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Valentine’s Day Specials

February 8th, 2016 by


I love my beautiful hand blown glass perfume bottles with all natural perfume and I know your special Valentine will love them also!

Intimacy Parfum from the More Life Collection

From the Limited Edition Collection

Enchant, Esoterica, Luscious Roses, Reflections, Temptress, and Timeless parfums. These parfums are in organic jojoba oil and are parfum strength.  36% fragrance strength. They will charm and delight you!

For the next 6 days I am offering these at 20% off.

You can send me an email and I will send you a paypal request for payment. Please list the country I am  shipping to.

This is my Valentine’s Day Gift for you!  Hurry offer expires Sunday, February 14.

This offer is not good with any other discount offers.




JoAnne Bassett, Luxury Natural Perfumer, Alchemist and Custom Bespoke Perfumer

February 3rd, 2016 by


For over 20 years JoAnne Bassett has provided an alternative to synthetic, department store fragrances. She is a Luxury Natural Perfumer creating Custom Bespoke perfumes. Her couture fragrances sell online to clients around the world. The organic and vegan perfumes are composed of the finest essential oils and absolutes.

Filling Perfume Sample Vials
As an aromatherapist, royal alchemist, artisan and niche perfumer JoAnne enhances and energizes the properties of the oils with magical charges that work at all levels. Only JoAnne’s 100 percent couture natural perfumes can give the wearer these magical advantages by tapping into nature’s power.


Why not reward yourself or your loved ones today and order a Custom Perfume so you can be all that you can be.  Shift and uplift your energy and soar to new heights in your career.  Change your way of being and doing now and be free to live the life you were meant for.

Custom Bespoke Perfume

Contact  JoAnne today and have a precious Perfume Potion or exquisite Custom Bespoke Perfume created for you. Don’t wait… your life is meant to be lived fully in your highest expression.

JoAnne Bassett Luxury Perfumes Has Relocated To Dallas, Texas

February 1st, 2016 by


JoAnne Bassett Luxury Natural Perfumes Relocates to Dallas, Texas. JoAnne Bassett exquisite natural perfumes is now home in the “Big D”. Bespoke Couture Perfumes make their debut in time for Valentine’s Day.

Le Voyage edt

JoAnne Bassett Perfumes has recently relocated from Newport Beach, California to Dallas, Texas.  Living in the North Dallas area has allowed JoAnne to take a look at what is important to her business now.  She continues to offer Bespoke one of a kind perfumes made from rare and precious essential oils and Perfume Potions. Her natural perfume workshops are available and are already being scheduled in Grapevine and Mc Kinney on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Please see the Event tab on

A great many perfumers like JoAnne Bassett have launched their own personal perfume lines. Many celebrities have their very own signature scent designed by her. JoAnne Bassett is a luxury natural perfumer and aromatherapist who is truly a founder in natural perfumery. She opened the doors of this genre for the entire world to discover and smell. Her couture collections are amazing, as are her own bespoke botanical fragrances. She has been creating Custom Bespoke Couture Perfumes since 1993.

She creates natural perfume from natural and ecological essences. Fragrant roses, gardenias, and other flowers and botanicals grown organically are used in her creations. Her all natural essences are in a base of organic grape alcohol from wine grapes or organic jojoba oil. One of the reasons she took the step from aromatherapy to perfumery is to be able to create natural perfumes for people who could not wear department store fragrances with the synthetic fragrance oils created in a laboratory.

JoAnne Bassett ( has been designing artisan fragrances for 23 years. Perfumes like Rose Kiss, Rose Smoke, I Love You, Sybarite, Luscious Roses, and many more make extraordinary presents for bridal parties, birthday parties, and even private parties. She loves teaching and sharing her passion for natural perfumes to men and women who are looking to reflect their individuality and personality by creating their own uniquely personal scents! JoAnne Bassett is available for private parties, fundraisers, corporate events, member appreciation events, etc. Women and men enjoy the experience of designing their own fragrances at her “Create Your Own Perfume” Workshop for events. She takes clients on aromatic perfume journeys and “Fragrant Flights” which are like wine or whiskey tastings. If you would like JoAnne to offer perfume workshops for your venue please contact her. She does travel out of state and beyond.

Create your own Perfume” Workshop can be a memorable group activity and an ideal way for individuals, private party organizers or event planners to offer a special one – of – a – kind event through fragrance workshops. In the corporate workshop, participants may be split into small teams to make a fragrance, formulate a marketing strategy and present their launch ideas by the end of the session. The workshop is designed to be exciting and interactive, while covering as many business skills as possible. The workshop is also a unique way to entertain business guests year round.

The price of her “Create Your Own Perfume” workshop where the participants receive a natural perfume in a 5 ml glass perfume bottle with organza bag is $125.00. Other pricing choices are available. For more information, visit the event page or call 817-527-7153 to inquire for pricing and availability.

About The Company:

JoAnne Bassett ( is a Luxury Couture Perfumer and Royal Alchemist, Custom Bespoke Perfumer, Natural Perfumer, Artisan and Niche perfumer, Teacher and Author. Her award-winning unique and authentic perfumes are fine works of art. Her botanical perfumes reawaken the soul.

