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Vintage Mysore Sandalwood – 16 years + for Sale

May 27th, 2015 by

In 1993 I started my company Bassett Aromatherapy. From this photo you can see that Mysore Sandalwood was a regular offering in my line of essential oils.  I had wooden racks of oils that were sold to spas, and stores.  The individual essential oils were sold on my website AromaWorld.

Today marks an end of an era. For years I have been using my Vintage Mysore Sandalwood in my precious natural perfumes, eau de parfums, and eau de toilettes.  My Custom Bespoke clients reveled in it. I will reserve some of this precious oil for my Bespoke clients.

My perfumes that are in stock that contain Vintage Mysore Sandalwood will be sold.  When I go to create more I will use Mysore Sandalwood from the heart wood that I have in stock…not vintage.

If you appreciate the creamy, smooth and rich authentic East Indian Mysore sandalwood I suggest you purchase some of my stock perfumes.  I also am selling small quantities of the vintage oil. We will not be seeing any mature harvests of pure santalum album from the Mysore region for quite some time!

Looking at the prices online of 5 year old and 10 year old small vials of Mysore sandalwood I am amazed how I have been offering this rare and precious oil in my perfumes for years.

If you want to sample what real authentic vintage Mysore Sandalwood that is 16 years and older.  Today is your lucky day…Limited Supplies available.

1 ml in a amber glass bottle with a cone cap $150.00


Custom Couture Bespoke Perfumes Available at JoAnne Bassett

May 5th, 2015 by

Mother’s Day is Sunday! I create Couture Natural Perfumes from rare and precious materials that are exquisite, opulent and over the top! Bespoke parfums are available for discerning clientele who want to distinguish themselves and have something that is uniquely theirs. Is this you or someone you know?

enchant 1

I have a variety of hand blown glass bottles to choose from in different colors.


Amphora hand blown glass

blown glass purple

Spring at JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes

March 20th, 2015 by


A refreshing spray of Le Voyage eau de toilette will take you on a journey. Float away on a cloud of citrus and revel in the white rose heart. Start your creative juices with the pink lotus hydro distilled essential oil…and dive deep. Frolic in the jasmine sambac and linden blossom. Play all out and then go inside yourself…with the frankincense and vintage Mysore sandalwood powder…softening. You will be transported!

Do you love the smell of orange blossoms?  Walking under the trees when the sun is shining bright and the breeze picks up? It is heavenly. My Opulence parfum feels like that to me. Take the dauber and anoint yourself with a drop of this parfum… your reward is the immediate blossom of the neroli and orange blossom absolute.  It quickly morphs into a plethora of soft roses, moving through a distinct note of ambergris. The powdery dry down of the vintage Mysore sandalwood make you want to swoon. Be prepared to smile and melt into its floral goodness.

Floral – A beautiful floral created from neroli, Vintage Bulgarian white rose otto -“the flower of light”, vintage Mysore sandalwood, orange blossom absolute, Bulgarian rose damask concrete, rare ambergris, and others.

If the parfum in organic jojoba oil is not your style…a spray of the Opulence eau de parfum will create a light cloud around you that will uplift you.  Enjoy!

Walk through fields of flowers with JoAnne’s 100% natural perfumes.  You will be glad you did!

New Moon, New Energy, New Custom Perfume

March 16th, 2015 by

enchant 1

This week is one big ball of Energy…Vernal or Spring Equinox, New Moon in Pisces, and an Eclipse. With Spring comes new beginnings and new opportunities.

This amazing new energy is the perfect time for me to create your new Custom Bespoke Perfume. It will be filled with supporting and transforming energy from my alchemy.  Are you ready to experience increased abundance, passion, creativity, love, peace, confidence and more?

My Perfume Potions are a way to experience my work with one intention.  The choices are abundance, healing, inner peace, joy, self love, and protection.

I will be busy creating new perfumes on March 20 so please get your order in today so I can get you on the list.

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New Moon, New Beginnings, New You

February 17th, 2015 by

On the New Moon each month I choose to create Magic for my discerning clients. They insist on the finest ingredients, a one of a kind special Custom Couture Parfum just for them. My Gold Customs are created with my vintage essential oils and absolutes. These are rare and extremely precious, natural oils created from flowers and plants. You have never smelled any thing like them!

Luscious Roses hi res

You deserve to have the very finest and most opulent perfume available. You know you want it and now.  Why wait 6 months or more to have a Perfumer in France or elsewhere create a perfume with synthetic oils that are created in a laboratory?  They also charge $50,000 or more for them. They may use some natural raw materials but they specialize in synthetic perfumes.

