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Exquisite Hand Blown Glass Bottles with Natural Perfume

December 14th, 2014 by


One of the most precious gift offerings available from JoAnne Bassett are natural perfumes with hand blown bottles.  These bottles are created one at a time by a Master Glassblower.  They are not made by a machine.  The artisanal perfumes are also created by hand in small batches in JoAnne’s perfume studio.

These beautiful bottles with glass daubers allow you to adorn yourself with your special parfum.  What luxury!  The exquisite botanical perfumes that come with them are available in the More Life CollectionLimited Edition Collection and the Luxury Natural Perfumes.  They are packaged in a gold gild box with a silk bags and pillow.

You can also receive one of these fabulous hand blown perfume bottles when you order a Gold Custom Couture Perfume. You can read more about the benefits and how valuable they are to the recipient.  Please call or email with any questions you may have.  Custom Perfumes are a rewarding gift for women and men.

There is still time to receive these gifts for the holidays.  Priority Mail, 2 day mail and overnight mail options are available.


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Empowering People With Natural Perfume

December 6th, 2014 by

1 oz bottles

Did you know you can feel more confident, successful, joyful, and happy just by applying a natural perfume?  When you spray on that natural eau de parfum you receive the amazing plant energy that supports your body.  Are you aware that using 100% natural perfumes you are receiving the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils?  These benefits have been documented and studied and written about in books. This is scientific proof that the essential oils have the power to shift your energy.

Some of my clients come to me for intuitive readings…they usually want to know the same information.  It is primarily three focal points…love/relationships, money, and health.  How to attract love, how to be more abundant, how to feel better and have more energy.


I am also a Certified Aromatherapist and when I create natural perfumes for my collections I use the essential oils and absolutes that would assist people with these areas.  So to help us receive love I use rose otto, lavender, neroli – which is also good for self esteem, mandarin, sweet orange, and Roman chamomile.  There are essential oils that can be used for letting go, for guilt, help with forgiveness, and unworthiness.  This list just cracks the surface of the healing powers of the essential oils.  Now let me be clear…this is not for synthetic fragrances..this is for natural perfumes made only with 100% essential oils.  Just because a company lists lemon, lavender, rose, etc.  does not mean this is from a natural source.  Does it say that in their advertising they use 100% natural essential oils.  Why do you assume that it is?  Synthetic perfumes have been made for a very long time without using any natural oils.  I often get people saying that they use xx rose fragrance.  I get close to them and choke.  It is totally synthetic and cheap fragrance oil.  The price of the fragrance will be your first clue.

We can take it a step you want to feel supported and empowered in your life?  Many women help everyone else including their children, their husband or partner, and their co workers.  When do they take time to empower themselves?  They continually give their power away…and the next thing you know they have a dread dis-ease as their body decides to stop.  Wake up call!

When we get blocks in our energy flow our life becomes a chaotic and drama filled mess. The old go with the flow no longer works and the stress piles on and we become overwhelmed.  This holiday season seems to be filled with stress and worry.

Ok so let’s change the channel.  How about reaching for that fragrance first thing in the morning that makes you feel good, uplifted and joyful.  That may be Le Voyage eau de toilette a fragrance that is good for work as it is not so strong.  With a citrus blast it warms into a wonderful jasmine, heart opening Bulgarian white rose, a meditative pink lotus and  frankincense incense and dries into a powder of vintage Mysore sandalwood.

Le Voyage edt

My days begin with a fragrance that makes me feel good so the day gets off on the right foot.  I also reach for my Luscious Roses eau de parfum for evening to keep my heart chakra wide open.

Luscious Roses hi res

Please consider these ideas when shopping for holiday gifts.  You may want to give yourself the gift of empowerment! It is so easy to do.  A spray in the morning makes all of the difference.

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Bespoke Perfumes and Custom Perfume Potions©

December 5th, 2014 by



I have created Custom Bespoke Perfumes for over 21 years. People are always asking me “How did you know that I love gardenia”? How did you know that I like ….fill in the blank. It is because I can tap into your energy field and receive the information I need to make your perfume that you will love! This is true for men and women.

