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Sample Sprayer Gift Boxes Available!

October 9th, 2015 by



Would you like to give these gorgeous brooch boxes as gifts to someone you love? The spectacular gold gilt gift boxes have a magnet flap with a brooch to close the box. Inside you will find natural perfume treasures. Sample sprayers are a convenient way to carry your botanical fragrances with you. These sprayers are the 3 ml size filled with 2 mls of eau de perfume.

Your choice of the Royal Collection in the beautiful Paris scene brooch box, the Limited Edition Collection or the More Life Collections in the peacock brooch box.

What a special gift! Go to the Sample Sprayer Gift Box page for more information.


Do you want to learn to make Natural Perfume? Flash Sale for 3 days only!

September 30th, 2015 by


I have been getting inquiries from people wanting to make their own perfume.  Are you one of them?

My Perfume Kit has become a hit.  Some people also choose to take my Natural Perfume workshop using the Perfume Kit and Skype for one on one help.  I have taught people from around the world using Skype.

For 3 days only I have reduced the price by 10% to get you started on your Do It Yourself fall project.  Flash Sale ends October 2 Pacific time so don’t be late.  Perfume Kit is available here.  The Perfume Kit is a requirement to take the workshop on Skype.  The Natural Perfume Workshop is available here.







New Gift Boxes for Handblown Glass Perfume Bottles and Perfumes

September 25th, 2015 by






Paris Promenade Brooch-Embellished Small Magnetic Flap Boxes

These stunning boxes feature scenes from Paris! The Eiffel Tower appears on all of them, standing majestically above bridges, flowers, and bustling crowds of people. The boxes are also graced by elaborate flower and swirl designs, and accented in gold foil. These bottles hold my hand blown bottles with parfums and gift sets.




Royal Peacock Brooch-Embellished Small Magnetic Flap Boxes

These jewel -toned boxes are perfect for holding your treasures! Each box features a flap on the front with a beautiful sparkling “brooch”, which perfectly accents the bold peacock designs.  These bottles hold my hand blown bottles with parfums and gift sets.

The Leather Collection perfumes will use the brooch box designs.

Exquisite Fall Fragrances At JoAnne Bassett!

September 23rd, 2015 by


Cool for Fall Discovery Set

Put away your hot weather citrus and floral scents.  Bring out your heavy scents with ouds and floral orientals for those cool days and nights.  After the fall Equinox we need to get ready for the crisp autumn days and nights. I am composed a list of fragrances from multiple scent categories for you to explore.

