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Custom Bespoke Perfume Just For You!

August 13th, 2015 by

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One of my most favorite things I love to do as a Couture Perfumer is create Custom Bespoke Perfume.  I love helping people and this is one of the ways I give back.  I feel this is one of my greatest gifts and people find me from all over the world. My perfumes are 100% natural using only the finest essential oils and absolutes. No synthetics and cheap fragrance oils are used.

The most optimum day I love to create on is a New Moon day.  Tomorrow August 14 is a New Moon and I will be busy in my perfume studio.  Have you ordered your bespoke perfume?

Right now until August 15 at midnight Pacific time I am offering a rare discount of 15% off my entire website. It is my New Moon Special Sale.  Please email me what you would like to order and I will send a paypal invoice or go online and order what you want.  I will then refund your 15% on paypal.

Please go here to learn more about my energetic, life changing and transformational bespoke perfumes.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 760.309.2571 or send an email on my contact page.

You can also order your custom perfume in eau de perfume, and organic body care products.  Refills of your perfume are also available.



JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfume Sale!

August 1st, 2015 by

Le Voyage edt

JoAnne Bassett Blue Moon Special Celebration Sale. I am offering 15% off our entire website through August 15. Because sale codes are not available on my site, please email me on my contact page your order and I will send a paypal invoice. Be sure to include your paypal email address. I ship worldwide. Please list your country in your email. Please send any questions.

Custom Bespoke Perfume

You can also order online and then email to receive your refund through paypal. The shopping cart is set up for all countries.

Luscious Roses hi res

Custom Bespoke Perfumes are included in this sale…that rarely ever happens. Order yours today.

VersaillesGarden&bottle copy

This is a once in a blue moon opportunity!  Take advantage of it today!


Your Personal Branding Opportunity!

July 24th, 2015 by

Have you ever considered the many ways you can brand yourself?  If you own a company you have a company name, you have a logo, and often special colors that are your companies brand.

If you are an individual where your name is your brand you can get a little more creative.  What do you represent?  Are you a luxury brand?  A natural brand? An ecological green company? Does your name and logo invoke elegance?

Are you a person who does not own a company and you just really want your own signature scent.  You do not want to smell like everyone else wearing Chanel 5, Shalimar, or Polo.  Does this ring a bell? Can you imagine how many people in the world wear these three fragrances? My guess is millions of them. Do you want to break the mold and not be another cookie cutter individual . Stop wearing the latest designer colors, materials, and style.  Break out of your boring rut!!

I am here to offer you an alternative to “following the herd” wearing the same old brands. A Custom Bespoke Perfume is the way to go…it is a one of a kind fragrance that is created just for you.  I create them with the finest materials with no synthetic fragrance oils that are cheap. The packaging in the designer lines and big brands cost more than the juice.  How pathetic! Are you aware of that?  The cost of my rose, jasmine, sandalwood, tuberose is off the charts.  That is why the fragrance is so special.  It has your style, your signature, the way you want to be viewed in the world.  Your very own brand!

Limited Edition

Why not order your own signature scent today? Your very own scent is one that really speaks to you and is your essence. Wear it with confidence.  Lorre White the Luxury Guru wrote this: I personally have tried her luxurious creations.  I think it is a wonderful personal branding opportunity, where we can embrace the traditions of an ancient art form.

More Life Perfumes

Brand yourself and choose your own style.  A fragrance is an easy way to shift your energy and transform your life.  It is a positive way to uplift and expand your potential. Go here to read more about JoAnne Bassett Custom Bespoke Perfumes.   Then email or call me to discuss your needs. 

I look forward to serving you and empowering your persona.


What is in the smell of luxury?

July 14th, 2015 by

What is in the smell of luxury?


