciousness With JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes

March 30th, 2016 by

raise conscious

On my Facebook wall today I saw this beautiful photo and message.  “Raising Consciousness Is the Only Path to Peace on Earth.”  After all of the lives lost recently by senseless acts of violence we as a people need to take notice.  I say We the People… the World.. we are all one.

Recently I posted about my “Big Why” which is my mission and purpose for my life.  This is synchronicity. I remind you of my post and the message.  “I am here to raise consciousness on the planet with my all natural fragrances.”  It is as easy as wearing my all natural perfumes with intention and royal alchemy performed on them. Using rare and precious vintage essential oils they will support you in this shift. This is a message from the Divine to share with you.  Please heed the call.  You can read the rest of the post here.

Filling Perfume Sample Vials

All of my all Natural Fragrances have 1 ml sample sizes available on the individual Collection pages.  The sample discovery sets are found on the sample page under Collections. Go to the  Perfume Collections tab and click on any of the Collections and you will find a 1 ml eau de perfume sample available for $6.00.

If you prefer sample sprayers for $12.00 are also available.


Why wait?  Go there now and purchase some samples or sample sprayers and share with your family and friends. What a beautiful gift we can give each other. We all talk about peace on earth and we wonder if it will happen in our lifetime.  I invite you to wear my powerful natural fragrances and shift your energy and your raise your consciousness. Please play your part and do this for humanity.


If you want to take it a step further I invite you to order a Custom Bespoke Perfume for yourself or a loved one.  Be all you can be! Please send an email with further questions.  That is the best way to reach me. If you do call please leave a message.



March 21st, 2016 by


What is my BIG WHY?  Why are you here?  What is my mission?

I went into meditation today and asked these big questions.  The answers that came through were a part of an answer I  had heard before.  I am here to raise consciousness on the planet with my all natural fragrances. Everything is a vibration. My creating natural perfumes using high vibration essential oils and performing royal alchemy on them will lift many people and help them ascend into the new frequency.  Yes it is as easy as that. When a person wears my natural fragrances they will get a positive energy shift.  With the intentions I set with my exquisite botanical fragrances, I can raise the vibration of the people who wear them. The lower vibrations will shift and the healing energies of the essential oils will change any thoughts to the contrary. This is powerful work.  Little bottles of white light being sent out around the world blessing people as they wear the perfume.  My work as an aromatherapist, natural perfumer and royal alchemist working with the plant energy, utilizing crystals and reiki will affect millions of people from around the world.  This is an amazing mission and is so needed on the planet at this time. My service will help millions of people who are not even aware of the various dimensions, frequencies and energies on the planet.  The plant kingdom, the flowers and trees all play a role in the transformation and I will be able to utilize them to great advantage.

My work as a luxury natural perfumer and healer has always been about empowering people.  From using rose otto to open the heart chakra and promote self love, spreading love to all and to neroli to help with low self esteem. My Custom Bespoke Perfumes and Perfume Potions have always been an avenue for people to be transformed and become the best that they could become.  Many men and women have had major life shifts after wearing my bespoke perfumes.  It happens for them personally and in their business lives. The blocks that have held them back are removed and they can move forward on their mission. Using my special gifts I offer people this powerful transformation. I can help people from all over the world with just their name and address.  I can read their energy and I do not need to meet them in person.


Over the years I have traveled to over 43 countries and  being  “awake” spiritually I discovered how I could help humanity.  My esoteric gifts are now being used to serve and help raise everyone up.  I love that a natural perfume has so much power to cause a major shift in energy that people who don’t even believe in energy will be able to benefit by wearing a fragrance.

I am here at this time doing what I love and in service. Creating magical energetic perfumes that shift people and selling them to people all over the world is my mission.  I have opened to my innate wisdom and am sharing my gifts with the world.  Empowering women who don’t feel they have a say in their life, providing a scent for the young women and men to find their place in this world, and making this planet a better place for all.

JoAnne Bassett

© Copyright 2016 JoAnne Bassett. All rights reserved.



March 21st, 2016 by

Today is NATIONAL FRAGRANCE DAY! Explore a new scent from today.


I am so happy and grateful that I am able to provide superior 100% Natural Perfumes to the people all over the world.  Here are a few comments on my personal Facebook page today.
Lucy Rowett  Your fragrances are LUSH! heart emoticon
Ida Meister So beautiful!
Germaine Hensel Love, love, love!!!
Hikmat Sher Afridi Her perfumes are magnum opus. luminous and have healing power.
Jen Rode Seriously, your fragrances are the best in the world!!!
Call To Prayer

Call To Prayer

It makes my heart sing that people love and appreciate my artisan fragrances that I am able to offer on my website.  My niche fragrances are unlike anything out there in the marketplace.