Try these fall and winter scents in an 8 piece sample pack. Includes 1 ml glass vials of eau de parfums of :
1. Contessa – A floral oriental style and a favorite of many. For confidence.Notes: Rose de Mai from France, bergamot, vintage Jasmine sambac, Neroli, Cinnamon, Frankincense, vintage Mysore Sandalwood, and others
2. Colette – A gourmand with mushrooms and cognac. Great combo! Very grounding.
Notes: Cepes and White Cognac from France, various citrus essences, and others
3. Intimacy – Intimacy is a very old vintage type chypre (like the original Coty Chypre of 1917) with oakmoss, Italian bergamot, vintage grandifolium jasmine, vintage Mysore sandalwood, vintage iris root, vanilla absolute, vintage patchouli, natural musk, labdanum, Bulgarian damask rose otto, Rose de Mai, balsam, others. The true oakmoss lover’s consummate bliss. Vintage is rich and voluptuous.  This is dark, deep, complex and alluring. Intimacy eau de parfum is a 2013 Indie FiFi nominee!
4. Italian Smoke – Woody Aromatic—Italian Smoke has uplifting sweet orange essence and orange blossoms, the sensuous heart of vintage jasmine grandifolium, the smoky, sexiness of tobacco absolute, the sweetness of vanilla, and the vintage Mysore sandalwood.  It is very grounding. A golden tobacco note full of the Italian sun
5. Sensual Embrace – We all long for a sensual embrace. We yearn for a lover to hold us, to love us, and to accept us. This musky, sexy juice will fire up the lover within you. Sensual Embrace eau de perfume is a sultry, sexy musk 100% natural fragrance that sizzles with intrigue. This stunning, mysterious, seductive blend captures the essence of a sensuous embrace.Floral – Notes: citrus notes clementine, floral notes of Rose de Mai oil – the May rose of France, vintage jasmine, tuberose, orange blossoms, musky notes of ambrette seed, amber accord, smoky notes of tobacco, sensuous woody notes of smooth vintage Mysore sandalwood, dark patchouli, and others.
6. Marie Antoinette – This perfume is one of her precious potions. A favorite of my clients.A lush, spicy floriental – opens your heart chakra and turns on your sexy.Oriental Floral – Notes: Neroli, Tuberose, vintage rare Bulgarian White Rose Otto, Vintage Jasmine Sambac, Frankincense Noir, Holy Basil, Labdanum, Champa, Lavender, Rhododendron, Ylang Ylang, and others
7. Venus Amber – Oriental Woody – This masculine, amber fragrance is filled with love – it opens your heart chakra. Be touched by the love of Venus.It has a musky, spicy, amber accord. The soft powdery, dry down of vanilla and benzoin gives way to the musky, ambrette seed, frankincense, cedarwood, cistus and labdanum classic goodness. Bay rum plays with rosewood, sage, cinnamon, and cardamon to create a spicy melange.The citrus notes of bergamot, blood orange, lemon,and yuzu add that extra lift, zing, and sparkle. The wonderfully sensuous jasmine and rose de mai accord play with your heart. The other special oils form a bond that hold it all together. Contains 25 oils.
8. Napoleon – This fragrance is musky, deep, grounding and centeringAromatic – Notes: Juniper Berry, Helichrysum from Corsica, Bulgarian Tobacco, Rosemary Verbenon, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cistus, Black Spruce, Myrrh, Lime, Vintage  Jasmine Sambac, and others.

Cool For Fall Discovery Set

Put away your hot weather citrus and floral scents.  Bring out your heavy scents with ouds and floral orientals for those cool days and nights.  After the fall Equinox we need to get ready for the crisp autumn days and nights.

Cool For Fall Discovery Set sample pack – 8 one ml eau de parfums.  Price $35.00    

Natural Perfumes For Fall and Winter!

September 22nd, 2015 by


The Autumnal Equinox is happening tomorrow September 23.  This signals the end of summer and the end of citrus and light scents.  The Northern Hemisphere will soon turn into cooler days and nights that turn the leaves into beautiful brilliant colors. We will reach for sweaters and jackets and heavier fragrances.

I love fall.  The crisp, cool morning air. The delightful warm afternoons. The Indian summer sunset evenings.

The beaches are almost deserted and life slows down here in Southern California.

The other aspects of fall I love are the leathery, woodsy, sultry, smoky scents that I associate with fall bonfires, crispy leaves, and cinnamon and spicy, warm apple cider. We wear eau de parfums in the day and also reach for rich and heavier parfums for evening.  It is a delight to surround ourselves with natural perfumes.

Leather Collection

Leather Collection

Some of my JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes I offer for fall and winter are:

Floral Family – romantic, and typically not too heavy

Floral Woody Musk – SybariteRose Smoke

Oriental Family exotic, sensual earthy, sometimes heavy

Sacred Incense, Sacred Frankincense 1, Sacred Frankincense 4, Sacred Frankincense 6

Oriental Floral  – Contessa,  Sacred Frankincense 2, Marie Antoinette

1 oz bottles

Oriental Spicy – Madame Pompadour

Oriental Woody – Venus Amber,  Sacred Frankincense 3, Sacred Frankincense 5

Chypre Family – forest, mossy notes with citrus—an outdoorsy smell

Chypre Floral – Intimacy

Intimacy Parfum

Fougere (Green) Family green, grassy, herbal

Vert (Also Aromatic)

Leather Family – sexy, dirty, woodsy, animalic

The Leather Collection – Arabian, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Woody Family 

Woody Aromatic – Italian Smoke 

Aromatic Family 

Aromatic – Napoleon 


Restore Passion, Prosperity, and Power in Your Life!

