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The Fragrance Flight Kit

October 19th, 2014 by


For those of you who are not able to attend the Fragrant Flights in Southern California  I will send you the kit of fragrances, blotters and information sheet. Also included are the 1 ml vials of eau de parfums for Feminine and Unisex and Masculine and Unisex Fragrance Flights.  Now you can purchase these kits and have your own party.  Let’s get this party started!

“Fragrant Flights” for Women and Men

The Fragrant Flight is like a cognac tasting, experiencing and discussing the 100% essential oil and botanical notes. You go from light eau de parfums to heavy eau de parfums. It is 30 minutes and you experience 9 different fragrances.   A Discovery Kit containing all 9 fragrances in 1 ml sample sizes is what you will use for the flights.  This Discovery Sample Kit will be for feminine fragrances or unisex.  The cost of the kit will be more expensive if purchased as samples.  The 1 ml samples are from $5 to $7 each.


Fragrance Flight Kit For Feminine or Unisex
Price: $50.00 
Fragrance Flight Kit For Masculine or Unisex
Price: $50.00

Natural Perfume Workshops in La Costa, California on October 11

September 30th, 2014 by


Are you ready for a new natural fragrance without all of the toxic synthetic chemicals?  Join me for a Natural
Perfume workshop that will change the way you look at fragrance.  Do you want to start a business creating natural fragrances?  This workshop is also useful for people creating soap, body care products, and candles.

During this class we will explore the essential oils and absolutes on a blotter paper and discuss the scent classification, the attributes of each essence, and the benefits of the oils. We will build accords with top, middle, and base notes, discuss blending a scent for a purpose or a themed essence. In this fun workshop we will delve deeper into making accords. Top note, heart note, and base accords and all accord combinations will be created. We will discuss creating the scent drop by drop and the bases that can be used. There will be question and answers throughout the process.

Includes: Scent Classification sheet, Oil Classification Guide, and Fragrance Family Classification sheet.

ketelone esential oil bottles

You will create a perfume in class. 4 hour Workshop $400.00 Prepaid. I accept paypal, and checks. Please email and prepay to hold your space. You also must have the Perfume Kit to be used in class. $300.00.  To purchase the Perfume Kit.

I also teach this workshop worldwide using skype. You purchase my perfume kit, you purchase the workshop and we set a date for our workshop. 

Email me at to receive dates of workshops in Irvine and to receive a paypal invoice to pay for the workshop.

Saturday, October 11 at 9:00 am is the next scheduled 4 hour workshop in La Costa.  I suggest if you want a class soon to sign up for this one I do not have any others in San Diego on the schedule.  Send me an email and I will send a paypal  invoice.

I will be in the La Costa area for the week of October 6 to October 11.  If Saturday does not work for you please email or call and we can arrange another day.  

I am also available for in person intuitive readings, past life readings, Custom Couture Parfum consultations and VIP days during this time. Please email or call me at 760.309.2571.

Cool For Fall Discovery Set! Modern, Natural Perfumes To Enchant!

September 23rd, 2014 by

Cool for Fall Discovery Set

Put away your hot weather citrus and floral scents.  Bring out your heavy scents with ouds and floral orientals for those cool days and nights.  After the fall Equinox we need to get ready for the crisp autumn days and nights.
Try these fall scents in a 8 piece sample pack. It includes 1 ml glass vials of eau de parfums of :
1. Camille - An earthy, iris aroma which turns quickly into a fruity, leathery osmanthus. The jasmine and tuberose are sheer and not too exotic with an amber base. It is a great floral and friendly for work environments. A Chypre style.

Notes: Osmanthus, Iris Root from Italy, Mimosa, Tuberose, vintage Jasmine sambac, Lavender Seville, Galbanum, Ginger, Bergamot, and others

2. Colette - A gourmand with mushrooms and cognac. Great combo!

Notes: Cepes and White Cognac from France, various citrus essences, and others

3. Intimacy - Intimacy is a very old vintage type chypre (like the original Coty Chypre of 1917) with oakmoss, Italian bergamot, vintage grandifolium jasmine, vintage Mysore sandalwood, vintage iris root, vanilla absolute, vintage patchouli, natural musk, labdanum, Bulgarian damask rose otto, Rose de Mai, balsam, others

The true oakmoss lover’s consummate bliss. Vintage is rich and voluptuous.  This is dark, deep, complex and alluring. Intimacy eau de parfum is a 2013 Indie FiFi nominee!