JoAnne Bassett Crest

JoAnne Bassett a Couture Natural Perfumer creates masterpieces from exotic oils and essences. Some of the magnificent raw materials she uses are 20 years old and are mellow and beautiful like vintage fine wine. Her style of perfumery and high quality natural oils is unheard of in mainstream and niche fragrance lines. In the late 1800’s synthetic fragrance oils were introduced that reduced the cost to produce fragrances. Most of the niche fragrance houses are using synthetic aroma chemicals that are created from petroleum and other la-boratory chemicals. These inexpensive chemicals comprise 90% of the perfume ingredients in a fragrance bottle available for sale today. Even the most expensive French houses use the chemical soup they call “fine fragrance”. The packaging is more costly than the ingredients and the juice inside of the bottle. This is a se-cret most of them do not want you to know. When the advertising lists ingredients like rose, sandalwood, jasmine, etc. they are really referring to synthetic aroma molecules. The rose they refer to is a chemical mix-ture created in the laboratory: ROSALVA (I) (9,DECEN-1-0L) – Floral, Aldehydic, Rose, Waxy Fresh, dewy rose note that sells for $9.50 for one ounce. Bulgarian Rose otto or oil that is steam distilled from the rosa dama-scena rose petals costs $500.00 for one ounce. This is a good illustration of the actual ingredient costs of the well known perfume houses. JoAnne uses real rose otto and only natural essences in her fine creations.

Natural perfume raw materials are created from live plants, flowers, trees, herbs, and grasses. They have the live plant energy and the deep complex smell of the essential oils and absolutes. These intense and absolute-ly stunning oils create exotic and amazing natural perfumes that really need to be experienced to understand them fully. When they are applied to the skin they blossom like the flowers they were created from. There is no comparison to a laboratory created oil and an oil or essence created from nature.

To put this into perspective, in the times of Catherine de’ Medici, an Italian noblewoman and Queen of France, some of the finest materials were used to create her luxury all natural perfumes. Orange blossoms, rose petals, jasmine flowers, all were picked by hand and processed for her use. She demanded the most ele-gant perfumes and her private perfumer spared no costs in procuring the materials needed. Royal perfume ingredients create perfumes for royalty or wealthy patrons. She would not have been happy with synthetic, cheap materials and why would you? This natural trend continued and the French royal court of Marie An-toinette also were endowed with exclusive natural perfumes. Others including noble men enjoyed this ex-treme luxury. No costs were spared and they had a large assortment of perfumes created just for them.

Enchant 1

JoAnne continues this tradition with using rare and precious oils from nature in her Custom Bespoke Per-fumes and in her Collections. These custom one of a kind creations are enjoyed by women and men with im-peccable taste. For 22 years she has created these gems and has clients from all over the world. People with discerning taste seek her out and have bespoke perfumes created for their families. She is able to do this without meeting individuals in person. A phone consultation and her ability to read people has resulted in marvelous custom perfumes. People return to her year after year and commission her to create a new one and to also reorder previous formulas. An in person consultation with an Aromatic Journey is available by appointment.

JoAnne is meticulous in her ability to create complex 100% natural perfumes. Her perfumes have the ability to uplift and support with the aromatherapy benefits the natural oils are known for. These unique combina-tions of essences are created in her perfume room one at a time. Her collections are born with her ability to turn an idea or experience into scented form. The whole process from the idea, to the actual mixing of the natural essential oils and absolutes to create formulas, the dermal testing, the evaluation, the alchemy that she performs, the maturing of the bases, and the bottling and labeling take place in her perfume room.

The artisan process also may include tinctures and macerations of raw materials such as live gardenias, heli-otrope, roses, jasmine and uncommon flowers such as Parma violets that you would not normally be able to experience in their natural state. Todays niche fragrances are created with chemicals that imitate the ac-tual flower using head space technology. The whole purpose of the use of these chemicals is to reduce the costs. Unfortunately the actual juice may be worth 25 cents and the remaining expense of the fragrance consists of the bottle, box and advertising costs. Millions of dollars are spent on promotion of the fragrance during the launch and afterward to keep the inventory moving.

JoAnne spares no costs in her juice which is the actual fragrance. She uses vintage oils and essences that are difficult to procure and are often no longer available. Bulgarian white rose otto is an extremely gor-geous and precious material and is used is some of her floral perfumes. They call it the “flower of light” for the ecstatic energy it provides in the perfume. This very costly vintage material is priceless. Her gold be-spoke perfumes are created with her top of the line oils and are the crème de la crème!

Her Custom Bespoke Perfumes are available in a very special hand blown glass bottle that is complete with a dauber to apply it. The bottle can be ordered in your favorite color choice. Men and women indulge in a custom for themselves. Couture gowns, bespoke suits and shoes, and custom jewelry are available. There is no reason you need to smell like 90% of the population. Why not order your own signature scent? Your very own scent is one that really speaks to you and is your essence. Wear it with confidence.  I personally have tried her luxurious creations.  I think it is a wonderful personal branding opportunity, where we can embrace the traditions of an ancient art form.

