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Custom Bespoke Parfum – 6th Dimension Attunement

November 21st, 2016 by


I created this new offering as it is much needed at this time in our “new” world.  It is a fabulous gift to yourself or your loved ones at this time of great energy shifts.

The 6th dimension is the mastery of the universal laws. You can potentially be empowered to become a Bodhisatva.  This custom perfume attunes your energy field to the sixth dimension and anchors the frequencies of the 6th Dimension. It is the holding of the higher dimensions in the physical. You become the master of your life!

All I need is a name and address to create this Custom Parfum using my sacred and precious oils. When the Bespoke Parfum is ready it will be mailed to you or your gift recipient.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for me to prepare and ship the custom perfume. This bespoke perfume is available for International Shipping.  Please email with any questions.

My client Jen Rode said about my custom perfume:  I can feel that your perfumes are designed to anchor and realign frequencies to the 6th dimension.

This all natural perfume is available in a 6 ml perfume bottle in a box.

There are also my regular Custom Bespoke Parfums and Perfume Potions that are one of a kind natural perfumes using the most expensive and rare and precious oils.

Natural Perfumes For Holiday Gifts At Special Prices!

November 19th, 2016 by

I am having a 25% off Holiday Sale on now until December 3 at 11 pm Central time. The whole Etsy shop is included in this.

Beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottles that hold various parfums in organic jojoba oil…they make a very special gift…several sizes to choose from

Exceptional parfums in French flacons are sure to please…a few of these are left on my Etsy shop on sale

they are packaged in a black or blue organdy bag  or a possibly a organdy bag with the beads and heart beads shown above

some 100% natural eau de parfums..with the beautiful natural colors of the essential oils and absolutes shining cheap synthetic scent or dyes..



The eau de perfumes from the French and Royal Collections are very popular and well priced..they come with a free travel sprayer full of your favorite eau de parfum



There are also special coffret gift boxes available Etsy store that are all specially priced.


travel sprayer-blue bag


Don’t forget the stocking stuffers!!    Eau de parfum and parfum sampler vials and collections and travel sprayers are great gifts from $4.50 to $50.00.

I am having a 25% off Holiday Sale on now until December 3 at 11 pm Central time. The whole JoAnne Bassett Etsy shop is included in this.  There are items in the Etsy shop not sold in the

Go there now and finish your Holiday Shopping before Mercury Retrogrades December 19 and starts causing havoc with shipping and communications.

If you would like custom parfums created for you or a loved one please email me or call me at 760.309.2571.  Please leave a phone message if I do not answer.  I will be busy playing Ms. Santa.

sacred elixir with labels

If you are traveling this season be safe, stress free, and joyful when you have your uplifting fragrance with you..Check out my travel sprays in black and blue organdy bags…they are refillable so you can change up your fragrance..

Hurry sale ends December 3 at 11 pm Central time..don’t be late!







Raise Your Vibrations With Natural Perfume

November 12th, 2016 by


In these times of chaos and despair.. anger and emotion.. fear and flight I realize we are the creator of our reality.  Our vibration is drawing to us the events we are experiencing in our lives.  Have you heard “Like attracts like.” Where you are vibrating is what you will attract into your life.

On the emotional chart… Love or above is a state of Love, Peace, Joy and Gratitude. If you stay in the high vibrations you will not have all of the drama, fear, anger and feelings of your life or the world is falling apart.  Depression cannot be a part of your life.  If you resonate at a high vibration you rise above these lower vibrations.  It is that simple.  There are several charts for Emotional Vibrations.  This is an easy description.  The top three tiers are in the higher and healthier vibratory state.


JoAnne Bassett all natural perfumes have the highest vibrations.  I use the highest vibration oils including rose otto which is the highest vibration.  I have a very rare and precious vintage Bulgarian white rose otto that is “the flower of light”.  It really draws in the angels and the highest Spiritual energy.  That particular essential oil is used in a number of my perfumes.

Luscious Roses hi res

My Luscious Roses parfum created with 6 powerful roses from 4 countries will raise your vibration to love and above… wear it on your heart and you will definitely feel the difference.  It will lift you up… feel more self love and being able to receive and give love.  You will raise your consciousness and will be above the name calling and anger spewing on the internet and on the street.  The lovely hand blown glass red perfume bottle houses the Luscious Roses parfum and makes a lovely gift.


Take your power back!  Wearing my all natural fragrances you will feel the power of the natural perfumes.  The organic plant materials that went into them add to the positive energy.  The ceremony and alchemy that has been performed on them and over them.  The frequency imbued in the process of using the purest oils.  Get yourself some perfume sample sets and feel the beautiful, healthy energy.

If you want a deeper experience you can order a Custom Perfume Potion or Custom Bespoke Perfume.  The Custom Perfume Potions act on one intention and the Custom Bespoke Perfume works on the whole body. Order one today!  Send an email and inquire about having one made for you and/or a loved one.

Don’t get caught up in the media and the fear mongers who are trying to influence you.  Keep centered and grounded using some of my special natural fragrances. Some good choices are Timeless eau de parfum and the Royal Alchemy Collection of Sacred Frankincense perfumes.  Frankincense is good for protection and for meditation.

If you need any help choosing what is right for you please go to the tab Choosing A Scent and email me.




June Is Love Month

June 30th, 2016 by


Traditionally June is wedding month…more people are married in June than all other months. Romantic love is just one kind of love…

child with pet

Another kind of love is the love for a child or a pet. This is motherly love… when you are the Mother of a child or take care of a pet and provide for it.


Self love is very important and without it we don’t honor ourselves. This is a photo of me in La Costa, CA after spending time with a friend. Connections with friends and loved one are good and help us to feel loved, wanted, accepted and more. We need this feeling at all ages. This feeling of joy, love and peace is a vibrational state. When we are in this state we draw positive experiences to us.

