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The More Life Collection Natural Perfume Client Review

August 30th, 2014 by

An email received from a client who received my The More Life Collection of eau de parfum samples.

JoAnne, The package arrived yesterday. The samples are beautiful. It is a pleasure to open a vial and smell gorgeous oakmoss or rose or frankincense . . . oh, it is just amazing how each of the beautiful notes is so real. And the notes in each fragrance are combined in amazing and delightful ways. 

Your fragrances have an impact and loveliness I have not experienced in perfume for many, many years. I now know that natural perfumery is right for me and my nose.

Thank you!



Natural Perfume Events by JoAnne Bassett

August 28th, 2014 by

“Create Your Own Perfume” Workshops

I love teaching and sharing my passion of natural perfumes. I am available for birthday parties, bridal parties, private parties, fund raisers, corporate events, employee appreciation, “girls night out” parties, etc. Women and men enjoy the experience of designing their own fragrances.  Natural Perfume Workshops and Fragrant Flights are also available. I have taught weekly and monthly workshops at 5 star resorts.

Events available  for this month. Please check my Natural Perfumes Blog for updates

Press Release

Create Your Own Perfume Workshop – Private Party

Newport Beach, California

Southern California: Ketel One Society “Craftsmanship” Event

JoAnne and ketel one

 “A” Restaurant and Market • Newport Beach • California Ketel One Society members in Southern California were treated to a unique sensory experience to show how they craft their Ketel One flavors through a custom fragrance and essential oil workshop.  More photos.

Testimonial: “Overall great experience for all of my guests. JoAnne engaged the group and created a fun learning environment. She successfully showed similarities in the process of Ketel One and fragrances. Our event was over a year ago and guests still talk about it.”

Ketel one1

“Celebrity brands are now asking me to host my “Create Your Own Perfume Workshops” at their luxury events as part of delivering a thoughtful and unforgettable experience to their clients. Honored to be invited by Ketel One and it truly is one of my favorite events and thrilled that they invited me back.  Are you – or do you know of a corporate brand – interested in adding this unique experience to their events?  Please send me a Private Message. Natural Perfume Workshops and Fragrant Flights are also available.

JoAnne teaching Ketel One Society workshop1



ketel one 13

Natural Perfume Kit on Labor Day Special!

August 28th, 2014 by


Wouldn’t it be great to make your own Natural Perfume?  Maybe start a business?  This kit contains oil, supplies, and instructions for you to begin right now!  Order yours today.  Sale ends Wednesday, September 10.

Make Your Own Natural Perfume Kit ©
The Oil Kit Contains – 36 – 3 ml bottles of natural essences
Regular Price: $300.00     Labor Day Sale Price 20% off

Now $240.00

Top Notes
1. Black Pepper essential oil
2. Juniper Berry essential oil
3. Fennel essential oil
4. Balsam Fir essential oil
5. Bergamot essential oil
6. Sweet Orange oil
7. Lemon oil
8. Pink Grapefruit oil
9. Lime oil
10. Lavender, French essential oil
11. Lavender, Bulgarian essential oil
12. Cedar wood essential oil
13. Nutmeg esential oil
14. Spearmint essential oil
15. Ginger essential oil
16. Clove Bud essential oil
17. Cardamon essential oil
Middle Notes
18. Palmarosa essential oil
19. Petitgrain essential oil
20. Litsea essential oil
21. Sage essential oil
22. Rosemary essential oil
23. Basil essential oil
24. Geranium essential oil
25. Sweet Marjoram essential oil
26. Champa essential oil
27. Coffee essential oil
Base Notes
28. Copaiba Balsam
29. Benzoin
30. Myrrh
31. Cocoa absolute
32. Peru Balsam
33. Vetiver essential oil
34. Cistus essential oil
35. Frankincense essential oil
36. Patchouli essential oil
24 – 5/8 dram amber vials with orifice reducer and cap
24 pipettes
24 fragrance test strips
3 – 10 ml roll on bottles for your perfumes
4 oz organic jojoba oil for a carrier oil
perfume formulas
oil classification guide
scent classification and fragrance family classification guides

JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfume Workshops for September in Irvine, CA

August 22nd, 2014 by

"Create Your Own Perfume" workshop

“Fragrant Flights” for Women and Men

The Fragrant Flight is like a wine tasting experiencing and discussing the 100% essential oil and botanical notes. We go from light eau de parfums to heavy eau de parfums. It is 30 minutes and we experience 9 different fragrances.  The class is $50 per person.  A Discovery Kit containing all 9 fragrances in 1 ml sample sizes will be given to each student after the class.  This Discovery Sample Kit will be for feminine fragrances. I also offer classes for men only with masculine fragrances.  The cost of the kit will be more expensive if purchased outside of the class.  1 ml samples are from $5 to $7 each. Larger sizes of the fragrances will be available for purchase at the workshop. Please note we will be using only all natural fragrances and NO CHEAP AND TOXIC SYNTHETIC Fragrance Oils . Please list the date and time of the workshop you want in the comments section.