There are two ways I work : The first is I create a perfume that is purely for your enjoyment! You love to wear it and feel very special doing so. It is your signature scent…no one else on the planet has one like this. It makes you feel confident and beautiful. The second is I create a bespoke perfume that will help you raise your vibration or energy, it helps removes the blocks that hold you stuck where you are, that can potentially ease any physical or emotional problems. It can potentially remove all blocks to your success! It may not smell perfect to you but you are able to wear it…and it will do what your body needs. It may have more resins or woody smells than what you are used to. This perfume can be worn at night or under clothes and be working with your chemistry. I don’t know anyone making natural perfumes with life changing properties!

So Unique Parfums© are uniquely for you!


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Make Your Own Natural Perfume Kits at 30% off

November 30th, 2014 by


 The Perfume Kit

Make Your Own Natural Perfume Kit ©

The Oil Kit Contains – 36 – 3 ml bottles of natural essences and all of the supplies, and guides you will need. Do you have a perfumista in your life?  Would they love to create perfumes and have some fun? Why not get them a perfume kit for the holidays that will last all year?

Regular Price: $300.00  On Sale Now at 30% off  it is $210.00

Why fight the crowds at the mall when you can have your box delivered to your door!   We ship worldwide!

JoAnne Bassett is offering 30% off on the website . The custom bespoke perfumes are not included in this sale. Please email your order to: and I will send a paypal invoice. Include your country as we ship worldwide.  I rarely have sales so this is your chance!

Sale ends Monday, December 1 at midnight Pacific time!

I also teach Natural Perfume Workshops on Skype after you have purchased your kit.

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JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes Review by Perfume – Smellin’ Things

November 6th, 2014 by


Review of my Intimacy, I Love You, Malmaison, Opulence, Camille, Sybarite, Luscious Roses Natural Perfumes  by Donna for Perfume-Smellin’ Things Donna Hathaway wrote a marvelous review of my natural perfumes in Perfume – Smellin’ Things. She also included this glorious rose in the article.  I adore it!  I was very excited to read that she included 7 of my Natural Perfumes.  They are some of my favorite scents and she did them all justice. Thank you so much!

