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Royal Collection

December 30th, 2011 by

The Napoleon era was one of grandeur. A time of lavish parties and costumes made of the finest silks. Opulence and extravagance were the key words of the day. These parfums and eau de parfums contain genuine essential oils and absolutes that have been extracted from the plants or cold pressed from the fruits. This collection is 100% Natural Perfumes made from the finest and most precious oils. The eau de perfume fragrance concentration is French salon strength in an organic grape alcohol base. The parfum fragrance concentration in organic jojoba oil is French salon strength.

All of the scents are unisex.

Royal Collection eau de perfume sample pack of all 8
Price: $40.00


A lovely green delight that is fresh and inviting. Like the zest of a lime it touches our nose and stays on our mind. We cannot break her spell. She is compelling and we must go deeper.

A fresh, green light fragrance

Notes: Verbena, Lavender vera, Litsea, Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Cardamon, Star Aniseed, Ylang Ylang, rare Bulgarian Alba Rose Otto, Galbanum and others

Madame Pompadour

Madame Pompadour is the Queen of the feminine fragrances. She is spicy, sweet, sexy, and enticing. She will hold you in her rapture and make you beg for mercy. Enjoy your feminine side. Know that you are amazing in every way. Pamper yourself and be the Queen. You are so worth it!

This is an enchanting, costly, parfum with many precious floral notes.

Notes: Fresh Gardenia flower infusion, Neroli, Champa, rare Bulgarian Alba Rose Otto, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, Clementine, Vanilla, Wild Verbena, Vintage Mysore Sandalwood, and others.     39 magnificent natural oils

Petit Trianon

When we go to a place of wonder, we question is this real? The pleasing thing about this fragrance is that it is very real and alive. It stirs an emotion in us that we may not have felt before. It is there to support us. Everyone will benefit from this wonderful fragrance.

An oriental, musky fragrance

Notes: Orange Blossom absolute, Neroli, Ginger, Frankincense, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, Ambrette seed, Lavender Vera, Black Spruce and others

Magie D’ Or

Magie D’ Or is Gold Magic. The gold light rays stream in through our eyes. We open to a higher knowing and experience an inner peace. The Divine Presence is felt and we are once again awakened and reignited. Go softly and revel in the light that guides us on our path. All is well.

A spicy oriental parfum that has lovely citrus notes to give it lift and sparkle just like fine champagne.

Notes: Tuberose, Neroli, Lime, Cinnamon bark, Clementine, Rose de Mai, Cistus, Pink Pepper, Vintage Jasmine absolute, Ylang Ylang, Lavender Seville, Frankincense, Patchouli,  Benzoin, and others.


To be a leader takes a special person. To be strong, dedicated, and ready to risk everything for the cause. Napoleon is a rebel who says yes and takes action. He seeks to understand and in doing so adds his meaningful touch that changes everything. Take the leap!

This fragrance is musky, deep, and sensuous as was the man.

Notes: Juniper Berry, Helichrysum from Corsica, Bulgarian Tobacco, Rosemary Verbenon, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cistus, Black Spruce, Myrrh, Lime, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, and others.


A garden of many delights is a description of Malmaison perfume. A veritable French formal garden with charming statues. You enter her garden with expectation and are awarded with glowing rhythms of waterfalls and refreshing sprays of recognition. She charms you and you are taken. The relationship develops.

A beautiful, complex floral with amber notes.

Notes: Neroli, Tuberose, Rose de Mai, Ylang Ylang, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, Clementine, Lavender Seville, Cistus and others

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette adorned her body with many precious jewels and fine gowns. She had many fragrant potions to lavish on herself. This perfume is one of her precious potions. It is made for a Queen and that Queen is you. From the moment you spray it on you will be transported and feel a new sense of well being and purpose for your life.

A lush, spicy floriental.  A favorite of my clients.

Notes: Neroli, Tuberose, rare Bulgarian White Rose Otto, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, Frankincense Noir, Holy Basil, Labdanum, Champa, Lavender, Rhododendron, Ylang Ylang, and others


A palace was built for a wealthy king and grounds to show the world the status of your kingdom. You have achieved great success and still you strive for perfection. Versailles lets you be powerful and challenges you to do it again and again.

Versailles is a gorgeous, sparkling bottle of citrus delight and spices that add a special touch. Men and women love this fantastic fragrance.

Notes: Neroli, Tangerine, Lime, Pink Pepper Tree, Cinnamon Bark, St John’s Wort, Frankincense, Patchouli, Benzoin, and others