For more information, including professional reviews of her perfumes, visit JoAnne Bassett’s press page:

PR Log press release


Fragrant Flight and Create Your Own Perfume Class in McKinney, Texas

January 12th, 2016 by

With Valentine’s Day approaching it would be fun to create your own “attract a mate” or “create a special valentine love perfume”!


I have recently moved to Dallas Texas and will be teaching perfume classes on Sunday, January 24.  At 2 pm I will teach a Fragrant Flight which is like a wine tasting. We will be testing both masculine and feminine fragrances. Men and women enjoy this class.

At 3 pm I will teach Create Your Own Perfume class.

These will be held at Jazz 3 Salons, 1651 West Eldorado Parkway, McKinney,Texas 75069.

Please prepay online.

Please call me at 760 309 2571 with any questions.

I look forward to seeing you there!

These classes are very small in size.  Please inquire if you would like to host a class in your home or office in the Dallas area.

I am also available for perfume consultations on the phone.






A New Perfume Potion For The New Year

December 29th, 2015 by

A new year a new you! Would you like to shift your energy in the New Year?  Is there an intention you want for your life in 2016?  I create one of a kind Perfume Potions for people to strengthen and empower them.

Do you want to attract more love, abundance, and joy into your life?  Do you want to feel more at peace?

The choices for my Custom Perfume Potion are: Abundance, Healing, Inner Peace, Joy, Self Love, Protection.  This is for one intention only.

Go there now and order your Custom Perfume Potion and start your new year out in a more empowered space.

Custom Bespoke Perfume

If you want me to take into consideration your whole person you will need to order a Silver Custom Parfum or a Gold Custom Parfum. The silver parfum is created with essential oils and absolutes and is packaged in this lovely French flacon with dauber.

Restore Passion, Prosperity, and Power in Your Life!

For more than 22 years I have been assisting women and men with their process.

enchant 1

The gold custom parfum comes in this luxurious hand blown glass perfume bottle and book box. It is created with my rare and precious vintage essential oils and absolutes. Some of these amazing oils are no longer available on the market.

Order yours today and start 2016 feeling empowered and revitalized.

If you would like help opening up to all you can be give me a call today! This is my service to the world.

My phone number is 760.309.2571.




Holiday Gifts At Special Prices!

December 18th, 2015 by


There is only one week to Christmas.  We can ship our Luxury Natural Perfumes with Priority Mail that takes 2 – 3 days.

Get your 50% off perfume order in now… offer expires 12-24-15 on  Remember this does not include Custom Bespoke Perfumes or Perfume Potions.

My Etsy shop has a 50% off moving sale also.  There are supplies and other products not listed on JoAnne  The Coupon Code on etsy is 50move.  That coupon expires Sunday, December 20.  Go check it out now.

It is getting really busy now…so do not delay… I am having a great time filling your orders and packing moving boxes.  I am ready for the New Year!

Holiday and Christmas Gifts are Flying Out The Door…

December 13th, 2015 by


Have you taken advantage of my 50% off moving sale?  Many people have and it is exciting to see what great buys people are getting.  These hand blown bottles in the photos with a 1/4 oz parfum and box are $250.00. At an art gallery the bottle is $500 or $600 by itself!

Peacock box with 1 oz and travel sprayer

Peacock box with 1 oz and travel sprayer

These great gift boxes… with a 1 oz eau de parfum and a 5 ml eau de parfum travel sprayer set is now $85.00. This is a $200 value!  These boxes come in peacocks, white lotus and butterflies, or Paris scenes.  Get them now I am running low on these specialty boxes.

50 % off is a win win… I do not have to pack it to move…and you can give it for a beautiful gift or keep it for yourself… we all need to nuture ourselves.

Everything on the website is on sale except the custom bespoke perfumes, perfume potions, and classes.

Have fun and stock up on my natural perfumes… you will not be seeing these at this price again. Remember this sale expires December 24, 2015.


JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes Moving Sale!

December 3rd, 2015 by


With the New Year comes many changes…

After living in Southern California for 16 years this month, I decided to get an Astrocartography reading to see what area is the most beneficial for me to live.  To my surprise I discover that So Cal is not a beneficial place for me to be living overall.

In contrast a very good place for me to live is Dallas, Texas.  I have traveled there in the 1980’s and also to visit my Sister when she lived there. So I will be moving there December 31 to start the New Year in a better place.

So if you have been waiting to purchase that full bottle, hand blown glass perfume bottle with natural perfume or Custom Bespoke perfume …now is the perfect time. I am having a 25% off Moving Sale to reduce my inventory substantially. 

Peacock box with 1 oz and travel sprayer

Peacock box with 1 oz and travel sprayer

This is also a great time for you to save on Holiday Gift giving.  Please go online now and place your order. Upon receiving your order I will refund you 25% off your fragrant order. The shipping will be priced as usual.

It has been fun living near the ocean and in the sun… but I am now ready for a new adventure and the next chapter awaits.

This offer expires December 24, 2015.  Everything will go into boxes after that and any orders not shipped will be shipped in January 2016 when it has all been unpacked. So please get your orders in soon!

If you have any questions please email…I also have some gift certificates you can purchase.  Please email me on my Contact Page to purchase.

Thank you for being great clients and I look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Many Blessings!