The subject was roses: Natural perfumes by JoAnne Bassett

By Donna
I have to admit that that one of my earliest exposures to the work of natural perfumer JoAnne Bassett was less than ideal – back in 2011 I was one of the bloggers reviewing submissions for Monica Miller’s Summer of Patchouli Love project, and JoAnne’s contribution (submitted anonymously as “Number 10” and later revealed with the name Têtu) was my least favorite of the group. As a former “patch phobe” I had a hard time with her full-on interpretation of the theme. However, having tried some of her creations since that time, it’s safe to say that my opinion of her work has reversed itself to the point where I would be more than happy to have her make me a custom perfume, which is one of the services she offers.
Let’s begin with Intimacy, a classic chypre in a decidedly vintage style, which is right in my sweet spot perfume-wise. It’s slinky, deep-voiced and really beautiful. Had I not known it was a modern fragrance I would have sworn it was the kind of classic mid-century feminine that was once the rule rather than the exception, and it’s even more impressive because it’s all natural. Some of its ingredients are actually vintage, and when these are aged properly, they take on a smooth and polished character that’s impossible to duplicate with new “raw” materials; vintage Jasmine, Mysore sandalwood, iris (orris) root and patchouli all lend their velvety qualities. It is enriched with Bulgarian rose and Rose de Mai, and of course real oakmoss, which is one of my very favorite things in perfume. The true chypre family has a worthy modern member; pardon me while I go change into my fringed flapper dress and rim my eyes with kohl. This is the real deal.
The ridiculously pretty I Love You is a perfect marriage of rose and gardenia that showcases the best of both flowers; I could not decide if it was a deliciously buttery rose or a sweet, rosy gardenia. It is made with tender Rose de Mai and delicate Tiare (Tahitian gardenia) so it is lilting and soft while still emanating the true essence of the dominant notes. It is a fairly bright scent, but not too highly pitched, which can be an issue with synthetic floral notes, of which there are none here. A subtle base of sandalwood enhances the florals. This would be an ideal wedding fragrance, as romantic a scent as one could wish for.
Malmaison is one of a collection of JoAnne’s perfumes that pay tribute to historic characters and places – of course this one is about the garden of Empress Josephine, she of the famous rose collection and even more famous husband. Roses are here but so are many other flowers, including lavender. This is more of a classic French bouquet fragrance than a rose scent, and it’s easy to imagine strolling through a sunny garden smelling each flower as you pass by. It is perhaps less complex than the others I have sampled but it’s very charming and easy to wear.
When a perfume is named Opulence it had better deliver on the promise, and this one does. Rich neroli and orange blossom are supported by rose otto, vintage Mysore sandalwood and real ambergris. It is rare to find a modern fragrance that contains ambergris, and what it does for a composition is hard to describe – it just makes it “more” of everything somehow, radiant even, richer and fuller. The rose in this is deep, wine-like and bold, and I picture it as being blood-red.
In sharp contrast, Camille is an oh-so-tender floral with osmanthus, iris root (orris) and mimosa, but oddly enough it is not cool and pale as one might expect; astringent and a little sharp at first, the osmanthus develops into a warm apricot that smells a bit like a fruit tart just coming out of the oven and the mimosa is lovely without the slightly chilly feeling it sometimes engenders. Even the iris root is more inviting than aloof in this composition. It lasts well considering that it’s both a natural and a floral. This one can go anywhere as it is sheer and subtle and very easy to wear.
The name alone would make me want to try Sybarite, and it more than lives up to its billing. The word itself has always been a favorite of mine; for me it does not mean decadence or debauchery, but just pure pleasure in all things beautiful, and everything about Sybarite the fragrance is gorgeous. I have a weakness for this classic style of floral blend where no one thing overwhelms the composition, it all just works in harmony. Roses, orange blossom, neroli, osmanthus, frankincense, oud and musk are some of the expensive materials in this perfume, and its longevity is very good. This may be my favorite so far, although it’s hard to pick just one. All of its notes are things I love and they all mesh gloriously together.
One of the most luxurious scents in the range is Luscious Roses, which is exactly that – rich, rounded, lush blooms. As with many natural rose perfumes, it takes a little while to get settled in on the skin, and was even a little sour on me at first, but once it does begin to develop, it just gets better and better. It is reminiscent of true antique garden roses with their dense, almost powdery character and voluptuous archetypal fragrance that cannot be mistaken for anything else. I would not call it “jammy” per se but there is a bit of purple fruitiness lurking about in addition to the intense damask rose character, made even more sensuous with tuberose and frankincense. JoAnne seems to have a special talent for working with various rose essences in her perfume making, and I were lucky enough to have someone create a bespoke fragrance for me I would ask her for a rose-centered one, in one of her stunning hand blown glass amphora bottles of course– or I could just wear Luscious Roses, since it’s hard to imagine how it could be improved.
All the fragrances mentioned in this review and many more, plus bath and body products and custom perfumes, are available via JoAnne Bassett’s Web site.
Image credits: Pink roses wallpaper from Amphora style perfume bottles from, collage mine. Disclosure: The fragrance samples for this review were sent to me by JoAnne Bassett for testing.
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What Would You Pay For A Breakthrough In Your Life?

October 27th, 2014 by


After creating custom couture natural perfumes for over 20 years I have been amazed at all of the miracles my clients experience after wearing their custom perfume.  I realize that my custom perfumes are not the usual variety of smell good perfumes but they really do support and empower my clients.  There is no other viable reason for the miracles but the perfume. This is my gift and service I offer the world.

Would you like MIRACLES in your life?

Go here to watch my video

Read more on my Custom Perfume Page.


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Custom Couture Natural Perfume from JoAnne Bassett

October 15th, 2014 by

enchant 1

Have you ever wanted your own custom bespoke parfum?  One that is just for you?  JoAnne Bassett creates Couture Natural Parfum with the potential to remove your blocks to success!  Using the energy of the plants, the benefits of aromatherapy and her royal alchemy she creates life changing potions.  She has seen miracles happen for her clients.


Email her at today to book your discovery session and see how she can help you also!  

Go here to read more about them.

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Fragrant Flights For Women and Men

October 5th, 2014 by


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