JoAnne resides in Orange County in sunny Southern California near the ocean. The Gold Coast sparks her creativity and she is surrounded with lush raw materials to pique her curiosity for new scents. Experiencing the intoxicating jasmine and rose flowers that bloom locally help her with new exquisite combinations for her fragrance collections. The opulent and decadent oils she immaculately and masterfully blends together are pure luxury and one not to be missed. Her natural fragrance collections are remarkably elegant with classic nuances and are extravagantly irresistible.

Visit her online at and peruse her collections. Send an inquiry email to receive Custom Bespoke Perfume information and to receive a discovery session regarding your fragrance prefer-ences.
Contact:  JoAnne Bassett, P O Box 10352, Newport Beach, California 92658 Phone 760.309.2571


This blog post is taken from Lorre White – the Luxury Guru

– See more at:

New Moon, New Energy, New Custom Bespoke Perfume

July 13th, 2015 by

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This week there is a New Moon in Cancer. With a New Moon comes new beginnings and new opportunities.

This amazing new energy is the perfect time for me to create your new Custom Bespoke Perfume by JoAnne Bassett. It will be filled with supporting and transforming energy from my special alchemy. Your natural perfume will be created with 100% natural essential oils and absolutes. Are you ready to experience increased abundance, passion, creativity, love, peace, confidence and more? Do you want to feel at home in your own skin?

My 6 ml Perfume Potions are a way to experience my work with one intention. The choices are abundance, healing, inner peace, joy, self love, and protection.

I will be busy creating new perfumes on July 15 so please get your order in today so I can get you on the list.

Don’t forget to opt in for my newsletter to receive updates on new offerings.

Natural Perfume Gifts for Weddings, Gay Weddings and Partnerships

July 7th, 2015 by

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“Imagine having your very own Custom Bespoke Perfume – that’s one of kind, created just for you to EMPOWER, SUPPORT and potentially transform your life? That’s what I do – I am a Custom Bespoke Perfumer, I create one of a kind natural perfumes for celebrities, royalty, and anyone who wants positive change in their life!

Are you needing change and transformation in your business? Perhaps more LOVE, more CONFIDENCE, more ABUNDANCE in your life? I would love to create the perfect perfume for you. Connect with me and let’s explore the possibilities! I would love to get to know you. Luxurious hand blown perfume bottles at the More Life Collection and Limited Edition Collection. Rose Duo Coffret is another perfect gift. Custom Couture Perfumes are also available.

Watch this You Tube video for more information!


Luxury Bespoke Perfume Is An Exclusive Gift!

June 9th, 2015 by

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Are you looking for a very special, exclusive gift for your loved one?  Do you have a Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday, Bridal Shower, or Father’s Day celebration on the calendar and you want to impress them?

I have the perfect solution!  A Custom Bespoke Perfume.  These Couture Natural Perfumes contain exquisite rare materials that will delight the fragrance lover.  Men, women and young adults have been receiving my exclusive luxury perfumes as gifts for many years.  They are very happy to have received them and are thrilled with the high quality of materials. This experience is comparable to having a bespoke suit or custom shoes created for you.

Custom Bespoke Perfume

The process is also very easy and it does not take months of smelling oils and waiting for them to mature.

You can order the custom perfume online and a gift certificate can be mailed to you or your recipient. Inquire today and see your dream realized in the perfect gift! You may send an email inquiry or phone and please leave a message if we are busy.




Fun Entertainment for your Bridal Shower or Corporate Event

June 4th, 2015 by

Perfume play shop flyer jpg

Do you have a Bridal Shower, Birthday Party or Corporate Event Scheduled this summer?  Are you looking for new creative activities for your guests?  I have the answer for you.  Create Your Own Fragrance Play Shops are very popular among women and men.  Everyone gets to have a hands on experience and take home their very own Signature Scent.  How much fun is that? Using only essential oils you will create a natural perfume. You can read more about it under JoAnne Bassett Events.


Do you want your activity to be only a 10 to 30 minute experience?  My Fragrant Flights are perfect for you. Fragrant Flights are like a wine or whiskey tasting.  Using 5 to 9 natural fragrances, your guests will experience the range of fragrance.  They will be able to take home a Discovery Kit of the natural perfumes they just tested.  How cool is that?  A keepsake for your guests for them to remember your special day. More information is available under the JoAnne Bassett Events tab.