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Natural Perfume – Blooming Gardenias at JoAnne Bassett

July 27th, 2014 by

Blooming Gardenia flowers at JoAnne Bassett’s patio means, I will be creating gardenia tincture in organic grape alcohol from wine grapes for eau de perfumes, gardenia infusion and maceration into organic jojoba oil for natural perfumes, and gardenia powder enfleurage into body powder.  It is so fragrant when I walk out onto the deck with the creamy smell of gardenia.  I have several varieties and some of them are brand new plants.


One of my natural botanical fragrances I use the gardenia in is Madame Pompadour from the Royal Collection. It is a luxury to experience the exquisite fragrance of 39 different essential oils, botanicals, and absolutes that are co mingled in this luscious romantic natural perfume.  I love that fragrance and so do my clients. It is available in this 5 ml travel sprayer that is great for your pocket, purse, brief case or desk.  The 1 oz spray bottle is great for the boudoir.

The sample sizes are great also for your purse so you can have an assortment of them for choices during the day and night.

Many florals, and citrus florals are available in my Natural Perfume Collections.  Also check out my Monthly Specials page for my Hot for Summer Discovery Set of samples on sale now.


Short Snippets To Inspire

July 15th, 2014 by

Recently I went to the nursery to purchase some flowering plants. I am working on a new project and need more gardenias, roses, jasmine, heliotrope, and more to make it a success. Here is a small veitchii gardenia with buds.  They will open soon to release their white creamy goodness.  You can never have enough gardenias!

Happy Bastille Day! Natural Perfume from my Royal Collection

July 14th, 2014 by

Bastille day

With a name like JoAnne Bassett it is not hard to imagine that I am a Francophile with French origins in Paris.

In my genealogy are French royalty with kings and queens going all the way back to Charlemagne.


Today for my scent of the day I was reaching for Marie Antoinette eau de parfum


On second thought I felt this was not the day to wear it..Even though she was their Queen she was executed.

I chose the exquisite Madame Pompadour eau de parfum from my Royal Collection

It is an enchanting, costly, parfum with many precious floral notes.

Notes: Fresh Gardenia flower infusion, Neroli, Champa, rare Bulgarian Alba Rose Otto, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, Clementine, Vanilla, Wild Verbena, Vintage Mysore Sandalwood, and others. 39 magnificent natural oils in this precious fragrance

Celebrate with aioli and baguettes…and cleanse your system…pour a good French wine and toast to all things French.  Sante!



Hot For Summer Discovery Set

June 22nd, 2014 by

Hot for Summer Discovery Set

Put away your heavy scents and bring out your hot weather citrus and floral scents. Light, herbal, fresh, citrus and green are the keys for summer fun. No heavy ouds and floral orientals for those steamy days and nights.
Try these summer scents and my 2 new releases in a 10 piece sample pack. It includes 1 ml glass vials of eau de parfums of Amazing, Bliss, Josephine Opulence, Passion and Versailles.  Also 1 ml glass vials of Le Voyage eau de toilette and Reveiller eau de toilette.
Also included are my new releases of I Love You eau de parfum and Sybarite eau de parfum. 
Please go to Collections to read the descriptions of the natural fragrances.
$35.00 Regular Price $56.00
10 Hot for Summer sample pack $35.00

Happy Fragrant Summer Solstice

June 21st, 2014 by

In Southern California I think of Summer and going to the beach…not that you cannot go to the beach all year here.  Summers at the beach are also times for tourists, friends and family gatherings.  Bring your cooler, umbrella to shade you from the powerful rays of the sun, waterproof sun screen if you want to jump in the ocean, a good book, a blanket, sand chairs, music device of your choice, a frisbee and a smile.

The natural fragrant choices for summer tend to be citrus -y, light, florals, and  have a fresh clean feel.