To keep me in a high vibrational state I wear my JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes. They raise my vibration.. and my consciousness …just by wearing them. One of my favorites is Luscious Roses Parfum with the rose oil from 6 different types of amazing real roses. This parfum will put a smile on your face, open your heart chakra and raise your vibration. If you are getting married this year.. make sure you wear it on your wedding day to keep your heart open and in that loving space. Men and women could use a drop of this daily on their heart to keep their “heart open” and relate lovingly to their partner and the world around them.

world people

The other love we can experience is the We Are One and the love for our fellow man… we forget that somehow we are all connected…energetically and more. Won’t you love yourself, honor yourself and spread that love around the world today? Do it for your children.. do it for the next generation.. do it for now.. June is the love month..spread some love and start with loving YOU!

If you need more help loving you I create Perfume Potions that you can wear to shift you energetically…if you need the full strength version of that. I will create a Custom Perfume for you to transform you into the person you have always dreamed of being. It can happen now… it is just a belief away. Call or email me for more details. I would love to help you be all you can be.


Custom Bespoke Perfume Created on the New Moon

June 1st, 2016 by

The new moon is in Gemini this month. Also Venus is present on this lovely day of new beginnings. Remember Venus rules the heart, love relationships, and money..abundance. There is also a Grand Cross on this energetic day. Ramadan begins right after this new moon.


I will be creating Custom Perfumes on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5. If you want to be a part of this energy please get your order in soon. Email or call me at 760.309.2571 to get in my book and scheduled.

I will also be creating custom Perfume Potions. Please go to Custom Bespoke Parfum  to order these.







Rare Mercury Transit and New Moon Bespoke Custom Perfume

May 9th, 2016 by

custom parfum box

New Moons are new beginnings. I love to create JoAnne Bassett Bespoke Custom Perfumes with the energy of a new moon. My all natural parfums provide you with the necessary shift of energy you need to uplevel and transform you.

With the rare Mercury Transit across the face of Solaris. He is also activating a grand earth trine with Mercury/Sun/Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. What an extraordinary portal.


My all natural perfumes are transcendant. You are elevated to higher states of consciousness, vibration and awareness. These powerful bespoke perfumes can transport you to your wildest dreams; your destiny.

Using rare and vintage essential oils and royal alchemy your perfume will be magnificently charged and powerful. Order one today and catch this beneficial energy!




Fear And Love – Love Natural Perfume Potion

April 26th, 2016 by


One of my passions in life is helping people to be all they can be and that includes being open to receive. Receiving love, support, joy, and living their lives’s purpose. I consult with people looking for a natural perfume to help them with self esteem, abundance, love, confidence, healing and more.

As John Lennon said “We need to learn to love ourselves first”. People ask me for Love Potions to attract a boyfriend, husband or life partner. I suggest my self love – my love potion in my Custom Perfume Potions. This will build up love for yourself and open your heart. The intention of this custom potion is self love and with my royal alchemy I perform, it will work for you when you wear it on your heart. These Custom Perfume Potions have one intention and based on your energy field. A one of a kind perfume potion I create just for you.

If you want more than one intention and want a full body shift and a complete transformation than you will want my Custom Bespoke Parfum.


My custom parfums shift energy for individuals who want to be on the fast track. They can live full out, fully expressing and living their life purpose. I don’t know anyone making natural perfumes with life changing properties! 

My transformational custom perfumes contain magical alchemical oils and energy that you can feel.

All of my natural botanical fragrances raise your vibration and raise your consciousness just by wearing them. Luscious Roses parfum is another heart opener and contains 5 different roses from 4 countries. It is a beautiful rare and all natural rose parfum. Try some today! It is also available as an eau de parfum.

Luscious Roses hi res

How do you want to feel today?

Perfect Natural Perfume Choices For Brides

April 23rd, 2016 by


Are you busy making plans for your beautiful wedding day? Are you a bride to be and really want your fragrance to be perfect? You have found the wonderful venue, picked out your special day, fabulous wedding dress, have your bridal party scheduled. Your bridesmaids are ready…the flowers have been ordered.

My question to you is …how do you want to “feel” on your big day? Do you want to feel confident, open, full of love, joyful, beautiful, your heart is open, passionate? My natural perfumes are created to raise your vibration, raise your consciousness…love or above.. all things are working. To feel uplifted you just need to wear my all natural fragrance! You are the creator! What you wear will affect your whole day; your dress, jewelry, and fragrance.

flowers-roses-peonies, hydrangeas

Celebrate your special day with artisan hand blended natural perfume. Created with the finest botanicals this exceptional fragrance are the perfect touch for your intimate times.

With natural botanical perfumes you do not have the strong chemical soup that screams a sillage after you have passed.

One of my favorite all white floral perfumes is Chantelle. White is the color of purity. This all white floral fragrance will entice you with its light. White flowers are used for special celebrations. Let Chantelle do her dance and raise you up in joy and grace.

She is created with vintage jasmine grandifolium, vintage jasmine juhi, vintage jasmine sambac, vintage Bulgarian white rose otto, champa, tuberose, ylang ylang, vanilla, citrus, woods, in a organic wine grape alcohol base.

Custom Bespoke Perfume

Some of the other natural botanical fragrances I suggest from my Collections are: I have many other lovely perfume choices for your special day. I also suggest Luscious Roses, I Love You, Indulgence, Opulence, and Enchant.

Try some of the eau de parfum and parfum samples of these natural perfumes.

I create Custom Bespoke Parfums for your special day. These are couture one of a kind perfumes that will support you and transform you. Magical!