4. Italian Smoke - Italian Smoke eau de parfum is created from tobacco, neroli – orange blossoms, orange, vintage jasmine grandifolium, vanilla absolute, and vintage Mysore sandalwood. This is my impression of an Italian Gentleman.

A golden tobacco note full of the Italian sun

5. Sensual Embrace - We all long for a sensual embrace. We yearn for a lover to hold us, to love us, and to accept us. This musky, sexy juice will fire up the lover within you. Your life will be forever changed and you will be held in an angelic breath of love. Sensual Embrace eau de perfume is a sultry, sexy musk 100% natural fragrance that sizzles with intrique. This stunning, mysterious, seductive blend captures the essence of a sensuous embrace. A unisex parfum.

Notes: citrus notes clementine, floral notes of Rose de Mai oil – the May rose of France, vintage jasmine, tuberose, orange blossoms, musky notes of ambrette seed, amber accord, smoky notes of tobacco, sensuous woody notes of smooth vintage Mysore sandalwood, dark patchouli, and others.

6. Timeless – It is an anointing oil with healing energy. Its purpose is to help you surrender.

This incense, balsamic, and woody parfum contains vetiver, cassie, balsam fir, spikenard, frankincense, Egyptian damask rose, angelica, and others. Sixteen oils made their way into my bottle.

7. Venus Amber - There are 25 distinctly different essential oils and absolutes that comprise this natural perfume.

It has a musky, spicy, amber accord. The soft powdery, drydown of the vanilla and benzoin gives way to the musky, ambrette seed and frankincense, cedarwood, cistus, and labdanum classic goodness. Bay rum plays with rosewood, sage, cinnamon, and cardamon…to create a spicy melange.

The citrus notes of bergamot, blood orange, lemon,and yuzu add that extra lift, zing, and sparkle. The wonderfully sensuous jasmine and rose de mai accord play with your heart. The other special oils form a bond that holds it all together.  Be touched by the love of Venus.  A unisex fragrance.

8. Vert - Vert is an herbal scent created from herbs from Provence. Marjoram, lavender, cypress, Bulgarian damask rose otto, vanilla, green mandarin, cistus, angelica, black currant, verbena, grapefruit, cocoa, balsam, others.

Provençal paradise, plus cocoa.

Cool for Fall sample pack $35.00,   Regular Price $48.00  
When you purchase $25.00 at JoAnne Bassett you qualify for 2 free samples.  You will receive 10 eau de parfum samples for $35.00 and shipping to the US is $5.00 with a total of $40.00!

Royal Alchemy Collection – Sacred Frankincense Perfume Rollons

September 20th, 2014 by

The Royal Alchemy Collection is a study in Frankincense – boswellia sacra – sacred frankincense steam distilled in Oman. Frankincense is calming, centering, grounding, and helps us to focus and is used for meditation. All of the scents are unisex.

Sacred Frankincense 1 - A mysterious, floral with notes of apricot and soft rose and linden blossom weaves her magic spell

Sacred Frankincense 2 - A sharp, green citrus opening that swirls into a spicy, sacred elevation

Sacred Frankincense 3 - A sultry tuberose walk in the woods after dark with orange blossoms caressing your nose

Sacred Frankincense 4- Deep in the forest tall, majestic trees lure me into your incense temple

Sacred Frankincense 5 - Sensuous, floral lover wrap me in your exotic spell and never let me go

Sacred Frankincense 6 - Musky and dark you deepen my passions 

Luxury, Modern Artisanal Natural Perfumes for you to indulge yourself!  Exquisite botanical perfume that are wonderful layered. I invite you to see for yourself.  Great new fragrances for fall and winter! 