September 13th, 2015 by

enchant 1

During this week of New Beginnings…New moon, and New Years – Rosh Hashanah, I am offering a Special on my hand blown perfume bottles from the More Life Collection and the Limited Edition Collections.

These beautiful natural perfume, hand blown glass perfume bottle and luxury book box combinations are the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, bridal shower or just to give yourself. Men and women love these very special perfumes created with the most rare and precious essential oils and vintage absolutes.  The exquisite perfumes are created by a Royal Alchemist and Master Perfumer, JoAnne Bassett.

All of the natural perfumes are created using alchemy and intention. Every fragrance has a high vibration and beautiful energy that will uplift you and make you feel very special.

All 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz perfumes come with a precious 4 inch tall, hand blown, glass bottle including a lovely, clear glass dauber to apply the perfume. Turning the dauber to the right locks the bottle and makes the seal airtight. The artist uses no molds, making each perfume bottle a unique handmade creation. Each piece is signed and dated and are collectibles. The parfum is packaged inside a gilt-edged “book box” lined with a plush creamy white silk pillow and enveloped in a creamy white silk bag.  The parfum comes in a glass bottle.

This week these special bottles and perfume sets are priced at $500.00 for the 1/2 oz parfum normally $650.00 and $400.00 for the 1/4 oz parfum normally $500.00.

The special prices are available from September 13 through September 20, 2015.  These are wonderful holiday gifts also and you may want to indulge yourself.

Price $400.00

Price $500.00

Please list your one choice of parfum from the Limited Edition Collection or the More Life Collection at check out.

Review of Italian Smoke, Italian Leather and Sacred Frankincense 3 Scents

September 9th, 2015 by
Leather Collection Bottle

Leather Collection Bottle

Tom Pease at Perfume Posse wrote this wonderful review of my natural perfumes.

JoAnne Bassett Italian Smoke, Italian Leather and Sacred Frankincense 3

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about JoAnne Bassett’s Call to Prayer, which I was loving so much I didn’t have a chance to test the three samples she included, Italian Smoke, Italian Leather and Sacred Frankincense 3. Well, I’ve tested all three, so here’s the scoop.

Sacred Frankincense 3 is written of as “A sultry tuberose walk in the woods after dark with orange blossoms caressing your nose.” It’s very lovely, but I think the orange blossom is far more the star than the tuberose, which frankly I think is no bad thing.

Italian Smoke is “Italian Smoke has uplifting sweet orange essence and orange blossoms, the sensuous heart of vintage jasmine grandifolium, the smoky, sexiness of tobacco absolute, the sweetness of vanilla, and the vintage Mysore sandalwood.” It’s very interesting- I don’t get smoke at all, but a winning combination of orange and tobacco.

Italian Leather is “This sensuous leather is like a summer evening’s drive in a Bugatti with leather seats and jasmine and orange blossoms in the air—cistus, wild orange, vintage jasmine grandifolium, Bulgarian tobacco, light patchouli.” It’s far and away my favorite of the bunch- the “leather” is in no way overpowering with a lovely hit of jasmine and tobacco.

All 0f them have excellent lasting power- I could smell them on my skin after sleeping. Also, they are super concentrated- you might at first balk at the price, but it’s clear that the ingredients are the best and you really only need to use the tiniest drop.

All of these are available at her website, and she does sell samples of her works for a nominal amount- less than $10. She also offers sample sets; My samples were given to me by JoAnne. Image: Her website.

Natural Perfume Gift Boxes from JoAnne Bassett

September 2nd, 2015 by
Butterfly brooch

Butterfly Brooch on Magnetic Closure Flap


Gold Gild Box Design

brooch box


Do you have a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or an event coming up that you need to buy a gift for?

I maintain an Etsy store where I sell gift boxes and closeout perfumes and other items not sold on my main website at

Currently I have a $50.00 off sale on a gift box set.  It includes a 1 ounce eau de parfum and a 5 ml travel sprayer.  Go there now to see the details and to make a purchase.