More Life Perfumes

More Life Perfumes

Very special hand blown bottles created from a Master Glass Blower hold my precious parfum in organic jojoba oil. The glass daubers allow you to adorn and anoint yourself daily. What opulence!

Limited Edition

Limited Edition

My botanical perfume collections contain many tinctures, and macerations of my own gardenias, roses, and more. Some exotic flowers I have grown I add to my perfumes are exclusive to my perfumes.

gardenia tincture

My 6 year old gardenia tincture

My company Bassett Aromatherapy that began in 1993 imported and exported essential oils and more for many years.  I went all over the world to over 43 countries looking for the most exquisite oils. I have some of those essential oils now in small quantities that I sell or use in my natural perfumes.  My most rare and precious oils are reserved for my Gold Custom Bespoke perfumes. Who do you know that uses rare Vintage Mysore Sandalwood in their perfume collections? I also use real oud…not synthetic!  My perfumes are extraordinary.

sandalwood bottle

Vintage Mysore Sandalwood from India from 1999

All of my collections are 100% natural and I use the highest quality of essential oils, absolutes, and hydro distilled essential oils.

Have you tried my natural fragrances?  If not what are you waiting for? Individual samples are available for every fragrance I sell.

Happy Vernal – Spring Equinox!

March 19th, 2016 by


In my last blog post about my idea of a Spring Tonic Eau de Perfume© I asked some questions.  Thank you for the responses received on my JoAnne Bassett Perfumes business facebook page.  That really helps me decide what may be wanted and which direction to go with it. Herbal, citrus, fresh, wet soil… those are all good suggestions. Perhaps a splash type cologne or eau de toilette and not a heavy eau de perfume.

The photo of the green juice in a glass is what I drank this morning.  It is a Dr. Oz Green Drink.  They can contain a variety of vegetables and fruit.  It depends on your intention.  It can be a cleanse or an energy drink. This drink contains spinach, celery, carrot, cilantro, bananas, orange juice, and on some days blueberries, kale, cabbage, romaine, etc. They are similar to the spring tonic herbal drinks with nettle, dandelion for liver detox and others that have a purpose. There are Spring Tonics you take internally to clean you out.  These are herbal tonics.

My “Spring Cleanse” perfume will contain herbs that have a special purpose. The only difference is you will not drink my botanical fragrance.. you will wear it. Cilantro is a great spicy herb that we love to add to salsa and Mexican food. It adds a zing.  gives this information:

Health benefits of cilantro leaves (coriander) Cilantro herb is very low in calories and contains no cholesterol. However, its deep-green leaves possess good amounts of antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and dietary fiber, which may help reduce LDL or “bad cholesterol” levels in the blood.

So we eat the cilantro and also receive a benefit which we can enjoy.  The coriander / cilantro essential oils will add a spicy note and together with the various herbs there will be much to appreciate.

Some people are detoxing with herbs in the spring, drinking potions that will help them to start fresh.  Spring Tune Ups can also refer to bike rides…horse rides.. etc.  Like a tune up on your car.. your engine needs some work to keep it fully functional.

Our digestive systems need a full flush out like changing our oil.  After the long winter we have loaded up on carbs, fats, and heavy foods. They have left their mark on our body in pounds and possibly our digestive systems also need a flush.

Stay tuned with more ideas and more clarity on the final formula for the Spring fragrance.  If you have not commented on my survey on my Facebook page.. please go there now and do so.

Thank you again and have a great first Spring weekend. Don’t over due the exercise weekend warriors.

Spring Has Sprung – Are You Ready?

March 16th, 2016 by

blue bonnets

Quick announcement and a favor.

I have been busy exploring my new area in North Dallas, Texas. Trees are leafing out, bulbs have bloomed, flowers are everywhere, vines are blooming, everything is green and exploding in color. In some areas the famous Texas blue bonnets are taking over and it is a sight to behold.  Lots of ideas are perking under the surface but that is another story for another blog. Stay tuned for any new developments. There may be a few Limited Editions in the works.

But first I need to ask you a favor…I have to ask you a couple of questions.  Can you help me out?

I am considering offering a Spring Tonic Eau de Perfume© …There are Spring Tonics you take internally to clean you out.  These are herbal tonics. It will be like a “Spring Cleanse” but for the skin.

A list of benefits is already started. It will  cover all the ways the tonic will support our spring renewal. HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize everything, I need to make sure I have covered everything. That is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey— there is really only one thing we want to ask you … What are your two top questions about the Spring Tonic Eau de Perfume?  I am wondering if any of you are interested in a Spring Tune Up Eau de Perfume©? I absolutely NEED you to answer on my JoAnne Bassett Perfumes Facebook page.