Sacred Frankincense 1 – 6 perfumes in organic jojoba oil in eau de parfum strength

.33 fl. oz / 10 ml Eau de Parfum roll on bottle for $80.00.

Go here to purchase them.

JoAnne Bassett Royal Alchemy Collection / Sacred x Six

September 19th, 2014 by

Ida Meister just wrote a marvelous review for  She adores the Royal Alchemy Collection of Sacred Frankincense 1-6.  Go here to read more.

They are available in individual 1 ml samples, 5 ml parfum,  5 ml eau de parfum sprayer, and 1 oz eau de parfum spray.

The whole collection is available as a sample set.

I am very excited to launch this sacred frankincense this fall and I invite you to try them all.  I love wearing them in layers.

Luxury Natural Perfume Travel Sprayers

September 18th, 2014 by

Do you like to refresh your fragrance during the day?  Do you need a reliable sprayer that does not leak or break?

This sprayer is a convenient, 5 ml black with silver dots metal atomizer.  A great way to carry your fragrance with you. This travel size spray has a glass bottle inside that can be refilled. The capacity of the glass bottle is 5 ml – 1/6 oz. Your travel size spray comes gift packaged in a black organza bag.  This elegant and luxurious sprayer looks great in your pocket or evening bag.  Put a few of these in your desk,  brief case, or gym bag so you are always ready to change your fragrance wardrobe along with your clothes!

They are available in all eau de toilette and eau de parfum scents. 100% natural perfume in an organic grape alcohol base. The eau de perfume fragrance concentration is French salon strength. All of the scents are for women and men.

I recently changed the prices on the travel sprayers.

Please see the individual pages for the:

French Collection   $30.00 each

Royal Collection   $30.00 each 

Natural Parfums and Eau de Toilettes   $30.00 each

The Limited Edition Collection   $40.00 each

The More Life Collection   $40.00 each

Royal Alchemy   $40.00 each

Luxury Natural Perfumes   $40.00 each

Free Natural Perfume Samples With Your Order!

September 17th, 2014 by

Do you love receiving free natural perfume samples?  Perfume samples are a great way to try out new fragrances.  I love to test the sample before I purchase a larger size.  A small fragrance sample allows you to do this. This is our sample policy.

Sample Policy

Spend $10 - 1 free sample, Spend $25 –  2 free samples, Spend $50 or more – 3 free samples.  The free samples sent are 1 ml size vials of eau de parfum

With the new fall season upon us it is a great time to try some new deep and richer fragrances.  I invite you to try my new Royal Alchemy Collection – Sacred Frankincense 1-6 perfumes.  There is a $30 sample pack of all 6 eau de parfums.


Do you wear fragrance for yourself or others?

September 11th, 2014 by


Being a natural perfumer I wear scent every day…sometimes I apply a different scent over the first one. That is called layering. I do it until I get the desired effect that pleases me.  Did you read that..that pleases me.

I wear scents both for myself, clients, friends, and others.  Do you have a wife, husband, partner or lover that comments how great you smell and they lean in to smell you deeper? Isn’t it great when you get a compliment at work or play …they say you really smell fab. What scent are you wearing and where can I get some?

Often I apply another natural perfume after I take a bath or am going to go out for the evening.  Then I choose another scent from my wardrobe…yes we have scent wardrobes.  Scents are just as important as clothes if not more so.

The benefits you receive from natural perfumes are the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils.  I am also a certified aromatherapist and fragrance therapist so I know how to create uplifting, grounding, centering, peaceful, joyful scents, and more. What benefits do you want to receive when you wear your scent? That is what is great about 100% natural fragrances created from botanicals. NO nature identicals, no isolates, no synthetic toxic chemicals that were created in a laboratory that give you a headache or a migraine for 2 days. Using essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, and macerations of plant material you can receive the plant energy.

I invite you to try some samples from my luxury collections.  They are available as a single sample on the collection pages or as sample sets. Eau de toilettes, eau de parfums, and parfums are available.

Try some new fragrances for fall…live a little…expand your horizons.