I am a Custom Couture Perfumer and Master Perfumer creating magnificent perfumes that can be ready to use in approximately 2 weeks. Why wait?

Order your perfume today!  The New Moon is tomorrow and this is a splendid way to begin this new cycle.

Go here to read more

Send me an email or call me at 760.309.2571.  Please leave me a message if I don’t answer.

Love, Self Love, and Self Care

February 12th, 2015 by
Temptress Parfum - More Life Collection

Temptress Parfum – Limited Edition Collection

Valentine’s Day speaks to me of love….romantic love, self love …indulging in your parfum, and self care …anointing yourself with parfum ..putting rose otto on your heart to open and heal it.

These beautiful hand blown glass bottles are the perfect shape to hold in your hand for your self care.  Do you want to feel more beautiful, more sexy, more alive?  Try on some Temptress parfum.

Do you want to feel love so deeply within yourself that you want to kiss everyone? You can bring about massive self love using my Luscious Roses parfum with 6 real roses ottos from 4 countries.  We are talking about expensive rose oil created from live rose petals.  Very indulgent and wonderful to adorn yourself with.

If you want to imagine yourself in your own Queen’s palace I suggest wearing Opulence parfum. It doesn’t get any better than this. With Neroli oil from orange blossoms for self esteem…it will raise you up and surround you with pleasure.

Do something special for yourself and your loved ones today!  Splurge on a bottle of natural perfume that makes you feel like the Queen you are!

If you prefer an eau de parfum in a spray bottle they are available also.  Go here to find your next high vibration fix.



Interview With A Sage: JoAnne Bassett Couture Perfumer

December 30th, 2014 by

Interview With a Sage: JoAnne Bassett Couture Perfumer


I recently had the great fortune of interviewing a wonderful friend of mine, Miss JoAnne Bassett. As an empathic person seeking the innefable in life I highly enjoy learning about people more in touch with those parts of the universe that cannot be touched by any regular means. Miss Bassett is one of these. Her interview below is beyond interesting and enlightening. I believe we all have these gifts if we only tap into them. I am most grateful for having such a unique and wonderful person on my facebook feed. She always has something enlightening to say and I cannot speak more highly of a person and their heart. JoAnne is a sweet, kind, intelligent and sage woman. I was grateful to be able interview her about her story, knowledge, passion and perfume.


Aldous: JoAnne, could you please tell me a little bit about yourself. What did you
do before perfuming?

JoAnne: It seems like lifetimes ago now, but I was a Corporate Tax Accountant for a large corporation in Minnesota. Then I was downsized when the
corporation began to spin off the 50 divisions.  I became a stockbroker
and did that for 5 years.  After the crash of 1987 it changed so much so I
helped someone open a health food store. In 1989 I moved to Seattle and
didn’t work for years.  I traveled to 43 countries and became a Certified
Aromatherapist which led me to natural perfumery.


Aldous:What inspired you to become a perfumer in the first place? Did you have a dream and follow it?

JoAnne: My book “Sacred Scents” was written to answer the question of how I became a perfumer. It is a fun read. It is available as an ebook, in print and
audible on Amazon.




Aldous: What is it about perfume that calls to you?

JoAnne: There are many facets of natural perfumes I enjoy. The essential oils
themselves, the energy of the oils and working with the nature spirits and
plant devas. The combinations and synergies that are created for
aromatherapy and healing purposes. The unique formulas that can be created
that smell out of this world.  It is a daily discovery of new things.
Working with the vibrations of the oils combined with intention to create
change in the world through people wearing the perfume.

Aldous: How did you learn to perfume?

JoAnne: I am self taught.  I took a blending class years ago that was a part of an
aromatherapy class. After I created aromatherapy potions for people using
essential oils I expanded my collection to include absolutes and more
precious oils. I had become chemically sensitive to synthetic perfumes in
the 1980’s so I created my own fragrances to wear.

I contributed a chapter in a book “Amazing Woman What Is Your Story” by
Marsh Engle.  My chapter was entitled “The Power of Innate Wisdom”. It all
makes sense after you read my book.  It was inside of me waiting to come

Adous: What is your life philosophy?

JoAnne: I believe we need to leave the world a better place than how we found it.
I could wax poetic for hours but I will give you a brief answer here;

I believe we need to leave the world a better place than how we found it.
My mission with my natural perfumes is revealed in these lines.

“JoAnne uses fragrance as a tool to reach people and tap into nature’s power.
My perfumes awaken the beauty within™.
My purpose is to Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Botanical
My Soul Purpose is to raise the vibration with my Natural Perfumes™.