Here are a few choices from my Collections

From the French Collection  I like Chantelle for those hot, sultry summer evenings. Some of the notes are tuberose, jasmine, white rose, bergamot, vanilla, balsam woods, and others. When the tuberose and jasmine heat up on your skin you will be irresistible!   The soft, white rose will start the dry down with the vanilla and woods..and the powder notes will develop. Heavenly.

I love the Royal Collection with many fabulous exotic florals.  Magie D’ Or is Gold Magic a spicy oriental parfum that has lovely citrus notes to give it lift and sparkle just like fine champagne. Notes: Tuberose, Neroli, Lime, Cinnamon bark, Clementine, Rose de Mai, Cistus, Pink Pepper, Vintage Jasmine absolute, Ylang Ylang, Lavender Seville, Frankincense, Patchouli,  Benzoin, and others.

1 oz bottles

I also love Josephine  with its fresh green scent. The notes are Verbena, lavender vera, litsea, green mandarin,  bergamot, cardamom, star aniseseed, ylang ylang, alba rose otto, galbanum, and others.


All of my natural perfumes and eau de parfums come in travel sprayers. These are handy to carry in your pocket, purse, backpack, or suitcase.  They have a removable glass vial you can refill.

Travel spray -small

See you at the beach!  Have fun and don’t forget to try some samples to discover your new natural perfume summer favorite!  Individual samples are available in eau de toilettes, eau de parfums, and parfums.


Heliotrope Flower Tincture

June 18th, 2014 by


I  love the smell of heliotrope.  To my delight I found a nursery that had the white heliotrope flowers.  They have a soft floral fragrance that also smells like vanilla. It is more common to find the purple flowers.  The garden Heliotrope was used for perfumes back in the day when the perfume industry used live flowers.

Heliotrope is on the list of plants that save the bees. Please plant these. This is my white (alba) heliotrope. heliotropium arborescens “Alba”. It also smells delightful.

Soon I will capture their essence in organic grape alcohol…and then the magic will go into a natural perfume.  Tune in for the details.

Natural Perfume and Corporate Charity Events

June 6th, 2014 by


This photo is from May 15, 2003 in Beverly Hills for the American Heart Association charity event. I had a table selling JoAnne Bassett natural perfumes.

I have participated in my charity events with silent auctions and also with a table of my perfumes for sale. I am also available for consultations for Custom Couture Bespoke natural perfumes for the guests.

A few of the charities I have worked with are the American Heart Association, Del Mar Auxiliary “Hats off to Children”, Orange County Cancer Association, and the American Liver Foundation.

I have also participated in various churches, garden clubs, fundraisers, and private charity events. Send me an email if you would like me to participate.  A percentage of my perfume sales is donated to the cause.


JoAnne Bassett’s Intuitive Bespoke Natural Perfumes©

May 30th, 2014 by
I have created Custom Bespoke Natural Perfumes for over 20 years. People are always asking me “How did you know that I love gardenia”? How did you know that I like ….fill in the blank.  It is because I am clairvoyant and I can tap into your energy and receive the information I need to make your perfume that you will love!  Yes I create beautiful custom perfumes that you will love.  This is true for men and women.

blown glass purple

There are two ways I work : the first is I create a perfume that is purely for your enjoyment!  You love to wear it and feel very special doing so.  It is your signature scent…no one else on the planet has one like this.  It makes you feel confident and beautiful.  The second is I create a bespoke perfume that will help you transform, that can potentially ease any physical or emotional problems. It may not smell perfect to you but you are able to wear it…but it will do what your body needs.  It may have more resins or woody smells than what you are used to. This perfume can be worn at night or under clothes and be working with your chemistry.
Generally the second perfume will work its magic and in six months or so I get a request for another custom perfume for them.  They are ready to move on to the next level.  Which could mean they are now ready for the perfume that makes them feel like a king or queen..not the prince or princess.  They have stepped up their game and have said yes! That is where I come in to create their next custom.  Usually the second custom will be what you love to wear on all levels. Order yours today!  You new life is waiting for you!  Go here now!