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Create Your Own Natural Perfume Workshop for Your Corporate Event

June 20th, 2014 by

Create Your Own Natural Perfume Workshop for Your Corporate Event

Luxury Couture Perfumer JoAnne Bassett brings her all-natural fragrances and exquisite fragrance-making talents to luxury hotels and corporate events in Southern California.


Press Release June 20, 2014

Natural Perfume and Corporate Charity Events

June 6th, 2014 by


This photo is from May 15, 2003 in Beverly Hills for the American Heart Association charity event. I had a table selling JoAnne Bassett natural perfumes.

I have participated in my charity events with silent auctions and also with a table of my perfumes for sale. I am also available for consultations for Custom Couture Bespoke natural perfumes for the guests.

A few of the charities I have worked with are the American Heart Association, Del Mar Auxiliary “Hats off to Children”, Orange County Cancer Association, and the American Liver Foundation.

I have also participated in various churches, garden clubs, fundraisers, and private charity events. Send me an email if you would like me to participate.  A percentage of my perfume sales is donated to the cause.


JoAnne Bassett’s Intuitive Bespoke Natural Perfumes©

May 30th, 2014 by
I have created Custom Bespoke Natural Perfumes for over 20 years. People are always asking me “How did you know that I love gardenia”? How did you know that I like ….fill in the blank.  It is because I am clairvoyant and I can tap into your energy and receive the information I need to make your perfume that you will love!  Yes I create beautiful custom perfumes that you will love.  This is true for men and women.

blown glass purple

There are two ways I work : the first is I create a perfume that is purely for your enjoyment!  You love to wear it and feel very special doing so.  It is your signature scent…no one else on the planet has one like this.  It makes you feel confident and beautiful.  The second is I create a bespoke perfume that will help you transform, that can potentially ease any physical or emotional problems. It may not smell perfect to you but you are able to wear it…but it will do what your body needs.  It may have more resins or woody smells than what you are used to. This perfume can be worn at night or under clothes and be working with your chemistry.
Generally the second perfume will work its magic and in six months or so I get a request for another custom perfume for them.  They are ready to move on to the next level.  Which could mean they are now ready for the perfume that makes them feel like a king or queen..not the prince or princess.  They have stepped up their game and have said yes! That is where I come in to create their next custom.  Usually the second custom will be what you love to wear on all levels. Order yours today!  You new life is waiting for you!  Go here now!

Natural Perfume – Descanso Gardens Rose Festival

May 27th, 2014 by


I went to the Rose Festival on Sunday, May 25. What a delightful event! Floral artist Alison Franchi and make-up artist Jennifer Aspinall turned a model into a living piece of art decorated with roses, body paint and jewels. An homage to the gardens at Versailles. What a fabulous job!  This model would fit right in with my Royal Collection of natural perfumes.

girl 1

I was so enchanted with the rose garden, the California native gardens, the tall oaks, the rhodies and camelias blooming that I forgot to take photos. The natural perfume of the roses in the 80 degree afternoon sun was amazing.  The Boddy house was also interesting and the hike through the forest to get there was great.

Here is a link to their page:


Create Your Own Perfume Workshop

May 15th, 2014 by

L Solomon  5

It was a great time at Lauren Solomon’s birthday party in Newport Beach, California.  Last night there were 18 guests that had the experience of food, fashion, fragrance, and fun.

"Create Your Own Perfume" workshop

During my “Create Your Own Perfume” Workshop everyone was able to learn about the top, middle, and base notes.   I led an “Aromatic Journey” with the essential oils, absolutes, and accords and explained how long they last on the body and the attributes of the oils. Then everyone went into a creative mode and  designed their own natural perfume.

LSolomon 2

A festive evening ended with many smiles and laughter filling the room.  

I am available for birthday parties, fund raisers, corporate events, bridal parties, etc. Women and men enjoy the experience of mixing their own fragrances. Please call or send an email to inquire for pricing and availability.



International Fragrance Day Is Today!

March 21st, 2014 by

Today is International Fragrance Day! What are you wearing? I am wearing one of my favorites..for Spring. It is a refreshing, citrusy green fragrance my Josephine eau de parfum. She is from the Royal Collection.

blown glass purple


blown glass blue 10 oz

These two hand blown bottles just made their debut today! Don’t you just love the blue Amphora?

My Gold Bespoke  Parfums are packaged in the medium purple round bottle. Check them out here! 

New Year, New Natural Perfume!

January 7th, 2014 by

While you are sitting there watching your computer screen…catching up on your emails, facebook posts, and more why don’t you check out some new fragrances?  The new year brings resolutions and new ways of doing and being.  How about that perfect new natural fragrance to make you feel like a new person! You can go to the collections page to discover more than 30 natural perfumes and artisan botanical fragrances.  Read the descriptions and get excited.

1 oz bottles

There are individual 1 ml samples, sample sets, 5 ml travel size sprayers to try in case you want a little extra to take with you.


The great thing about the travel sprayers is they are refillable.  They have a glass insert bottle that can be unscrewed and refilled.  How cool is that?

I just loaded the 1 ml individual samples of the More Life Collection eau de parfums.

The Limited Edition eau de parfum 1 ml individual samples can be found on the samples page.

I love to try new fragrances and create a Custom Intuitive Parfum for myself quite often.  Do you want your very own fragrance no one else has?  Having me create a custom bespoke perfume is the way to go…send me an email or telephone with any questions you may have.  I look forward to serving you!

Do You Want To Attract The Love Of Your Life?

January 2nd, 2014 by

5 ml bottle

Happy New Year!  Do you want 2014 to be all about love? Do you want to attract the love of your life?  Do you want to be open to receiving more love?

Love Perfume Potions do just that.  With my clairvoyant abilities I am able to tap into your energy field and create for you a perfume love potion that will boost your attractor factor. There are a number of factors that may be at work here.  Your old belief systems,  your subconscious beliefs that you are not aware of, and more.

Why not have me create a love potion just for you.  A custom bespoke perfume that is for you only and for your benefit.

This lovely natural perfume comes in a 5 ml bottle with a gold gild box.  Why wait when you can have it now?

Go here to order today!