I have a Noble Goal and I will be leaving a legacy supporting various
causes to be revealed at a later time. It is a well thought out and worthy


Aldous: On your website you talk about tapping into people’s energy fields and
being able to read them. I completely believe in that. Were you born with
that gift, did you develop it? How does it work for you and how do you
apply it to perfuming?

JoAnne: I was born clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant, etc.
When I do an intuitive reading I get full on movies with sound, color,
etc. I am a medium and can channel the Divine energies and your angels,
guides, your loved ones and more. Being empathic and intuitive makes me
very sensitive and I am able to read a person’s energy just from the
spelling of their name. It is no different for me if they are standing
beside me or if they are on the other side of the world.  It is an
automatic process for me.  It is very useful when I go to create a custom
perfume.  I already know if you like roses or not or gardenias or
whatever.  The information about you is in your energy field.  I can use
that information to give you an intuitive reading or create a bespoke
perfume that can support you.  Also I am a medical intuitive so I get
information regarding which essential oils to use for aromatherapy
purposes. I do not know anyone creating custom perfumes like this. My
bespoke perfumes are beautiful and complex not your usual 5 note
aromatherapy blends. They may have 30 or more different oils and absolutes
in them with some of them being rare and precious.

Aldous: Your custom perfumes, they sound healing. You say that they can help yourenergy flow. How so?

JoAnne: When I tap into your energy fieldyour aura gives me information.  I can determine the blockages and use the essential oils that will help you to
free up this energy so you are in “flow”. The chi is moving and your
chakras are open.


Aldous: Miss Bassett in your opinion is it possible to read energy at a distance and design a perfume accordingly?

JoAnne: Yes I can scan your name, address, phone number and get a “fix” on you. I can read your energy field and determine your needs and create a perfume
to support and empower you. This is a very special gift I am able to do as
an intuitive healer.


Aldous: What is your favorite perfume? Do you wear your own, or do you wear others?

JoAnne: I have been wearing fragrances since I was 5 years old. A favorite for
years was Chanel no 5. I wore many different fragrances up until the late
1980’s when I developed chemical sensitivities.  I would have allergy like
reactions to wearing synthetic department store perfume.  My eyes would
water, my nose would run or get stuffed up and I would get a headache or
migraine. That is how it goes today and I cannot attend many trade shows
with mixed media perfumes. I get a migraine within 30 minutes. So since I
have created my own natural perfumes I only wear my own.  That way I am
assured of the quality of the ingredients and it can be exactly what I
want to wear.  I find just because the label says natural does not make it
so and I do not want to have a headache wearing it.

Aldous: Have you designed a custom perfume for yourself?

JoAnne: Custom couture perfumes are something I create for myself often. On new moons, solstice, equinox, and other special holidays I enjoy making a new one for me.  Any time I have a new intention or want to create something
new in my life I create one.  Recently I created a rose, neroli, jasmine,
vanilla absolute, vintage Mysore sandalwood and more bespoke perfume. It
is very feminine and makes me happy.


Aldous: Miss Bassett, can you tell us about your different lines?

JoAnne: The collections I currently have on my website were all created since
2000. All lines and collections before that are no longer on my website Le Voyage and Reveiller eau de toilette and parfum were the first 2 fragrances I had on my Bassett Aromatherapy and
AromaWorld website in 2000. In 2005 I opened Le Bijou a perfume boutique
in La Jolla, California and I created The Divine Collection – A sense of
the Divine, the French collection and the Royal Collection.  Since then I
have created natural perfumes for the Natural Perfumers Guild projects, or
other projects.  I have created the Limited Edition, the More Life
Collection, Royal Alchemy and the Luxury Perfume Collection to sell hand
blown glass perfume bottles with parfums created from vintage and rare
essential oils and absolutes.  Some of these precious oils are 20 years
old and no longer available. These are some of my most favorites of all.


Aldous:Can you tell me about the ingredients you use in your perfumes? What makes them special? What are your favorite notes to use?

JoAnne: I am really a French classical style of perfumer.  My roots are French on my Father’s side and I love to create with rose, jasmine, and sandalwood.
I love over the top florals. I have traveled to over 40 countries sourcing
the most exquisite oils and raw materials. I use the old methods of
tinctures, and macerations and I use fresh gardenias, roses, jasmines, and
other botanicals for my special perfumes. I have a good supply of vintage
essential oils and absolutes because I imported and exported oils for
years in my aromatherapy company. You can no longer purchase many of the
oils in my collection and I offer them in my high end parfums.

Aldous: What is the chief difference in your perfumes that set you apart from
everyone else?