Fragrance Flight
Price: $50.00            
“Create Your Own Perfume” workshops for Women and Men

Custom Natural Perfume-Making workshops take guests on an Aromatic Journey learning about the essences and their properties in a perfume.  Top, middle, and base notes are discussed and the basic understanding about creating perfumes with the oils is taught.

You will come away from these highly educational workshops with a better understanding of natural vs. synthetic perfumes as well as a custom-made bottle of perfume. You will name your scent, go home with your own “fragrance formula,” which you can re-order anytime. These perfumes are created with organic jojoba oil base and not alcohol. An organdy bag to hold the perfume is included. Please note we will be using only all natural botanical essences and NO CHEAP AND TOXIC SYNTHETIC Fragrance Oils.

The cost for each workshop is $125 for a 6 ml perfume, 1 hour and 30 minutes class, and 12 choices of essential oils/ and or accords. Please list the date and time of the workshop you want in the comments section.

Price: $125.00

Friday, September 5 or Sept 19:

7 pm Create Your Own Perfume workshop $125.00 prepaid, 8:30 pm Fragrance Flight for feminine fragrances $50.00 prepaid,  9 pm Fragrance Flight for masculine or unisex fragrances $50.00 prepaid.  Please inquire for an evening class or another day if these days do not work.

Saturday, September 6 or September 20:

3 pm Create Your Own Perfume workshop $125.00 prepaid, 5 pm Fragrance Flight for feminine fragrances $50.00 prepaid.  6 pm Fragrance Flight for masculine or unisex fragrances $50.00 prepaid.

Sunday, September 7 or September 21:

1 pm Create Your Own Perfume workshop $125.00 prepaid, 3 pm Fragrance Flight for feminine fragrances $50.00 prepaid.  4 pm Fragrance Flight for masculine or unisex fragrances $50.00 prepaid.

Tuesday, September 23, 1 pm Create Your Own Perfume workshop $125.00 prepaid, 3 pm Fragrance Flight for feminine fragrances $50.00 prepaid. 4 pm Fragrance Flight for masculine or unisex fragrances $50.00 prepaid.

I offer Custom Couture Bespoke Parfums and they can be ordered at an event  with a short consultation. I am available for birthday parties, private events, or corporate events please inquire. I do fundraisers and can donate a % of the fee.  I also sell hand blown glass bottles with perfume in special presentations. There will be a few of these available to purchase.

The Irvine Spectrum office location will be emailed to you upon your payment.       Phone 760.309.2571


Serendipity Natural Perfume Review

August 20th, 2014 by

Victoria at reviewed my Serendipity Parfum today. Check out her other reviews of my parfums there also.

Serendipity Parfum comes in a 1 ml sample size, 3 ml parfum, and a 5 ml parfum bottle in addition to the lovely hand blown purple bottle with parfum.

Serendipity is also available as an eau de parfum in 1 oz sprayer, 5 ml travel sprayer and 1 ml sample size.

Millefleurs Luxury Body Powder Available Now!

August 19th, 2014 by

In addition to the Natural Perfume Tuberose luxury body powder I have created Millefleurs.

Natural Perfume Powder created from botanicals. Millefleurs is created from my fresh flowers I grow or buy from the market. It contains gardenia, jasmine sambac, Arabian jasmine, star jasmine, jasmine grandifolium, lily, white and purple heliotrope, and hybrid tea roses.

Ingredients: Fresh Flowers, Tapioca Starch,  Arrowroot Powder

Millefleurs Luxury Body Powder in a 4 oz Body Powder Shaker.

Supplies are limited. Purchase some today!

You can purchase it here.

New Natural Perfume Potions Available!

August 16th, 2014 by

I am being called on to bring back my “healing perfume potions” that I made in my Le Bijou perfume boutique in La Jolla, California.  So today I have added them. These natural perfume potions contain highly energetic essential oils, absolutes, tinctures and macerations that I create from my own flowers and plants. I perform alchemy when I create these all natural perfumes.

To order.

5 ml bottle

6 ml bottle

Bella Tuscany Luxury Bath Products Now Available

August 14th, 2014 by

Bath and body small jpg

At the end of summer our skin longs to be pampered and nourished.  It is calling out for moisture and protection.  Many days in the hot summer sun have left it dry and flaky.

My new botanical scent is Bella Tuscany.  It is a very pleasant citrus floral that will lightly scent your skin and make it feel loved again. The spicy cardamon mixed with the frankincense will lend an incense and exotic note.

The Bella Tuscany Luxury Bath Product Collection consists of  body wash, body lotion, and body oil.

There is a Bella Tuscany parfum available in a coffret.

4 ml travel bottle

4 ml travel bottle