JoAnne: As a Royal Alchemist I use energy and intention in my perfumes. I create all of my own perfumes, the formulas, and I create them all by hand in my
perfume studio. The maturation process and all is done there. The magical
processes I use to create high vibration, energetic fragrances that will
shift people is something I do for all of my artisan natural fragrances. I
use only 100% natural essential oils and create amazing complex perfumes
that people compare to the French perfume houses. I sell to the Royals and
wealthy around the world.


Aldous: What perfume are you most proud of creating?

JoAnne: There is not one perfume I am most proud of. Luscious Roses parfum with six roses from four countries is one of my favorites I wear to open my heart
chakra.  It makes me feel wonderful and joyful. I reach for it often and I
love to apply it from the red hand blown bottle with glass dauber.  It
feels so elegant.


Aldous: Can you tell me about your next release? What are you really working on?

JoAnne: I do not have any new release to speak of at the moment. I get an
intuitive hit that I need to create a perfume.  It may come to me because
of a new ingredient…a feeling I have…an experience.  A thought comes
to me and it wants to be expressed as a couture perfume.  That is how it
works for me. I cannot explain it.  Unless I am a part of a project the
creative mind or my muses dictate the timing. You can follow my blog where
I announce my new offerings. Natural Perfumes Blog

Aldous: You have famous clientele, all over the world. How does that feel to help
and create for that many people?

JoAnne: It feels wonderful…I so appreciate all of them and I am grateful for my
ability to create masterpieces that help people, that smell exquisite and
they enjoy wearing them and come back for more. All a person has to do is
apply my perfume to receive a benefit…it can be uplifting, joyful and a
feeling of connection. This is my dharma and I am blessed to serve.

Aldous: And finally, do you have a piece of wisdom that you would like to share
with my readers?

JoAnne: Experiment and do not be afraid of trying new things and going to new
places. Stretch, get out of your comfort zone.  You never know when your
left brain will be tweaked and you will become a perfumer – artist.

I invite your readers to come to my website and try some perfume samples
and feel the energy for yourself. They are so much more than perfume!

JoAnne Bassett, Couture Natural Perfumer, Author, Speaker



New Year, New Perfume, New Life

December 29th, 2014 by

couple photo

The value I bring to your life with a JoAnne Bassett Custom Couture Perfume!
I give people their lives back!
The custom perfumes uplift, shift energy, raise consciousness, remove all blocks to success, love, happiness, joy, and more.
Release all negativity, shift DNA of the body, release addictive behaviors, shift energy fields and tendencies positively.
Release self sabotage and defeating behaviors. 
Lift depression and sadness.
Balance the body so the mind is working with the body and they can also connect with their Soul.  Balance body mind and Spirit.
Empower people by instilling confidence, courage, calm, self esteem and self worth.
Instill a sense of peace, grounding, and focused energy and emotional, physical and Spiritual support.
Create healthy boundaries and attract balanced, stable, and positive relationships.
Provides the solution you are looking for!
I don’t know anyone making natural perfumes with life changing properties!  
Order yours today!  Your new life is waiting for you!
Restore Passion, Prosperity, and Power in Your Life!

For more than 21 years I have been assisting women and men with their process. The results have been phenomenal! I have many testimonials and have watched people evolve and rapidly shift their lives. Bespoke Perfumes are one of a kind perfumes that work with a person’s energy to help them to be the best they can be! If you would like help opening up to all you can be give me a call today! This is my service to the world.

My phone number is 760.309.2571.  You do not have to be in California. These custom natural perfumes are just that. 100% natural perfumes that have rare and precious rose otto, vintage jasmine, vintage sandalwood, and many precious oils that resonate with your energy.

French Flacon

Silver Custom Couture Parfum: A custom-made  ¼ oz. (8 ml) parfum in a French flacon inside a beaded, organdy bag.  Energetic, wild and organic essential oils and absolutes are the raw materials used. JoAnne uses a combination of alchemy and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes with magical significance and life-changing properties. Adorn yourself with your custom parfum and potentially be empowered™.

enchant 1

Gold Custom Couture Parfum:  The crème de la crème!  A custom-made  1/2 oz. (15 ml) parfum in a blue bottle.  A 4 inch tall, hand blown glass perfume bottle is included in a gold foil box with a creamy silk bag and pillow. It comes with a dauber to apply it. Rare, precious,  and vintage essential oils and absolutes are the raw materials used. JoAnne uses a combination of alchemy and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes with magical significance and life-changing properties. Adorn yourself with your custom parfum and potentially be empowered™.  Many perfumes have been created only with your name and address.  Available for International Shipping. 

A super deluxe parfum that delivers a more complete result than the silver.